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When does the Sunset in Cairo Egypt

I am having fun, I found a great link by that allows me to pay a person for an answer, I am really hoping this works.

I am going to the Pyramids today, I want to go at about one hour before sunset, or arrive about one hour before the Sunset so I can try to photograph a nice photo of the Pyramids and Sphinx and such with the colors of the sun... hehehe

I waited around yesterday to find this out, and forgot, I have no idea how to discover this on today's date in Cairo, Egypt, unless I really want to get annoyed asking people, better to just wait and extra hour then walk around asking this question. However I would also like some links for the site.

Maybe I can get some miners of links.

When does the Sunset today in Cairo?
If I do not find out, then I can always spend two to three, four hours waiting, not my idea of fun.

Got an answer:
You must click on Almanac.

Click on Almanac, then search for the city you wish to learn when the sun sets, not it a weather type site.

Mapping a Trip

Mapping a Trip

I think the links below show software and maybe the handheld something to make a map for my website of my trip, I am not sure.

Here is a great frustration for me, and extremely difficult to research from an Internet Cafe here in Cairo at one dollar per hour on someone else's computer, on my own, I can download, bookmark, file and do all sorts of organized moves.

I would like a GPS, or a Global Positioning satellite CELL Phone that I could carry and then download the information and make a map of my trips.

The lady that is driving around Africa in a Land Rover with her husband that has a domain name that is impossible to spell or type told me a little about this, however this is maybe one of them projects you need before you start and a lot of time to figure out.

Her link is on this post.

Fear is a reason many people have all these toys, they are leaving and very afraid they will get lost or not be able to call for help.

Satellite Telephones are big sellers where there is no way to people easily, like on the Amazon River, there are travelers that pay thousands of dollars to have a telephone they will only use a couple times in their life. I think Magellan is the big Satellite telephone company.

What is happening is the price is slowly, and very soon getting down to a price I can afford or a price that is not annoying and stupid. Nothing I do is so important that I need to pay one dollar per minute, maybe call my Mother with a capital M on Christmas, also my Father, however I am picking on Mom today.

I see maybe 10 cents a minute as the price that would make sense, or maybe 20 cents U.S.

However what these people do not do is show me the best workable combinations that will work, of course they are not sure it will work in Cairo, only the USA or Germany is normal.

I need the Cell Phone, Computer, Software, GPS device, maybe bluetooth, adapters, batteries, chargers all working together, I need a package that works anywhere on the planet.

Then again, I can go to the beach and keep my life simple.

Some great links:
NOTE!!!! Please post in the comments, do not click reply. I will get it both ways in my email box and the one Shares - Share you toys please with the world.
For those today who wish to comment. go here

I wish I knew the link, however does not generate a direct link until I publish.

Here is the direct link to this post, PLEASE post here so I can keep ideas in one place.

Mapping a Trip

Trip to India

Trip to India
I have been chatting a lot on yahoo messenger with Andrew from India, my boy genius who helps a lot on techie things like PHP, HTML and other strange words or acronyms Sql or many things I really wish to avoid thinking about and really wish to not learn. I would learn or like to learn PHP if I had connection in my room 365 days per year, however learning and testing PHP is a pain from an internet café.

We are putting or Andrew is trying to put an application for jobs 4 line advertisement in the classifieds of the Bombay Times or I cannot remember the exact name of the Newspaper in India. I hope he was able to do this yesterday.

It is frustrating to deal with people over the internet, I like to chat with Andrew because we are asking or making specific questions of each other, and I actually can have him explain or better yet, I can narrow down his thought processes and somewhat force him to understand or explain, demonstrate that he understands. He does not speak English as his first language, I think his first or in the family, he speaks Portuguese, being he is from Goa a former Portuguese colony.

I am very afraid of mass amounts of emails from people, I receive presently about 200 emails per day, 90 percent are some form of spam or junk mail and I can quickly delete, I click on show only unread, click on all of them, then go though and un-click the real emails, then go to the bottom and click on delete.

However, Jobs or people looking for jobs can be very annoying, as they seem to believe I work for them and I have time to sit around typing big long explanations to them. Actually, this is why I need help, as I do not have time to type; I need help as the bottom line with typing. This is interesting thought, how to get out of typing, I have used or tried that Dragons Speaks Softly program that types what I speak into a microphone, this does not work, I spend more time fixing or trying to learn than getting anything done, I suppose if I was not a ten-finger typer it would be good.

