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- Really this is a drive by interview.



( I LIKE THIS MAGAZINE - Really - No Joke. )

I will try to behave, and I will apologize now so I do not have to at the end if I slip and am sarcastic. This magazine is wonderful. But not in the way a magazine would wish to be wonderful. The advertisers in this magazine are perfect for a Hobo or Backpacker. You know the type. Me and some other crazies that take off for months on end and never come home.

So what I am saying is,

"Read the back of the magazine for advertisers that can help."

If you really wish. Read the articles, but for me,

"I can't be bothered."

This weeks - October 20th Issue has a Gold Course on it and a caption,

"Living on the Wedge."

OK, if you really want to attract backpacker. That title and front cover has

"Lost the plot."

....Now, me writing about Iraq is off the story line also. So who am I to talk?

( I LIKE THIS MAGAZINE - Really - No Joke. )

The price is perfect if you are in London - FREE. I suppose it is paid for by advertisers. I hope they got that golf company to pay through the nose. In Advance!


Sell the benefits they say,

1. Ads for cheap Hostels. - 8 Pounds

2. Ads for jobs.

3. Ads for cheap flights... (Maybe)

Well. I think Trailfinders.com and Statravel.com advertise in here. So that good start. I cannot remember if Easyjet.com and Ryanair.com are in there. But hopefully.

4. Travel Insurance like insureandgo.com.

5. Shipping companies. For people to send thing home. I will study up on this and see why it is such a big deal here. Normally that is DHL or UPS. But here they have a real selection. UPS stands for United Parcel Service. I am not sure what DHL stand for. But they are a big world shipping company for smaller packages.

A bunch of other stuff for travelers.

OH Yea! By the way. All you companies that I just pointed at...

Send Money. I do all this nice advertising for these companies. But that is the point of this page. I can normally find the Tourist Attractions real easy, but to find a cheap flights, and other Hobo needs. I need some good advertisements to read. This Magazine has them.

( I LIKE THIS MAGAZINE - Really - No Joke. )

I am repeating the above line in repentance for any sarcasm or direct comments made.

OK. Back to the Drive by Shooting, Oops. Interview with TNT Magazine.

I do not think they took me serious. I am happy for that. I wanted them on their normal behavior and not their special behavior.


I went over to the office of TNT Magazine. It is located just down the street from my Hostel. So this was easy for me. I need it easy or I will not do it. But I walked into the office. There is this blond girl with a telephone headset on behind the reception desk. I want to interview here more then the magazine. She is Swedish and that is always ok in my book. She is polite and tries to understand why I am in the office. I keep telling them that I have already read or looked at the magazine. I tell them also that I have a travel webpage and am collecting information on the magazine for travelers. I had to tell them this a few times. They think Americans are slow, and I am trying to be polite.

FIRST DAY - Monday

The lady or person that the Swedish girl is trying to connect me with is under deadline. I try to set  an appointment and be polite. But that does not work. So after I cannot get an appointment. I say,

"What time does Miss Eyb come in?"

Now the Swedish girl tried very hard to explain that I wanted to talk to someone and explained very well. So she did her job very well. And she is Swedish. That lends to me being easier on her. She did do good.

The Swedish receptionist says,

"She comes in at 10:00."

I say,

"I will return then tomorrow at 11:00, she should be settle in by then."

Now I worry a lot about people getting drunk and not being to work on time. Especially the British. I am not sure where this Lady is from, but to be cautious I would not want to wake up a Brit early. So I will return at 11:00.

SECOND DAY - Tuesday

I enter the office. Same great Swedish girl. I walk around and look around and try to be on my best Hobo behavior. What is nice about this is that nobody take me serious. This is perfect. Just the way I like it. I am trying to chat up the Swedish girl and getting nowhere really. But she is very nice and that is good. I am having fun.

Ms. Eyb comes out. I changed that to Ms. form Miss to be safe. Do not want the Political Correct police after me. She is short, abrupt, and short. She has to be British. But I did not ask. So who knows? Not important.

