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Is there a Christian vs. Islam War in Ivory Coast 2010

I believe the path to religious salvation is believing in good, and ignoring anyone who tells me what I should be doing,
"Andy, sex before marriage is a sin."
"Andy, do you believe in God?"
This is not a question; it is a statement of what I should be doing.

Love is not shame; it is acceptance and a sincere and honest attempt to avoid the majority of people who took the wrong turns in life.

When I want to know a person, I just peek at their soul. I believe a good person can instantly sense the difference between light and dark, evil and good. I do not believe in religious rules, they are what people use to start fights; there is no way to shame me into becoming controllable.

Civil War in Ivory Coast
What is the true story behind all the problems in Ivory Coast that has the country on the brink of civil war?

I want to cross Ivory Coast and go to Liberia by land, I am not excited about traveling across Cote d’Ivoire during a civil war between Christianity and Islam fighting over who gets to steal the money of the people.

I have been waiting for Ivory Coast, the proper name being Cote d’Ivoire to stop having two Presidents. The finally vote on November 28, 2010 happened, and both candidates claimed victory, and both candidates had themselves sworn in as President…

My studies of the world have lead me to conclude, there has been religious conflict between Christianity and Islam for 2000 years. If appears that war breaks out on border between the two religions often, religions seems to be the excuse for war, money is what they fight over, it is an unholy world.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Saturday, December 18, 2010


Christian Missionaries
I about gag when somebody tells me there are Christian Missionary, an overwhelming sense of evil seems to circle around these people. Radicals have hijacked Islam, the bullies run the religion. I want to encourage religions; I believe that seeking a God is a good thing; however, I would ask a person to ignore anyone who says they are holy. I tend to think of myself as a sinner trying to be holy; I have not arrived in heaven yet, still another trip to make.

Anyway, you do it, it is best to believe in good, hedge your bets, be a good boy, and walk away from religious people who want to fight.

Now the question I have, can I sprint across the bottom of Ivory Coast and avoid this violent conflict?

Ivory Coast - 38 percent Islam and 32 percent Christian.
Cote d’Ivoire

Alassane Quattara is Islamic and represents the Northern sub-Saharan group.

Laurent Gbagbo is Christian and represents the Christians along the coast of Ivory Coast.

Sharia Law is always a scary story to read.

The right answer is not Christian or Islam, the right answer is to allow them to fight and walk on the other side of the street. Yet, there is value in a yes being a yes, and no being a no, and bringing the truth into the light.

Is there a Christian vs. Islam War in Ivory Coast 2010

Simple Self-Made Tour of English and French West Africa

Simple Self-Made Tour of English and French West Africa

I have observed a way for a person to come to West Africa for 2500 USD, and visit both Francophone Togo, and Anglophone Ghana with the least amount of hassle, but the maximum amount of culture. It would be an easy trip to fly into either Accra, Ghana, or Lome, Togo and travel to Kpalime, Togo and Ho, Ghana; you could visit French Togo and English Ghana without needing to travel more four hours in any one change of location.

I have been to French West Africa four times the area between Liberia and Nigeria.

Map of the "major" regions of Africa, then within each major region there are sub-regions to take into consideration. Africa has stepped on it "thingy" and often jumps up and down on it for tourism.

1. Africa tries to tempt the rich; however, the place is more suited for young Backpackers.

2. Africa makes Visas obnoxiously difficult to attain, Nigeria even goes as far as to say you must return to your home country.

3. Transportation is one-step above being picked up by a couple friendly and safe hillbillies with their mother in the car, everything is friendly, but you are uncomfortable.

4. Hotels, Auberges are triple the price of South America, Central or Asia the prime backpacker areas.

5. The guidebooks escalates all these problems, which is not the fault of Africa, However, the backpacker guidebooks, Lonely Planet for example are written by people driving cars, and not by writers walking on foot with a Backpack. Then to make it worst, they find only the Hotels that have car parking, and on the edge of town like Motels, and unreachable by walking. (Backpack.)
The writers recommend prices that are four times higher than the average Backpacker price budget.

6. Difficult to dumb it down enough for simple tourism.

A traveler to Africa needs to take a lick of Africa, before they take a big bite; they need a small enough portion to eat that could train them to solve all the problems listed above.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Friday, December 17, 2010


This map shows the five natural areas of tourism, to cross from one area into the other area can become an ordeal because of transportation, visa, language and length of time needed.

