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To make a long story short...

Don't tell it."


Andy -

On the topic of Christopher Columbus, you've received some

strident comments from *enemies of Western civilization*.

Such comments are so predictable.

Since you have decided to acknowledged such comments,

I want to confirm your objective assessment of Columbus.

There is plenty of philosophical ammunition for you in a new book,

*_The Enemies of Christopher Columbus_*

by Thomas A. Bowden

Below is one review from Amazon.com.

The link to the book on Amazon is:

If you decide to post this on your blog, okay with me.

Just use my nom de plume...

Mr. Dave

Reno, Nevada, USA

Answer from me... I only have 45 minutes on computer.

But hope to read later.

Read the link... I am in agreement with this link.

Andy in Bristol, England

Manners are Needed fro Travelers

I am getting a crash course in manners from Peter's mother. She is very corrective and instructive on how to be proper. It is good. She is learning how to keep me quiet.


I have now experienced “Fish and Chips.” Probably the English version of “Hamburger and French Fries.” Both are tasty, but both are very high on the FATS and the food police will surely make me feel guilty for that. But at least with the English version we are eating fish and the food police are less restrictive.

I am a French Fries person. I love potatoes. Especially French Fries. Chips here is a Fat French Fries and Crisps I believe

are Potato Chips. I am sure one slip on words and the “Word Police” here will get me. I know I am already speaking a “Common” version of the English Language so I am watching my words carefully and trying my best to adapt to Englands version of the English language.

This is good fun and I am judicisiously driving the country crazy by using the Americanism on a regular basis just enough to let them think I do not know what I am doing and they forgive me, but enough to still drive them crazy. I will “Suss” this out. I hope I spelled that correctly. I do so much want to be “Proper.”

The English say so much more with a phrase then an American. They can make multiple inferences and insinuations in just a few words. This is a great way to be paranoid that they are talking about me. I hope they are, and I can drive them a little crazy. There is absolutely no way to understand how I think. I am quite positive that I do not have a clue how or why I think things.

I do try to stay focused. I say to myself,

“Beach, Beach. Go to the Beach.’

Obviously I have lost my focus. I am in England in October.

But life is good and the food here give me a clue where the Americans learn to eat so much and get fat. I am happy to say the walking has decreased here in Bristol and I am able to rest more. So I eat a lot and walk very little. I would say that it similar to the USA, but that would just irritate the Brits. Any comparison with the USA that would say that we are similar would not be “Politically Correct.”

England is great. The price of food in the Grocery is more or less the same as the USA. The cost of housing and transportation is high. But less then Paris or Barcelona. But this is NOT London. To be fair to Paris and Barcelona I should compare them to London. I think I am a little afraid to see how expensive London really is, and am avoiding London. I will soon need to go there to leave for India.

I am not doing well at all on finding a cheap ticket to India. So far the cheapest is 460 USA dollars. That is about 200 Dollars more then I was expecting. But maybe they have better prices in London. The travel agent says it is the wrong season and the prices are high. I hear this every time I purchase a plane ticket and think it is part of their training to say this statement.

I do not have a plane ticket, and time is getting short. I want to leave around the 20th of October for India. I am meeting a friend there and the standing orders is to try for that date.

I will suss it out and sort it out, and get a plane ticket and go to the beach in Goa, India. (That word Suss is not in my Spell Checker. I will check with Peters mother for the correct spelling.)

CARPET - This is the first house in Europe I have every encountered that has wall to wall carpet.


I am in England. The internet is free to use in the library. That is great. The problem is the time. I must try to finish all my emails and work in 45 minutes. So I am writing my travel log offline to save time on the library computer.


I woke early and started my normal routine. A cup of coffee, and a couple of hours on the computer. But my computer has… I hope a “Virtual Memory Paging File” problem. I guess I know what them means a little. Not totally, but in many ways I guess I would say to myself that I understand that term 62.50 percent. More or less a few percent and maybe not at all. I say hope, because if it is not that I am in real problems.

I am making fun. I hope I adjusted this setting correctly and the computer gives me permission to play after searching for the setting for 2 hours. I set it to 4000 as the maximum. I am hoping this little box in my Frontpage program stops popping up and saying I do not have enough memory. It would be easy to believe there is a conspiracy to make me buy another computer.

