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Jimmy Wales

This is Jimmy Wales one of the founders of

I will try my best in the next newsletter to write a one-two paragraph explanation of what is or is not, and what the implications for the future. This is rated site number 58 in the rating, and is 35,000, so a big difference, a major player on the internet.

This is a German Language washer and dryer.

The great thing is the Washer cost 1.50 Euro and the Dryer is 1 Euro, this maybe 3:00 Dollars U.S. to wash my clothes. Contrary to most people I am concentrating on making sure my clothes are washed, I am on my third and last load of clothes. I am good to go, and the world is a less smelly place.

Nothing make me more aware of my humanity than washing my clothes, and when I really want to know I am human, weak, and fragile, I do wash my clothes by hand in the sink. All the illustrious thoughts on the planet come down to I wake, I shower, I drink Coffee, Eat, Wash and muck about the planet, and somedays I make sense.

Spamming the Hobo Blog

I have this person or something, maybe a program spamming or posting all the time in the comments section of one page on my blogs. Very annoying, I need to learn or figure out how to BAN him or her.

I am not sure if has this option to ban, however it is quickly becoming a need, I have to go and delete and this is not easy for me.

Israel to Niger

I have this burr up my rear about the idea of going to Niger and seeing what is going on with the Famine.

I am not sure how to get a Visa, or what an American Citizen has to do to get a Visa, I am thinking a lot about this idea. I sent an email to some Visa Application company in Washington DC today in the hope of finding a company to help me, as best I can think about this, the best place to apply for Visas would be in Washington DC or maybe New York, so I am looking for a company in Washington.

Hard to dice and slice this issue as I have trouble making telephone calls and the time difference does not help.

FUNNY is that about one email per day comes with a person wanting me to help them get a Visa from some African country to somewhere, not that I can help them in anyway.

If Israel has an Embassy to Niger I will be in luck, however I sort of doubt it as there is this Islamic / Hebrew or Jewish problem going on, and most of Africa is Islamic... and Frenchie... hehehe

Frankfurt Germany

I am here in Frankfurt and learning nothing about Frankfurt, because I am at the convention with many techies that are from another planet, however extremely intelligent Aliens however not to socially adaptive.

I learned a little about Copyrights and Bots or Robots for the site yesterday, interesting however not for normal prime time viewing.

There is a guy here that passed out at the table two day ago, and he keep belching as he works on the computer, I am tempted to put his photo on the internet as I took a photo of him passed out, if he belches a few times more I will need revenge for bad manners.

The conference is interesting, however there is only Samuel here from the Harvard group of Bloggers and he is busy doing something....

All the people here are "Wikis," or something like that, they are all either speakers or avid posters or editors of the site.

I have an interactive site, most or about 90 percent of the links on a person can post a comment below, however normally they just put in links and comments. However it is an adapted forum idea. However I am amazed at the ability of Wiki to allow anyone to edit the post. I am thinking of using this format on the tail end or the very last page of my site.

I am putting up massive amounts of Hotels or Rooms for Hoboes and Rich people on the site. It is still a mess, however me and Andrew boy genius from India are making progress. However the Wiki concept of edits would be good on the last page of

This page is a specific page where a Hotel could post pictures of their Hotel, explain, and then people could review and rate ANY hotel, not just the cheapies. I am wanting to make it so people can sort by price, area, state, etc. So they can set their preferences, then go for that type of dwelling. My preference is for the Hostel or Hotel with a Guest Kitchen.

HOWEVER the big problem is brainwaves, I need more brainwaves working on this, and do not have the money to pay made in the USA brains, I will go to India in September in the Pune area south of Mumbai and search for brains, at an economical price.

My Blogger spell checker says "Brainwaves" is not a word, I do not like spell checkers, that is obvious.

Fat Guy in Upper Bunk

I am at the Convention in Frankfurt, Germany

This guy came in last night, flops all his clothes in front of the lockers, jumps into bed. He is now snoring away at 9:00 AM and most of the programs will start in about 1/2 hour.

To say the least this group is way into their own minds and into the computer and are not really from the planet, maybe really they are aliens with human bodies. I have no idea why his wallet is on the floor. One of the other guys in the room decide to leave and fly back to Los Angeles, California, he did not even stay to watch one program or event.

What is

My mother is confused and I hope I an clarify what Wikipedia is?

An Encyclopedia of Information on the internet. It like taking World Book Encyclopedias or Encyclopedia Britannica and put them on the internet.

HOWEVER then you allow the readers of the online Encyclopedia to write articles and make better. They can actually edit the Encyclopedia and change the pages. This allows the site to become bigger and hopefully better as time goes on as it uses the whole world to help in the project.

Here is an explanation by
Click on this link and search for something.

I created a username and logged in trying to learn myself, I think I made a page of I am hoping the world can edit my page and tell me who I am... ? I am not sure how this works yet.

Wiki Community

Some photos of the first night of staying in the Hostel with the group, or the convention here in Frankfurt Germany.

I have discovered I a may be the only innocent bystander here so far, one of the few persons that is not involved in the Wiki projects. Everyone is talking about subject I am not familiar with and saying comments that make me realized how little I know about

This a group of 24 hour a day internet people, possibly addicts.

The media or news is covering this and is my hobby, I like to take photos of media trying to not act like they are there.

I think he is important.

The courtyard where everyone sits around talking about Wiki, they all have their own nicknames and post or edit the site.

Camera Crew

Interview in process of someone important to the group I would guess.

The dinner is free the first night, then breakfast and maybe lunch for the next few days, it last four days, and then I fly to Israel on the 8th. Convention Check-In Frankfurt Germany

I have arrived to the Convention Check-In Frankfurt Germany, took a picture of this nice girl in front of the sign, so Life is Good so far with the convention. I have discovered that everyone has a nickname and I am sort of lost as I am just an innocent bystander surrounded by the community of Wiki people. I will learn fast the jargon and words of the convention soon.

I am excited and happy to be away from the party-around-Europe crowd and now surrounded by people that like to learn too much.

This is terrible, I cannot remember her name... She is of Chinese Heritage for those of you that know Germany, she is not Thailand.

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