Because there are natural separates within West Africa, travelers need to plan strategies to visit. My idea of traveling across Cote d’Ivoire into Liberia both crosses what is consider a "violent" natural barrier.
My --- Adventure

Map showing Francophone Africa

--- Frenchie is the dark blue
--- English are the grey, mixed with the Spanish, Portuguese, Belgium, Dutch, and German, and who knows what else, but the two major or English and French.

This is a pain-free self-made tour about any level of experience tourist or travel could do with the least amount of sitting on our butts in vans problems. If you wished, you could hire a private taxi between cities for less than 30-50 dollars and pay too much at that.

Kpalime has markets, French, girls, and all the things Africa good and bad, the Mandela a Chambre de Passage would explain the skinny, and the Galion in Lome is full of French Expats, although the place is a beat up Hotel.

Ho, is simple, the Tarso Hotel is a top notch Backpacker Hotel, and none better, I have yet to find anything in Accra for Hotels that does not beat me up for comfort, so I am amiss there.

The only pain - pain - pain is Accra, the traffic is GO GO --- but slow.

Pain-Free Visas to Togo and Ghana
I used this Briggs Visa service out of Washington to get my Visa to Cote d’Ivoire in seven days because I did not know they change the Visa rules for America. The company was good, I was able to call the company and guess what,
"Someone answered the phone."

They can walk you through the process, and if you are missing a paper or something, they will tell you, truly the simplified way of getting a Visa. Right now, I am considering going to Nigeria, I think I could send with DHL my passport from Ghana to Washington overnight for a Nigeria Visa. The overnight by the way takes three days, it is not overnight unless in the USA. I could then have them send it to Ghana, I feel very confident this Briggs Company can get the job done.

I would recommend this company, please note, I am not paid in anyway for telling you this, I just appreciated doing business with them. They can also help you get a passport, but if this is problem, you had better not come to Africa as your first trip "out."

Washington DC, A Briggs Office
Regional Director: Lucas Koach
1921 Sunderland Place, NW
Washington DC, 20036
Phone (202) 552-1337 Fax (202) 419-3448
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm

Bend over; you are going to pay big for a plane ticket, Lome, which does have a seven-day Visa on arrival, is going to cost about 400 Dollars more than Ghana, which requires a Visa.

Nevertheless, once you arrive, you can live on about 20-25 Dollar per day, unless you drink and drink, which is about 80 percent of people, and then you need to double the budget to 50 USD per day.

Truly, this would let you dip your wick in both Frenchie Baguette Africa, and Ghana, think we are British, but truly are not Ghana.

I suppose you can do in 10 days, but 20-30 days would be the optimal enjoyment for a tourist who gets bored unless pumped daily with a 10-hour walk with guidebook in hand. I can easily sit in the Hotel all day talking with Ivy the girl in Torso, not a problem, I have minimal needs.

Cost from Chicago roughly 1500 for round-trip plane Ticket, 300 for Visa, and 10 days at 50 dollars is 2500 USD rounded up, the strange part, is you could add on another month for less than 100-200 dollars, once you get in Africa you can stay a long-time cheap if you can get the Hotel room problem solved.

I buy one-way tickets, so a smaller money bite for me.

Simple Self-Made Tour of English and French West Africa

Two Videos in the Ho, Ghana Market

Ho, Ghana is a well-organized city located at the edge of a small mountain range that separates Ghana from Togo. The city is sits on a set of small rolling hill, a person is normally either walking up or down a small hill, there are few truly flat areas.

I am truly enjoying the market in Ho; normally walking around in Africa markets is a claustrophobic experience. This market in Ho is not clumped or cluttered, it is open and easy to walk, yes at time there are bottlenecks, and you need this to know the feeling of shopping in Africa.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Thursday, December 16, 2010


The transportation in Ho is fantastic after you understand how it works. For 20 cents USD, I can take a collective taxi anywhere in the city. I point at the direction I go, the taxi stops, I tell the taxi where I am going, he says yes or no, I enter and a few minute I am there.

Therefore, I can go the market easily and eat an egg sandwich; no location in the city is far. This type of Taxi system is common in West Africa; I was doing the same in Grand Bassam. Ho would be an excellent city for older people who wanted to come visit Africa. They could fly into Accra, be in Ho in four hours and never have worry about walking too much.

Video of my Sandwich Breakfast in Ho Ghana Market
Listen closely to the video, the man asked me for money because I took a video, I slide on through smoothly.

Video of Ho Ghana Market Below

The first time I came to Ho, I stayed in a Hotel called Work and Happiness, this Hotel was more of a bar with a Hotel attached. Because I happened upon the Tarso Hotel, not in the Lonely Planet, my whole opinion of Ho has change. I find it mentally intriguing what makes me happy, if I can wiggle my way into the proper housing, with adequate amounts common areas and people around, I can be happy in about any city. If by chance, I enter the wrong Hotel, it is easy for me to say the city is bad; I tend to transfer my Hotel experience to the city experience.