The bottom line is I can now type on my computer. I have worried about my computer for 2 hours and think I have repaired the problem. I know that I am boring you with this, but what can I say. A log is a log, or blog is a blog. Am I suppose to leave out in this TRAVEL LOG what I… a.k.a. ME is thinking about. Seems like a good way to forget that this is for me, and not for you. Or maybe I am correct. I think the big problem is I read the book “Alice in Wonderland” a couple of weeks ago and my mind is still not OK>


Hmm. I forgot to cut and paste what is below into the blog. I agree with anyone that says my pages are chaotic. That is kind.


I have a arrived in a what the English my call a “Proper” house. Carpets, walls, quiet, lights and things. Lots of things on the walls, in the yard, the garage, and the fridge. Lots of things that in the name of this proper English family has claimed it as their home.

I earmark this word “Proper” because of two women that asked if we had “Proper” chocolate or did the English infererral of that we do not have this chocolate. I assured them that I would return to the USA someday and see if the chocolate in the USA is behaving and therefore proper. I know she mean something different, but I need to get with the program of the English humor and make sure I am not an easy target.

Peter is great. Worries too much about my comfort, and he updated me on the gossip of Iraq. He was somehow able to find the house where the two Saddam boys were killed in Mosul and slept in the house. I was told that the USA immediately tore the house down to remove any evidence. This rumor I had heard on the destruction of the house is a real problem in Iraq. They think and evaluate the world often in a childlike soap opera methodology. This has cause lots of killing in Iraq.

But back to England. I have fitted sheets. I had fitted sheets for half the time in Barcelona, and then the owner lady gave me some clean ones that were not. I do not think it possible in this home to find a bed without fitted sheets and Peters mother would not consider it proper. I do believe that fitted sheets is a sign of a higher developed civilization. I am not saying Spain is lower, but maybe the home I was inside of was on the lower range. There is a continuum of culture and proper behavior and people are a mix of various specific behaviors. Some good and some bad. Some high and some lower.

I would have to sleep in a lot of betters in Spain before I made a mass decision on the fitted sheet test of society. But I will return to see if I can sleep in more beds someday.


Me and Peter were walking to the Library to use the internet for free. I looked down the road before I crossed and started to walk. Oops. The cars are coming right at me, and I took off running. They drive on the opposite side of the road and I looked the wrong direction.

Just to let you know. Iraq was maybe dangerous, but so is life in general.

I do believe that the most dangerous thing in the world is the car.


I had some time problems and got the newsletter out late. But that is OK. There is not time designated to send my newsletter so I am always on time. I just try to send on Tuesday. So Friday is sort of late.

Here is the link:



Andy -

You often write, "...from Indiana: 'Hello, how are you today?'".

Wonderful to hear that.

And rare nowadays.

Simple, basic, Midwest politeness.

I'm from Wisconsin: same.

I just returned from The Philippines.

Americans I passed turned heads away and stared at the walls.

In Taipei, Taiwan, airport - same.

None from Indiana, eh?!

Recently in Vancouver, British Columbia, walking through Stanley Park,

I made it a point to smile, say, "Hello", to many people I passed.

(Except women, of course.)

Most just stared at me.

Some looked shocked.

A few smiled back - I think gay men.

Wondering what is your experience with, "Hello, how are you today?"

You getting any better results?

I hope so.

Perhaps you will write in newsletter about Indiana politeness as you

travel the world.

- Dave W.

writing from Reno, Nevada, USA.



How are you?

A good hello will break down the hardest person eventually.

I was working on a couple of Grocery stores in Barcelona. I would walk in and say in Spanish,

"Hola, Como estas?"

More or less the same. They just looked at me for the first week. Not that quick to say hello in Barcelona. But on the last few days in Barcelona, the people said hello before me... GREAT.

I had a good friend from Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Say to me when I met him in real life.

"Life is Good"

And guess what. Life is good when you say to someone....

"Life is Good."


I just got a nasty email from someone complaining about my English.

I wonder to myself if people every think of the meaning of words.

HOBO... Does not mean. Good anything. More or bum type idea.

The person lost the plot. Spends more time thinking about grammar then communication.

Probably why they never learned manners.

I will think about the TIP idea. I have used the idea in ways before. Will try to explain about why the Indiana "Hello" is special. Helps me on a daily basis to be from rural Indiana.


Looked out the window of the plane as I arrived at the airport and could see it was cloudy. I asked the girls sitting behind me if this was normal. They said... NO

It is very nice today.

I am fine, and trying to figure out the computers here. The library is free. But they have blocked my ability to publish photos. I will have to find a way another way. Peters brother has a computer. But until then...

I have a newsletter ready to send, but need to publish some pages first. New place, new problems.


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