I will paraphrase. Saves on typing. She said the magazine was for the Australians, New Zealanders, and the South Africans. That is was about Life Style, Travel, and etc. At this juncture she tries to give me another Free Magazine. I start to be more complex in sentence structure and use very succinct and proper diction for clarification and to take the P iss. Besides I know that I am American and that is for sure stupid. Plus slow and other peasantry type behavior. I am the fief.

But onward. I am getting bored and really do not like to talk to serious people. I try a focus session. I want to know how or why they focus on the backpacker? Bigger sentences beside they focus on "Life Style." But I was bored and started to leave. Took a photo. oops. That got them or her real serious. I ask or got a business card. I cannot remember exactly. But she gave me one after I took the photo.

PHOTOS are great. Just take a photo of someone if you want their attention. Especially if you do not want to know what they really think. I take photos secretly or after any kind of conversation.

She ask me after the Photo,

"Why did you take a photo"

I said,

"I really do have a webpage, and I really am collecting information for travelers."

I am little impatient with this repetition. But that is OK. Better this way.

She says,

"Do you have a business card?"

I say,


This is the truth. Just a hassle and not needed.

She says,


I say,

"I like to be anonymous."

She goes and writes down. Hobo Traveler. What to know if it has one or two L in the traveler. I say one. Good question. I have both the one and two L's so not really important. But still a good question. I scoot on out before she gets in more inquisitive. I especially do not like people with cameras. By the way. The camera was in my hands the whole time in the office. So I did not secretive. This was not a drive by shooting. It was a give them warning shooting. So I had fun. It was good for me.

The ADVERTISEMENTS in the magazine are great.

Read it or place in the John. It is free in England. I think the cost is too high for a subscription. She says they have a newsletter you can subscribe to online and you can subscribe to the magazine in other countries for a BIG fee.

Too much fun.

By the way. They are offering seminars on travel writing. I think it was on October 4th. So I am late. But that is good. I would not pay to learn to write. I am positive I have little talent and that no one would want to read this incessant blathering and noise.


( I LIKE THIS MAGAZINE - Really - No Joke. )

Send money TNT!  I just want people to send money. That is simple? But if they sent money. They would probably want me to be serious and correct my grammar. Spell good. I can't be bothered. Keep your money please.


I was reading Natashas Blog. She ate at KFC in India. Shameful. I am going to have to have long talk on what and what is not acceptable backpacker rules of behavior. Eating at KFC is for TOURIST. Hobos do not do this type of thing. And if they do. They LIE. Never admit weakness. That is a lesson in negotiations also.

LONDON has a McDonalds, KFC on every other corner. I am what I eat! So what are the British?

Lets "Wind em up!" as they say in England.

I suppose they are really a big fish and a plastic container or chips.

This is all possible to say because I am in Oz and Kiwi land. Also called the Earls Court area of London and on safe ground. I have not seen a true Brit for a few days.


I can see my breath. Like a bite on the cheek, winter is here in London, England. I know someone said the word,


Time to migrate to the Beach for winter. Life is good here and I am learning how to speak Ozzie and Kiwi. So that is good, but still it is time to leave soon.

I finally figured out the London map. That means I am one step closer to being a tourist and one step away from being a tramp. If I got a job here. Like everyone else from Oz and Kiwi Land I would be a good Hobo. There is a job on every corner here. With or without paying taxes. This is fall so that may not be true in the Summer. Hoboes everywhere. Tramps travel and won't work. Hoboes travel and work. Bums do neither. I am having a great time. TV. Kiwi and Ozzie Women. Full on food and lots of history. This place is huge though. The internet is cheap. The subway cost an arm. The room is a leg and an arm. I will leave soon before I have to sell other important parts.

But a good place for a Hobo of any country to get a temporary job and replenish the backpack.