I have known for years in the back of my mind that general tourist liked their Hotel. When living in a four or five star hotel, then telling me you like the country or city, I do not listen. It is rather difficult to not like the feeling of a five star Hotel. However, to find the Home away from Home experience like the Tarso, Hotel is difficult. Ivy the girl that work there, is personable, if I stand up and start to walk away, she ask,
"Where are you going?"

This is nice; somebody cares what I am doing. Room cost 7 or 10 dollars and up, I will take a video of the Hotel soon.

Two Videos in the Ho, Ghana Market

You are a Photographer if you Take Good Photos of People

I sold some pictures to Roughguide, the Guidebook; therefore, in a round about way, I can say I am professional, because I have been paid for photos.

Normally, the common photographer definition is this, if you call yourself a photographer, then you are a photographer, it requires no skill.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I have taken about 20,000 digital photos in my 12 years of travel. With this much experience you do learn many practical or common sense things. I am a good common sense photographer; however, I am not a good photographer of people, I do not feel or call myself a photographer… normally.

Playing the Odds Photographer of People
I tend to play the odds; I know if I take enough people photos, one will come out better than normal. If I purchased the 1500-5000 Dollar Canon camera, the true professional grade camera, I would have the machine gun option. The ability to take multiple photos very fast is probably the most important feature needed to take the best possible photos by accident.

When stopping to take the photo of this girl, she is only going to allow me a few seconds to photograph her, after that she ruins the photos by doing something, normally turning away.

The best photographers can catch the soul and essence of a person with one photo; they see the shot and take it fast. I am slowly developing this talent, but it is more about being tricky, I can maneuver the person into the correct look, and then take the photos. The number of photos you need to delete tells a big story of skill.

Models are great, there are some people who are photogenic, and almost every photo of the person comes out right. Models appear to me to have good mouths, their teeth are correct, the size of their lips is special, and the cheekbones are squared in a way to help the photos.

I have become observant of these people features, it becomes a small addiction, when I happen upon a person who has physical features that are beautiful, I then want to take a photo. This happened when I saw the sexy Ghana girl in the Tro Tro, I was mentally preoccupied with trying to take an essence photo, only one with the braid hanging down came close, but it was fun to try, this is the sport of photography for me, to chase the essence of people.

The girl above had nice eyes, but the shade of the hat masked them, I could see them, but I am not sure readers can see them. I suppose I could take a graphics program and highlight them; however, I take photos for fun and sport, not to doctor up to make people happy. There is something unnatural about doctoring photos, this is not my style.

I try to review photos quickly on a large computer screen, to get feedback; I want to know if I achieved my goal.

Photos are about 80 percent camera, and 20 percent skill, a great camera will take great photos, there is no doubt a camera can make a photographer.

You are a Photographer if you Take Good Photos of People

I Updated Mobile Office and Adventure Blogs

Boy Genius from India and I have added about 200 new Blog systems to the budget travel directory. What this essentially means, when a reader is only interested in reading what I write about specific topics, or other guest writers. The reader can read, without needing to read other topic they wish to avoid.

Example, today, I updated two Blogs:

Mobile Office Blog

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Adventure Blog

Why? I Realized a Travel Blog is a Joke
This is because it is hard to get a large readership, because when I change countries, the people who subscribed to study for a vacation leave. Here in Africa, nobody is subscribing….

When I first started, I wrote a Travelogue, a daily report on my travels, I think this wrapped around some travel tips was interesting to readers. As Blogs evolved they changed from "Logs" to daily "Articles" written, well, this is not truly a travelogue, I bought into this strategy and started writing article type post, well this destroys the continuity of the story, and it becomes difficult for a reader to follow along on my trip in a vicarious way.

Money, the reason to write articles is for money, a well-chosen title will get more organic search traffic coming from Google over the years than just one daily NEW travel Blog post read by readers. The sum of all the daily readers is not as big a number as all the possible search results by or

Therefore, to remedy the situation, a guest writer or I can now write on one of any of the 200 subject of, on the index is a list of all the subjects. If you are an expert on one of the 200 subject available, you are invited to write.

People Read Travel Blogs to Plan Trips
Generally, readers of Travel Blogs are expecting to read commercial articles from travel writers who are not really traveling, Being that there are just a handful of true perpetual travelers, the non-traveling, "Travel Writers" dominate the travel Blog genre.