Well, Andrew and me are trying to do the Algorithmic thing, I love this word, it is how my brain thinks, I think in a step-by-step process.

Definition, I am amazed how many times I can look up the same word, so I become clear or more able to be exact in my use of words. I have looked up many words in the dictionary and sometimes I would or will go and look up all the words in the definitions. I could go also and look up the in this definition of Algorithm also the word “Logical.”

1. problem-solving procedure: a logical step-by-step procedure for solving a mathematical problem in a finite number of steps, often involving repetition of the same basic operation

2. problem-solving computer program: a logical sequence of steps for solving a problem, often written out as a flow chart, that can be translated into a computer program (2
What a drag, the definitions above do not really say what I am doing, I am setting up the process or I am hoping I am setting up the process for these overzealous and job hungry people of India to apply for a job, I really need some PHP workers so we can expand the Hobo Communities.

I am.. I am going to read some more definitions.

Ahh, it does not say it the way I think it, however it does say flow-chart, I am created a flow systems or a path downstream that leads people to communications with me, aagh, not that I really wish to sit around and talk about how to do things on a website, especially with average Joe Blow who really know very little however is totally convinced they know more than me because I am not good at making picture or pretty pages, probably I am just not enthused with this idea, and see as always on the internet as typing more important than pretty pages.

However in navigation of a site, and the concepts of ergonomics… I think I know this word Ergonomics, however here I go again, I will go look up.

designed for ease of use: designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use, especially in the workplace.

What we want is an easy to use world, a way to make it easy to understand, I make the explanation all the time and hope it does not offend my mother, however I say,

A web site has to be understood by my Mother!
If my mother cannot use, then we have more work to do.

I went back and capitalized Mother, seems like the right thing to do, however I am not sure why or the rules of grammar as normal elude my brain.

Algorithm is the idea to me of creating a step by step intuitive way to go from here to there without getting lost. Then even better is if they can return home again without getting lost or forgetting where to go, I really annoy webmaster by saying often… “Click Here.”

This not trendy way to show people or for navigation, however as I said, my Mother with a capital M, does I HOPE, understand what “Click Here” means.

Intuitive Defined:
1. known automatically: known directly and instinctively, without being discovered or consciously perceived

2. knowing by instinct: knowing things instinctively (2)

Then comes that word “Instinct.”

Where am I going with all of this, down these paths of deliberation and annoying my Mother with a capital M, that really has no desire to listen to me ask a million question, however would probably say.
“That’s my boy.”

I guess I want to empathize, that is the goal, I want life easy for people, however I like my brain to have lots to think about, when and only when I want to, not being forced to think, especially about silly websites like mine. I am having fun with my websites and it is a great game, however there is very little about my website that is Ergonomically good, or Intuitive, or even Empathizes well with people, I am sure my Mother with a capital M would not like me to say this as I think she may understand my blog post or the newsletters good, however this is only about 1 percent of the web site and really only a great way for me to work out ideas in my head. I can sit here and type until that abstract, fuzzy, I have not got my finger on the solutions come to mind, when clarity meets the problem and a solution is born.

My search for clarity, I believe totally that when I am clear, I am serene and relaxed.

I am not clear on how I am going to Niger, so I am only at this spot about 75 percent relaxed, there are many unanswered problems.

Even worse is today is the day I go to the Pyramids, I want to go and not get too hot, too annoyed with tourist, too annoyed with Taxi Drivers, I want to time it perfect so I can take a photo of the sun setting over or on the Pyramids of Egypt taking the world famous photos of something that everyone in the world has taken a photo of, dreaming that for some silly reason mine will be better. Note, I could I suppose just try to buy one, however as annoying as it is there really is no way to do this, I am involved in too many copyright, how much, who owns this, and aagh, stupid up on stupid problems with photos. I was laughing a photographer in Israel is paid about 500 U.S. Dollars for a photo that goes in a paper. I think they are normally offered about 50, however who knows, I do not sell photos, I am sure you do get a lot of money for a photo that goes in “National Geographic Magazine.” However, a newspaper probably wants a photo for free or as close to free as possible.

However, my best page I could make with the most traffic possible, with a perfect wonderful photo will not get or make enough money to probably pay more than at the highest, two dollars per photo and that would make me lose money. I can pay maybe 50 cents to one dollar and they better make them into a page, and I would only pay that because someone has to put photos of the Pyramids up on the net for the world to see.