If you read my noise a lot or have paid attention then you know I sometimes mention the "Center of the Backpacker Universe." I stole this from Alex Garland and his book "The Beach," but nonetheless it is an accurate way to describe some locations of the world and I suppose the Universe. He said that Khao San Road is the Center. I adapt this phrase and add or say where the center is for backpackers in specific cities of the world. I will get clearer as my live gets clear, or maybe more confused. I am not sure which is correct?

This "Center" is the place where you should center your fun and home around. The closer to the center the better. Earls Court Subway or Underground Station is the center or still appears to be the center here in London.

But what is interesting is the Magazines in the area. Peter had already pointed out a magazine by the name of TNT Magazine and the website. It has an office that is located just one block from the internet cafe in which I am presently. I stopped there to day and am planning to sneak up on them tomorrow and get one of the drive by interviews and get the low down on what the magazine is, and why they cater to the backpacker? Besides money. Basically how they came to be?

It is an excellent magazine. Not the articles so much, but the advertisements are all Backpacker in nature. So right up my alley. I will see if they can send it to the USA as a subscription. It is Free here and comes out on Monday. One of few magazines that I could say is real helpful for the Budget Traveler. I am NOT talking about the articles. They are just extra although there is a lot funny stuff. The advertisements will steer you along the path of a Hobo Barefoot Traveler and with their help you may never be able to go home...! Here is a link.


I have the petition with the signatures of 40 English Scholars from Mosul, Iraq in my possession. I will try to publish something about it soon, and other information soon. I want to somehow get to a World Class newspaper like the London Times. Wall Street Journal. USA Today, or New York Times, etc. Hopefully they can publish it and help out the boys in Iraq.


I am done with most business and time to try my best... to be a tourist. Take some photos and have some fun. I decided I should follow my own advice and check out the UNESCO acronyms site or World Heritage List.



1986 Giant's Causeway and Causeway Coast

1986 Durham Castle and Cathedral

1986 Ironbridge Gorge

1986 Studley Royal Park, including the Ruins of Fountains Abbey

1986 Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites

1986 Castles and Town Walls of King Edward in Gwynedd

1986 St. Kilda

1987 Blenheim Palace

1987 City of Bath

1987 Hadrian's Wall

1987 Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Saint Margaret's Church

1988 Henderson Island

1988 Tower of London

1988 Canterbury Cathedral, St. Augustine's Abbey and St. Martin's Church

1995 Old and New Towns of Edinburgh

1995 Gough Island Wildlife Reserve

1997 Maritime Greenwich

1999 Heart of Neolithic Orkney

2000 Historic Town of St George and Related Fortifications, Bermuda

2000 Blaenavon Industrial Landscape

2001 Dorset and East Devon Coast

2001 Derwent Valley Mills

2001 New Lanark

2001 Saltaire

2003 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Easy enough to get the list, and now I need to find a couple of them in real life. I have about 6 more days in London to knock off a couple. I am pretty lazy and that is probably all I will get done. This is confusing for a Hobo. Wonder what one of them red tour buses would cost? Probably would make life easier - faster.

I will do my best to take some good photos and if all else fails I will spend all my time flirting with the Kiwi and Ozzie Girls in the Hostel. And when I get tired I will go eat them over sized French Fries here they call Chips. Life is good and I have to do it.


The end of summer is here. I can feel it in my bones. There is a time to migrate to warmer climates. I will wander soon.

Cut my own hair this morning in the Hostel. I did pretty good I think and it was needed. Looks as good as any of the spiked haircuts that surround me and for most better.


This is photo of Milkman in Bristol.


I thought I was early. But the was already a line or queue as they say here in front of the Indian Embassy. They opened the door and in a very orderly way they process the Visas. They said I would have about 5 days to wait. I need to call on Thursday. I will call on Wednesday in the event it is quicker. The Visa cost me 55 Pounds or about 90 Dollars US.

This is probably the most time it has taken for a Visa in my travels. If I was a British Citizen I could have gotten it in one day. I was talking with a Brit before I entered. Sort of older, retired, and English. I said to him,

“Well, I have to admit. I have been to 53 countries and India has set the record for difficulty.”