Aaagh, this is painful, why can’t I be a travel writer and really travel?
The bottom line, Travel Writers do not travel, they normally writer well planned articles that are just advertisements wrapped up in words. Conde Nast an the such are examples, the advertisers actually pay to be included in these, they do not pay the writers, they are paid by the advertisers to write.

I have never, and have not plans to suck up to advertisers, and write for them, I would rather stop writing than be a flunky to the Travel Industry. In many ways, I hate thinking or calling myself a Travel Writer. I do not resemble the average travel writer, the big difference is I actually travel on my own dollars, and do not take free room and trips. Not to say I would not, but truly, they know it is dangerous, I might cough up the truth, and not say nice things.

I have wanted to write about a whole country, if the Public Relations for the Travel Information of Ghana wanted me to explain Ghana, and gave me a free plane ticket, this would be my ideal way of taking freebies.

However, generally I do not want to travel where someone pays, I want to go where I go, I like being a real nomad, not just pretending to be a nomad to romanticize the travel.

Therefore, if I bore you on a general basis, you can now just read the topics you want, the only downfall is that a person must do this by RSS Feed, and this often is too complicated for readers. I am thinking about hooking them to Facebook, so this type of reader could monitor, but truly, the whole Blog thing has become a mess because of Facebook.

Facebook has allowed everybody to become a Blogger, the essential ingredient to a Blob being that a person can make comments below what a person wrote. Therefore, Facebook or Twitter can be considered social spins of the Blog concept.

I pay 75 dollars per month to send this by e-mail, they clean up all the jerks who click the spam button instead of the unsubscribe as would be adult. I cannot afford to pay to keep clean list for 200 Blogs, when the readership of anyone section breaks into financial feasibility I will do so.

I Hope Boy Genius Gets On Board Soon
I have been bringing up the subject of including links to post, I am telling you that I have updated Mobile Office and Adventure, but we can and will include these updated links soon in the general Blog e-mail. I just need to get Boy Genius from India to wrap his brain around this idea of aggregating all the Blogs into one post.

If you are not interested in reading all my missives, rants, or rambling, but would like to read about one specific subject you can, by going to this link:
Click on the subject that you want to read, then click on the RSS feed, and subscribe. I recommend you use Google Reader, because that system survives you buying a new computer.
Google Reader

To truly enjoy the value of the Internet writers, a person need to understand Google Reader. By becoming adept and proficient in subscribing and un-subscribing to RSS Feeds, you can monitor a large variety of subject using the least amount of time. Soon all the Smartphone, and especially the Android will do this, but all Cell Phone will have Internet access within the next two years.

Good luck, this is baffling to understand, and is the Internet is not getting simpler, it is getting more complicated. It may be soon the group inside Facebook, and those outside, or in the past and still crazy --- the in the AOL --- Crap, and those outside of AOL. Anyone subscribed to the Internet by AOL is truly hamstringing his or her ability to have knowledge.

Rant and Raves, ooops.

I Updated Mobile Office and Adventure Blogs

December 2010 List of Cities OK Enough for 1-3 Months

I need somebodies help finishing my first book, I know you all think your smarter than me, some of you need to prove it --- hehehe
-- "Good Luck, hehehe you need it."

Johnny the pilot nailed me talking on Skype yesterday, he is presently in Dubai, this guy is not a jet setter, he flies the private jets.
He asked,
"how is your book going?"
--- Oops,

Well, ever since I left Cote d’Ivoire the progress has stalled, 80 percent done, but I have a major stumbling point for readers. I need to nail down all the best specific CITIES to live for 1-3 months in the world on 500 Dollars per month budget, not an easy task. The 500 Dollar parts is easy, Bob a truly experienced perpetual traveler for over 5-7 years explained there are about 175 countries where you can live for fewer than 500 Dollars per month.

Bob W Wrote:
"IMHO there are over 200 member countries in the UN. There are only about 25 countries that I consider expensive in the world. These are the countries that all the backpackers come from. I think almost anywhere in the rest of the world one could get by on 500 bucks a month if you rent an apartment by the month and stay out of restaurants and Bars and do your own cooking and cleaning and laundry etc. If you want the live the life of a colonial lord and to have servants and people cleaning up after you and cooking for you well... To live cheap, you need to not consider the following:
USA Canada England, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Finland, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and a few others I haven’t been to."

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Monday, December 13, 2010


Dark Blue is Difficult, the rest are easy.
Look hard, there are a lot of lighter blues in Eastern Europe.

