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Jambeli Janbeli Jumbeli

I have no clear answer to which is the correct spelling of this island area, however the say it like


I had three different Ecuadorian people from Machala write down the name, and each time they came up with a different spelling. Half of this is bad spelling and other half is nobody ever writes or thinks in terms or words.

I went to the Island, LOTS of small hotel, very few fans, and no people, so bailed and came back, too much boring for me.

Jambeli Hotel

I am going tomorrow to the only beach I can figure out near Machala, hope to find a Hotel there, however the internet is of little use, the taxi driver says no problem and even says there is internet. However he says the locals only go on Saturday and Sunday.

Who knows, it is close enough if I need to bail and come back to Machala I can, this guy went there however had a lot of problems, he should have stayed in the Julius Caesar or whatever off the Central Park in Machala, I went to the same Hotel as him by accident and came back to the city to find a cheaper on... hehehe...
¨...and spent the next day at Jambeli, and island off the coast that Wilson had suggested as a poor man's alternative to Galapagos. We didn't see any sea turtles on the beach, only thousands of sand crabs...¨

WinPatrol and Ghost Problems

I shut off WinPatrol and Ghost and now the email works, still no FTP. The are driving me nuts with all these programs, anti-spam and anti-anything.

Machala Ecuador in Good Hotel

I have made it to a Banana capital of the world... mas o menos, however there are not many bananas to see, on the way to Machala I should have got off the bus, however hard to say which small town would have a Hotel.

I am in an excellent hotel with a good manager, and a girl working that is pretty, lazy, and cannot be bothered. Very nice Hotel for 7 dollars U.S., Color TV and Zappper again.

Cold water shower however I am in the real tropics now, at sea level and it is hot, still need to find a beach, there are a few islands to go visit, however the locals keep trying to put me on a tourist trap trip, as most people I suppose want to pay a lot.

I will figure it out, the INTERNET is blocking me in Ecuador randomly, odd to block the FTP and especially odd to block the download of Foxmail. I will try WS FTP, maybe it will kick through the walls, of course as normal no service, too busy chatting.

Hobo Sign

Hobo Sign
6:23 AM Thursday May 12, 2005

Hmm, is AM or am correct, or maybe a.m.?
I cannot find, must mean Meridian before and after, however…
(If you journalize, these are what it will solve.)

OK, there were these Hobo Signs or one Hobo would leave a sign for another Hobo along the path, so they would have a guide more or less where to go or not go. I always pay attention to where to not go more than where to go, if you avoid misery, what is left is happiness. I have this distinct feeling my inability to find a Hotel by guidebook, other travelers, or on the internet with, or Thorntree of Lonely Planet means, I should delay going to Guayaquil until I find a traveler with a guidebook to let me read a Hotel.

More signs on this page or explains more.

Can you believe in a country where there are 2-dollar Hotels and Guayaquil is the biggest city that’s cheapest hotel was 38 dollars, they only had one. Hard to believe how much the guides, and websites keep people on the track, hard to imagine them skipping. This is wrong they are not skipping Guayaquil they have almost no information on the city because tourist do not enter Guayaquil much, however I think it is the best flight point to Galapagos and for sure an interesting culture full of ex-slave types and funk, however probably not party central. I only have entered for two day a long time ago. I am more capable now so want to explore.

Hobo Signs
I am realizing or thinking I need to add to my types of traveler, and put maybe.

I kind of call this type of travel Hop, Skip and Jump travel, however for sure that could be a just a Destination Traveler or Tourist for sure a tourist is buying the tour, however most tourist or backpackers are semi-destination travelers.
(Wow, something more to write about… the delineation.)

Ok, so if I am wandering around through Ecuador I am doing the Hobo thing, I have big doubts that any Hobo could choose their path clearly, more when a train come by going the right direction then they leave.

As long as the vehicle or path lead that way, then they followed, the signs will lead. What this is all about is my failure to know where the buses will lead and why, or I guess I really do not care, as they are all going to the same place and that is the place to where I wander, no wonder.