I was going to put up one of my best photos, however I have realized I do not care, I take so many, hard to find.

Back to India, I need to take a shower and get on with the day; we are creating a process, a path for them to follow, a step-by-step, algorithmic system where they can apply for a job. I am always as normal hoping that Andrew remembers this and provides all the steps, so that we have some applications and not just a mess where there is one-step missing and they cannot complete what we are trying to lead them to.


1. Ad in paper.
2. Link in paper for them see and follow:

3. They go to this page, complete of fill in the form.
4. An email comes to my email box.
5. I sort them, prioritize, categorize extremely quick.

Reply or deal with them.

This is the simple version of what we are doing, it really is much more complicated and the big part is I am not the person that is making the PHP form or application form, I cannot add the fields or write the words, we are putting an application of questionnaire on the internet and with a database and php an all them other confusing terms. I cannot revise or go directly to the page an fix, it must be my friend in India that does this, he has no experience with making an application form for employment, he does not even understand that on certain days of the week newspapers put in their help wanted advertisements, I am hoping or trying to figure out…What day is this in India?

I can tell you the problem in a nutshell, an internet page is about marketing and we have computer technical people making marketing pages, this is the wrong person.

My friend Brett a technical person, however a little capable of understanding this problem recommended a book for me to read, I have found the book about the problem of technical people making web sites, the name of the book is.

Inmates Are Running the Asylum, The: Why High-Tech Products
Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity
By Alan Cooper

Trust me, you should never let a computer geek design a web site, they are the Inmates and they are crazy, they will create something only a genius could figure out.

I think my Mother with a capital M, could give me the best advice on what is wrong with the site.

What is sad, she will get this email in here box because Yahoo Groups will send it to her, then she will click on reply, and I will receive an email in my box. I am trying to get her, you, everyone to post them in the comments area of the blog, however many people just click on reply. Some do not even know there are comments sometime below post, they have subscribed or in the case of my Mother with a capital M, I did it for her, so she receive it in the email box. I have no idea or for sure, I am not clear in my mind, does she know how to bookmark a page? Does she know what bookmark mean? I will avoid the word “Favorites”, however can she go directly to the blog or only with the email in her box.

Does a person have to be a genius to use the internet; I sure hope not, how can I help get them to stop reading their email only and actually onto a page. Even better yet, how do I get them to go to the blog, post the comment in the anonymous manner and make my life easy, share all their great “Click on Reply to me emails” and then share that great idea with the world. None of this is that simple or everyone would be making my life easy also, I am trying my best to make it simpler, however now I must go to India to find some more workers who do not speak English as their first language.

However they are not like an American who thinks they know everything about everything already and are not teachable, who want a million dollars to make one page that will earn me one dollar in a year.

I really just want to lay on the beach and have other people rattle your cage, hehehe.

Life is simple, and then I start thinking.

Life is good!

Hobo in Japanese

The first word is Hello and the second is the word Hobo in Japanese, however I think she translated the noise she heard as Hobo to this, and they do not have the word.

There is a word or something said in the Japanese language "Hobo."

My friend here in Cairo, Egypt from Japan said,
Do you know what Hobo means in Japanese?

She shows me a electronic converter of language and it says in English and a lot of Japanese wiggles,

Hobo types in Japanese

here and there
(Japanese wiggles)
(Japanese wiggles)
in various places
(Japanese wiggles)

Sounds like me or a Hobo!

Islamic Seventh Day Cairo Egypt

I am pretty sure the Islamic Religion more or less adheres to an edict by the Old Testament. The bottom line is most stores are closed presently in the center of Cairo except for the newspaper stands and a few coffee type places.

It is still early and I believe 40 percent of the stores will open later than normal, the difficult part is the Internet Cafe is closed, I am using the computer in the Hotel and it is bad.

I am nervous, wanted to go to Pyramids today, are the open on Friday?

One Vote for Land Rover

I am trying to make a decision on what type of vehicle to buy if I was to drive around Africa, there is presently this well balance and happy couple in the Hotel, they say for vote for

Land Rover

Personally I did not know that was a brand, I thought they was talking about the Toyota. I have seen many Volkswagen Buses here used as public tranportation, I am leaning toward the traditional Volkswagen two-wheel drive gas bus, however this couple I guess have diesel.

The lady did say it is possible to travel Africa in a two-wheel drive.

Here is the site of the couple, for sure they know some highways and road, he is from South Africa and she is Australian.