Cheap Country Map - DARK Blue is Expensive, all the rest a 500-dollar budget is easy if you do not live like a colonial lord, someone who takes his or her culture and pops it on top of the existing culture. This is for people who want to live in another country, and not the ones who want to create a Little America inside another country. Think about how the Chinese create China town inside the USA, well the USA and Europeans do the same, these can be islands of expensive living.

December 2010 List of Cities OK to Interesting Enough for 1-3 Months

If it is not December 13, 2010 when you read this, best to go this link to read the current, also if you want to add comments, the best place is this link:
List of Good Cities for 500 Dollars per Month

This is not a popularity contest for normal people; I am calling in all my favors with perpetual travelers. I have prodded a few by writing them up to five times, to get around to tell me. If you have over 25 non-Europe countries under your belt, recommend all the cities you can think of, but realize, I am trying to pull information from "Real Travelers." The book is going to highlight the best of the best, cut through the crap and explain how to find the nicest and cheapest cities to live in, with the need to visit 88 countries like me, cutting to the quick.



Antigua and Barbuda


Bahamas The


- Caye Caulker


British Virgin Islands


Cayman Islands

Costa Rica

- Old Havana in Central Havana


Dominican Republic
- Sosua - GB GEB
- Cabarete - GB

El Salvador
- Suchitoto - (Wade S.)




- Lake Atitlan (Andy G.) GEC
- Antigua (Scott)
- Finca Tatin, near Livingston (trade work for room and board) GF - (Wade S.)
- Quetzaltenango (Xela) (Bob W.)

- Les Cayes (Andy)

- Roatan Island
- Copan Ruinas - GEC - Wade



- Oaxaca (Bob W.)
- Pie de la Cuesta, 8 miles North of Acapulco (Andy G)
- San Cristobal - (Wade)


Netherlands Antilles

- Granada

- Boquete (Chris)

Saint Kitts And Nevis

Saint Lucia

Saint Pierre And Miquelon

Saint Vincent & Grenadines

Trinidad And Tobago
- Tobago (Bob W.)

Turks And Caicos Islands

United States of America



- Mendoza (Wade) (Bob W.)
- Bariloche (Bob W.)


- Maceo (Andy G.)
- Rio de Janero (Andy G.)

- Valparaiso (Wade)

- Medellin (Andy G.)
- Villa de Lleva (Bob W.)

- Cuenca (Bob W.)
- Vilcabamba Loja (Bob W.)
- Banos
- Mantanitas - (Wade)

Falkland Islands Malvinas


Juan De Nova Island


- Aeroquipa
- Iquitos Peru- (Andy) (Wade)
- Mancora - (Bob W.)






- Tirane - (Wade)




- Ghent

Bosnia And Herzegovina
- Sarajevo (Shawn) (Wade)

- Sofia (Shawn)
- Plovdiv (Shawn)
- Varna Bulgaria (Bob W.)


Czech Republic
- Olomouc (Wade)



Europa Island

Faroe Islands



French Guiana








Isle Of Man


Jan Mayen






- Skopje (Shawn)
- Ohrid (Shawn)




- BAR (Shawn)




- Vila Nova de Milfontes - (Wade)

- Brasov (Bob W.)


San Marino

- Belgrade (Wade)





- Mount Olympus Turkey (Bob W.)
- Sanliurfa (Wade)


United Kingdom

Vatican City









British Indian Ocean


- Sihanoukville (Andy G.) (Bob W.) (Robin)
- Phnom Penn (Bob W.)

- Hangzhou, China (Wade)
- Kunming, China (Wade)
- Qingdao, China (Wade)
- Suzhou, China (Wade)

Christmas Island

Cocos Keeling Islands



Glorioso Islands

Hong Kong

- Hampi - (Robin) (Andy G.)
- Goa - Palolem Beach (Andy G.)
- Gokarna Karnataka (Bob W.)
- Benaulim Goa (Bob W.)

- Lake Maninjau Summatra (Bob W.)
- Gilli Islands (Robin)


- Arbil or Erbil - (Andy G.)

- Tel Aviv - (Andy G.)
- Jerusalem - (Andy G.)

- Kyoto (Wade)





- Luang Phrabang (Robin) (Bob W.)
- Vang Vien (Robin) (Bob W.)



- Malaka (Bob W.)


- Ulaanbaatar (Wade)

- Katmandu - GEC - Cultural (Robin)
- Pokhara (John L) (Robin)


- Karimabad (Robin)

- La Union - Bwang - (Andy G.)
- Baguio - (Andy G.)
- Sabang Beach (Bob W.)