I will wander today towards bananas.

Extreme Travel - Where nobody follows.

Adventure - Where you can be hurt or killed.

Explorer - The person that is first, or at least talks about it.

Current Events Travel - Following the news, like the war in Iraq, then goes and visits.

Destination Traveler
- or Tourist
The Traveler
Hop, Skip, and Jump / Wanderer

Hobo Sign
Andy in Bucay, Ecuador, ready to pack and leave south, towards Bananas

Bananas in Guayaquil Ecuador

6:10 AM Thursday May 12, 2005

I was reading about a beach town target for me in the Encarta Encyclopedia, one option to avoid going into Guayaquil without a guide was to stop in Milagro outside the city, however I am wanting to see Bananas and had Machala on my target of close to ocean cities, and just across the way from Loja.

This is interesting because I need to go see if DOLE is shipping to the ocean with train cars like they was near Livingston Guatemala or maybe that was Chiquita, who can remember, however fun to watch the trains come up to the ocean.

“Machala, city, southwestern Ecuador, capital of El Oro Province, located in lowlands near the Gulf of Guayaquil (an arm of the Pacific Ocean). It is a commercial center for a rich farm area and has a large trade in bananas, coffee, and cocoa. Puerto Bolívar, the city's outport and one of Ecuador's leading banana-exporting points, is to the southwest. Population (2000 estimate) 216,901.”

This is my kind of city, I will try to go there today and skip Guayaquil until I can snag a traveler with a guidebook to help me hop to a Hotel and not wander around aimlessly in Guayaquil, one of the more dangerous cities on the planet.

Population is too high, however coffee, bananas will or could make this a full on funky port type city, I would really like some funky border type town to let me leave the drudgery of tourist and too much modern.

Ecuador Weather in Bucay

Ecuador Weather
5:49 AM Thursday May 12, 2005
Andy of in Bucay, Ecuador

Steady Rain and a dreary feeling, not the best day catch an early bus in a city where nobody speaks clear Spanish so they do not understand me when I ask when the bus leaves?

I know the bus leave at 5:30 from Riobamba so it probably passes here around 7:30 to 8:30, if I leave the Hotel around 7:00 more or less I will find a bus eventually. Better to be late for this one and not early, the worker here in the Hotel California in Bucay, Ecuador said the first is at 6:15, I do not believe him, and however he could be talking about the local buses and not the long haul buses.

I just looked at my may, and Victoria was a target city that was possible to stop at, and I am in Bucay, they are adjoining cities more or less, so I landed in close to a target. The land should be flatter from now on towards Guayaquil, I am hoping to see banana plantations, if a good spot if found I will get off the bus and stay a night again, now I am Hop Hop Traveling.

I normally do not unpack on a Hop.
Andy of in Bucay, Ecuador


Sin Baño Privado
5:32 AM Thursday May 12, 2005
Andy of in Bucay, Ecuador

You can rent a room Con Baño Privado or Sin Baño Privado in most Hotels I enter in South America, this translates to with a toilet or without a toilet best or the word bath.

Bottom line is you need to go down the hall if there is not one in your room to the shared one. The interesting thing today and the first time every for this problem is down the hall is a gate with a padlock. They have a balcony in the Hotel California where the toilets and showers are located. However in most of the world where it is possible to climb up and onto a place is normally encased or has bars around them. As the whole world seems to steal a lot excepting a few of the more modern.

The bad part is the bars are now between me and the toilets, my daily routine is disrupted and Latinos do not normally wake until at least 8:00 AM, and I woke at 5:00, this mean I am probably going to have to ring the door bell to wake them.

The front door has this speaker system with push the button system to enter; there is a noisy bell that will wake the owners. There is the jail cell door at the front door also; all of this is common and nothing new for me about jail doors on hotels.

The nicer hotels would have a 24-hour a day guard with some type of gun, in Mexico it was fun because they were small machine guns, how often do you get to see a machine gun up close.

Andy of in Bucay, Ecuador

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