The name is Dutch and there were many Dutch or from the Netherlands, (Holland) settlers in South Africa as my history lessons thanks to Wilbur Smith the writer has taught me.

She recommended this site about driving in Africa.

Age is Important for Archeology

This is a recurring idea or concept of mine, I am about to knock off a place on the checklist, or tick in as the Brits say, I am going soon to the Pyramids of Egypt.

I have been to:
Angkor Wat
Tikal in Guatemala - Mayan
Incas - Machu Picchu
Mexico City - They have Aztec or something, they have Pyramids.
Brugge, Belgium 1050

There is this idea that a place has to be covered with sand or someway lost to be a good archeology site, I would say many castles and forts of both Europe and for sure in Asia, are great.

Oh yes, I have also seen the Great Wall of China.

1200 AD

(1) 1200 BC to 200 AD built Temples and ended around 900 AD
Mayan - Meso-American Indians occupying a nearly continuous territory in southern Mexico, Guatemala, and northern Belize.

1200 AD to after 1500 AD when the Spanish destroyed a lot.

2500 BC
(1) three 4th-dynasty (c. 2575�c. 2465 BC) pyramids erected on a rocky plateau on the west bank of the Nile River near Al-JYzah (Giza), northern Egypt; in ancient times they were included among the Seven Wonders of the World. The ancient ruins of the Memphis area, including the Pyramids of Giza, �aqq(rah, Dahsh¨r, Ab¨ Ruwaysh, and Ab¨ �Yr, were collectively designated a World Heritage site in 1979.

For the curious, Tikal is my top, then Brugge, I will see how the Egyptian Pyramids play out.

I am for sure taking age into the game, a modern country can with large equipment make the world tallest building if they are willing to pay, however like Paris or any major ancient places on the planet, these building sites were done with the push on the lower class.

Really there has to always be a sur of food on the planet or nobody could have a war or build these huge monuments to themselves.

DARN- Invade above by funky letter, sorry.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx
I am going to go visit the Sphinx and the Pyramids here in Egypt so I have spent a couple hours reading the Encyclopedia.

A Sphinx has sort of two or three meaning and the big problem for me is to keep the Greek definitions separated and not mixed with the Egyptian definitions.

However, the briefest explanation that is a combination of man and animal with various parts that is more or less looking similar to a human.

Then the next confusion, there is a city of Thebes in Ancient Greece and in Ancient Egypt, ones in the modern versions, somehow the Greeks also named the one in Egypt.

Thebes in Egypt is located near the present day city of Luxor.

The fun part is the story of travelers or the mythology of travelers meeting a person with animal parts called a Sphinx. Then it goes further along this strange little path with the man Oedipus. As I remember from psychology 101 this, the Oedipus complex is you love you mother, so you act like your father…. It is many little threads away and many paths to follow to understand further.

The interesting is how a Sphinx in Ancient Greece used to harass the travelers passing by asking a riddle.

The Travelers Riddle

“Sphinx, in Greek mythology, monster with the head and breasts of a woman, the body of a lion, and the wings of a bird. Lying crouched on a rock, she accosted all who were about to enter the city of Thebes by asking them a riddle, “What is it that has four feet in the morning, two at noon, and three at night?” If they could not solve the riddle, she killed them. When the hero Oedipus solved the riddle by answering, “Man, who crawls on four limbs as a baby, walks upright on two as an adult, and walks with the aid of a stick in old age,” the sphinx killed herself. For ridding them of this terrible monster, the Thebans made Oedipus their king.

In ancient Egypt, sphinxes were statues representing deities, with the body of a lion and the head of some other animal or of man, frequently a likeness of the king. The most famous of all Egyptian sphinxes is the Great Sphinx of Giza, near the pyramids. Dating from around 2500 bc, the Great Sphinx is about 20 m (about 66 ft) high and about 73 m (about 240 ft) long.” (2)

This is an interesting story and for sure another traveler tale to entering into my long and convoluted memory and stories of travel. Right up there with the eating of the Lotus and Tin Tin and all the his travels. There has to be a connection between these stories and the ideas Gulliver’s Travels, about those trolls under the bridges. The stories travelers can tell never end, of course my friend William says he should always take me to cocktail parties, However with the Sphinx story I am for sure not the first to tell stories.

He told me something like this…

You have a rich bank full of topics for conversation, rich beyond all others; this is what travel gives a person, a never-ending ability to tell stories.

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