Saudi Arabia


South Korea

Sri Lanka
- Aragumbay (Robin)
- Triconomole (Robin)

- Aleppo - (Wade)



- Bangkok (Bob W.)
- Chang Mai - (Robin)
- Koh Pha Ngan the Full Moon Party Beach - (Andy G.)
- Koh Chang near Myamar, not the Island close to Cambodia, and only during high season. German (Andy G.)
- Nong Kai (Bob W.)



United Arab Emirates


- Hoi Ann (Robin)

- Sana'a - cultural, music and qat (Robin)





- Natingou (Andy G.)


Burkina Faso



Cape Verde

Central African Republic




Congo Democratic Republic

Cote Divoire
- Grand Bassam (Andy G.)


- Cairo (Robin)
- Alexandria (Bob W.)
- Dahaab (Bob W.)

Equatorial Guinea


- Awasa (Andy G.)


Gambia The

Gaza Strip

- Bolgatanga (Andy G.)


Guinea Bissau

- Nanyuki - Cultural
- Lamu - beach & culture (Robin)










- Rabat (Wade)
- Meknes (Wade)
-Cheftuan (Bob W.)
-Tetuann (Bob W.)






- Butare

Saint Helena

Sao Tome And Principe



Sierra Leone


South Africa




- Lome (Andy G.)
- Kpalami - (Andy G.)

Tromelin Island


- Kabale (Andy G.)

Western Sahara






Clipperton Island

Cook Islands

Coral Sea Islands

East Timor
- Dili


French Polynesia


Marshall Islands

Micronesia Federated States


New Caledonia

New Zealand


Norfolk Island


Papua New Guinea

Paracel Islands

Pitcairn Islands


Solomon Islands





Wallis And Futuna

December 2010 List of Cities OK Enough for 1-3 Months

The World Changing Internet Service of Verizon Wireless

I have been perpetually roaming the planet for 12 years and 88 countries, I am like a man without a home or country but I am 100 percent in touch, sometimes too much. 2011 is the year that when the world will truly become connected, the deals will be made, they will be finished in 2011, what a year to remember in the history of the world. The year when a person in Ghana on cell phone can update their Facebook, but not have electricity in their home.

I have a BlackBerry Bold in my possession, it was given to me by Verizon Wireless to test, write about and review. I will review about any product, but made up my mind to only explain the good, not the bad, there are too many bad products or service out there to get started talking bad.

The world is becoming one global community as Bill Gates so inspirationally is aware, but Verizon is providing the Wireless network that makes this true, they are arranging he partnership deals that is making Wireless Internet seamless possible.

For about 10-11 years of my perpetual traveler’s journey, I was outside, looking in at the USA and the rest of the world. I lived in little boxes, called countries, I would be in one local area, in one small country and all my knowledge and experience was encapsulated to the local area. If I was in Taxco, Mexico, the only thing I knew about was Taxco, Mexico. There could be a holiday in the USA and might not even know it existed.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Sunday, December 12, 2010


What is Verizon’s Global E-mail Money Value to Me?
How much money is it worth to have Global Internet Access? I mean, I have the benefit with Verizon’s Global Email package for 69 Dollars, effectively costing 100 dollars per month to a user to e-mail back my mother from anywhere in 220 countries. This means the planet, I can receive and answer an e-mail on the BlackBerry Bold while sitting for hours on a bus to Timbuktu, Mali, not that I want to go there, but I could.

How much money?
Because I have an Internet business, I would pay more, so for me it is roughly 10 dollars per day, and I would need to think 20. I will pay close to 300 dollars per month, if you could give me Internet in my room anywhere on the planet, this is what I now have.

However, it only cost 100 Dollar per month, and I am sitting here in a city called Ho, Ghana on a Sunday morning typing about what I think, and what I am grateful for… I want to thank Verizon for giving me this BlackBerry Bold. Now, I am never clear on how they view Tethering a computer to the service with, but this magnifies the Global E-mail package tenfold, and the ease and comfort of use is magnified.

I try to study the Mac Iphone packages in the USA, and it appears that only ATT is allowed to use the Iphone, which is just another brand of Smartphone. However, they have cooked their goose, the non-Verizon global email packages make you arrange service in every country. Now, that is just not what I am going to do here in Africa. if you think the Telephone company bureaucracy sucks in the USA, take that and make it 20 times worst and in a different language. It is easier to walk into an internet café. Somehow, Verizon has made arrangements and partner agreements with 220 cellular providers around the planet, and I can just change my setting to point at one of them.

Here in Ghana, I can point at either MTN or Zain, and I believe, whatever that is, and I do not need to know, if I have access, I am happy, I do not need to know why.