He said,

He said,

“Anyone that has entered countries knows that this is a very simple process and you can never get a Visa faster than this.”

He said,

“Where can you get a Visa the same day?”

I said,

“Syria Embassy in Istanbul.”

He was not listening, but I already knew that. He already had his answers. This is sort of the culture.

The most time consuming visa before this was the Venezuela. I applied one day and got it the next. This one will take a 5 days. I am always in a different country and applying for Visas. So all things are equal.


6:30 and some people are coming in the kitchen. I awake every day around this time. Most backpacker Hotels are empty until about 8:30. This is very strange. I will need to put away the computer and finish my preparations for the Visa application. I am not looking forward to this. I do not like to have to be at a place by a certain time when traveling. It is very difficult. I will probably sit in front of the building waiting for it to open, or arrive just a little late. Either way there is not way to control anything. I just know that all will turn out OK.


I need to leave the Hostel at about 7:30. I will need to find Aldwych Street here in London. This could be easy or difficult. There is a map upstairs to check. Hopefully it has the street name in the map index. It is better to get to the Embassy early. Before they become fussy and impatient because of the large number of people that apply for visas. I am sure at about 10:00 in the morning it would be very busy. I will try to get there to be at the door when it opens. This I hope will get my visa application on the top of the pile for the week and I can get it in 2-3 days and not 7 as is possible.

Moving around or trying to find offices in large cities can be easy and difficult. In countries like Ecuador or Thailand it is best to just pay the 2 dollars for a taxi. Here a taxi would probably cost 25 dollars. So I will use the tube or subway. Transportation and all travel in the more developed countries is more difficult then in the lesser developed countries. In a cheap country like India. I can normally just flag a taxi and the driver will sort it out. Here I am the sorter. They will do it here also, but I would have to sell my first child to pay for it.



Today I go and make the application for my India, Visa. The office opens at 8:30 this morning as best I can determine. It is presently 6:04 and I am sitting in the Kitchen of the Hostel typing on this computer. The place is very quiet and I am lucky. I was able to shower with the least amount of problems. My dorm room is pitch black and impossible to see so I had to find my shampoo, toothbrush, and other things in the dark. I have a system somewhat of always putting this stuff in the same place together in one of them 1 gallon zip-lock plastic bags.

The people living or sharing a dorm room can be very touchy sometimes. I share the room with 3 other people. So if they drank a lot, or stayed up half the night, or they just cannot deal with anything, or they are a light sleeper, etc. they can grunt and groan and complain. In the end it is best to just try to do what you have to do as quietly as possible, and not pay attention to any of them. It is October and at least one half of the residents have a job or a looking for a job, and other sorts of activities. Very few are what I would call travelers or tourist. They came to London to live and wander around a little. I am sure in the summer it is much crazier. This is one of the calmest and most mature Hostels in which I have ever lived. This probably due to the Australians and New Zealanders. This is a place to meet the people from these 2 countries. But what is nice is that they are very normal. The proper amount of being crazy and drinking and laughing, but none of the tree hugger, tell you how to live zealots.


I was preparing yesterday to cook an egg sandwich in the kitchen. This girl was next to me breaking into the package of sausage. There was already a slab of bacon in a skillet. I looked at her and said,

“That would make a vegetarian have a heart attack!”

She said,

“We Ozzies do not get too worried.”

This was nice for a change. In fact this is great. I do not think the meal she was eating was proper or healthy. I would not want to eat that much fat in one sitting and could honestly say my Egg Sandwich was a lot healthier. But it is nice of people to just be normal. The vegetarians and vegans are the most obnoxious types of travelers because they constantly want to change me or anyone that would just eat. Like a reformed smoker, or drinker they can spend their whole time trying to make you feel guilty for eating.

I am in favor of eating healthy. I am not in favor of making people feel guilty on a minute by minute basis.

Now the Hostel in which I am living may be quite different. I do think the manager sorts out the travelers and keeps the crazies on the outside of the front door. This is good. A little balance for a change.

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