How much money would I pay for my daughter to write e-mails to me?
I do not have a daughter, but I can feel the fears of parents, and if I had a daughter traveling around in Africa in some childlike zest to experience life, I would be too afraid that she might be hurt to talk about it. I would also pay 10-20 dollars per day, this is value to feel safe that a member of my family is ok and is safe.

My parents are older, they make me nervous some times, my Father has cancer, it is negotiable whether it is in remission or lurking around. Although Ghana seems a long way away to you, I am really only about 24 hours away by plane at any give moment. If I needed, I could fly back to Indiana from anywhere on the planet within 24 hours, if truly a problem, then maybe about 30 hours.

However, you then add the time to be notified by E-mail
With the Verizon BlackBerry Bold Global E-mail service, I only need to add on a possible eight extra hours of sleep time. I could be asleep for 8 hours and not check my e-mail, but if I am awake I am in touch with my family, I am not emotionally and mentally out of touch.

Can you hear me Mom and Dad, I can hear you?

We take a telephone call often to be an annoyance, we receive too many e-mails and we become angry. Well, go live in a box as I did 10 years ago, away from communication with your family and friends and you will be grateful for telephone and emails. I did not go traveling to leave my friends; I went travel to find more friends, and to enjoy the planet. Now, I have the best of both worlds, I keep all my friends from all over the planet, they are never more than an e-mail away.

E-mail Seems Difficult
Now that may seem far, yes, they would need to e-mail me. However, I can then walk into any Internet café, log into and call the for two cents per minute, what a great time to be alive, life is good.

How much influence does it mean to have a free BlackBerry to use? Read, it is maybe a 4, but I really think a 1

The World Changing Internet Service of Verizon Wireless

Reviewing the 10 Commandments in Africa

I occasionally review the rules of life we all could obey, and because Africa is one of the most religious continents, I sometimes think more about God here in Africa than anywhere else, their simple lifestyles make good and bad so obvious to see.

K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple Stupid

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Sunday, December 12, 2010


Most Religious Continent to Least Religious
By this, I mean where people openly say or explain their religious beliefs, and you can feel the people are trying to focus on something God.

I have been asked to go to church every week since I arrived in West Africa, I wanted to leave Cinkasse, Togo because I felt like I was living in a Mosque. I attended a Christian Church in Cinkasse, even though I had no desire to go, but knew that it was a question of my faith. I would say Africa I have the least chance of being robbed in Africa. This changes radically if I would associate with any project, Volunteer organization, or associate with Religions, then it become almost the most dangerous.

Asia including India:
There is not a day goes by that you do not see people bowing to something, or put incense on a stand, or doing something as observation of their religion. You have to really work to be robbed in India, or Southeast Asia, you have to associate with obvious scoundrels. In general, the majority of the travelers who go to India are searching for God, you can tell by how much they reject Christianity. I remember leaving South and Central America and going to Asia, they wanted me to leave my shoes outside the room. I was afraid, in Central and South America the place where I had just spend five years, the people of Central and South America would have stolen my shoes, and it took me a long time to accept they would not in Asia.

Gene a German left some money on a table, I said to him,
"Gene, you cannot leave money on a this table in Thailand,"
He said,
"Andy, you are not in South America anymore."

North America:
The letter of the law, the moral indignation when someone disobeys the law, the people in the USA and Canada expect public officials to be perfect, this is good. While often North Americans seem money hungry, they will openly discuss how people are being bad, the only continent where a President could lose his job for lying. (President Clinton almost.) On most continents, the public officials are obvious never telling the truth. The continent obeys the letter of the law better than almost anywhere, which is in many ways a spin of the 10 commandments.

Middle East:
In every step, in every movement, Islam is prevalent, this can make it an extremely dangerous place to be an atheist, and they can kill you for not believing in something. They do not necessarily want you to be a Muslim, but you had better not be the infidel. People carry prayer beads constantly with them, but more of a pomp and splendor thing, then a moral set of rules. Only place on the planet where an active religious war is always in progress, Israel against everyone around them, and Israel is a "Religious Nation," it is a Jewish State, as Pakistan is an Islamic state.

South America:
South America is openly Catholic, which has some fundamental problems in how it functions, more or less saying if you confess, you can do what you want between confessions. but you have to go confess again. The interpretation of the 10 Commandments gets confused, the focus is a too much on the act of worship, and not on the obeying of the rules. A person can be robbed or cheated in South American in a moment’s breath; two people will agree to rob you.

Central America but including Mexico:
This is South America on steroids, and Mexico is one of the sinful nations on the planet. Only in Mexico, but it is possible this exist in Russia, is there such open gangs of people who all in concert agree to rob or kill. The people assume that is acceptable to rob, or kill. In Guatemala, the thieves are so rampant the locals have revolted, and taken up themselves the job of the police, vigilante groups will hang a robber, because they are just so tired of it.

Organize robbery is here in concert, I have never been in Europe when I was not afraid of being robbed. I have been robbed twice in my travels, one in Thailand by an Italian man, and another time in Spain, I was pick pocketed. I remember asking a Sweden girl in Barcelona,
"Do they rob your cell phones here?"
She said,
"It is not if they robbed your cell phone, it is who has not had their cell phone robbed."
Europe is the only place where the birth rate is going down to almost one per family; the average is so low because they cannot even believe two people can love, they believe in little, they will not commit.

Australia, Oceania or Russia are out of my league:
I need to refrain from making judgment on Australia or Russia, I would suspect Australia is right below North America, but I cannot be sure, and I am just clueless about Russia.

The 10 Commandments
A person is best to ignore listening to preachers or other people, and just read the text of the 10 commandments. It is simple, this is how it was designed. In my opinion, Preachers sermonize about sins to scare people into believing, they do not keep it simple. Just like all the laws in the USA are subjugated to the Constitution of the USA. All sermons given by Preachers, should be essentially subjugated to the 10 Commandments. Somehow, somewhere, and in some leap of absurdity, there are things like the seven deadly sins, which are extrapolated, but not found in the bible clearly. It is like Islamic Jihad, this is an aberration, and abomination interpretation of the preaching of peace. Fear gets people to believe, and love allows them to believe, and temptation will lead them to kill in the name of God, their own fear of failing, or falling into temptation, which means kill the sinner; because they are sin that has already owned their brain.

The 10 Commandment are in Two Places in the Bible:
Exodus 20:2–17 Deuteronomy 5:6–21

2 I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery;
3 Do not have any other gods before me.

4 You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me,

6 but showing steadfast love to the thousandth generation of those who love me and keep my commandments.

7 You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone who misuses his name.

8 Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.

9 For six days you shall labour and do all your work.

10 But the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God; you shall not do any work—you, your son or your daughter, your male or female slave, your livestock, or the alien resident in your towns.

11 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but rested the seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and consecrated it.

12 Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.

13 You shall not kill/murder.

14 You shall not commit adultery.

15 You shall not steal.

16 You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

17 You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.

To study the 10 commandments, a person needs to read the list over and over and over, until the implications of each become clear, as thou shall not kill, a simple one. If you conspire, think, or plan on killing, mostly for personal reasons, it is a sin.

Covet is the big Problem
I think that word covet is a problem, I see people get confused with this commandment. I went into a super market yesterday here in Ghana with a local girl. I was buying some Tuna and a Fanmilk Vanilla. Well, the girl jumps to the idea that I will pay for what is purchased, she suddenly went into a buying spree, running around and grabbing things on the shelves she did not need or even want. She suddenly wanted, I mean she coveted these things; she wanted to claim my money.

To dream about buying something to me is a sin.

Oh well, I know I lost most of you along the way, there is so much deep seated anger about religions it become impossible to have an adult conversation. I am not sure why, but my feeling and belief is that the average person tries so hard to be clever, they have so many thoughts of how to gain or take, they will openly attack because they are afraid of the fall.

I was in Haiti, the sort of confused managers of the orphanage were telling me,
"Andy, you need to pray."
I said,
"I do not have the compulsion to pray."
"It seems easier if I do not do bad, I am lazy, I would rather obey, so I do not have to think about it."
The man rather tried to go on and on talking, and I said,
"I do not believe that we can pray for wants and desire, this to me is to covet."
He asked me how I prayed, I said it is simple.
"I say, God, do what you think is best, thank you."

Generally, I just listen when a person wants to talk to me about God, I know for myself, this list of the 10 commandment are my own fears, they are what I am afraid I will disobey. When a person goes on and on, I know they are afraid, my job is to listen and comfort, to allow them to settle into peace, and to give them safe harbor. This can be quite frightening to them; they would have to give up their evil ways.

Of course, all this is more for me, than for you, the more I think, the more I write, the more I introspect into my own beliefs, the more I am free to listen to yours, I always remember a small saying when I am tempted to talk too much about what another person should do.

A man said to me,
"I know two things."
1. "There is a God."
2. "And I am not him."

The more racially a person believes, the more radically they sin.

Reviewing the 10 Commandments in Africa

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