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Smartphone E-mail Business Associate Interview

I do business using the internet as my conduit for communication. I have realized for years, if a worker, business partner, sub-contractor, webmaster, graphics designer, or casual business relations business associate does not reply to emails, I cannot do business with these people.

I now use my Verizon HTC Touch Pro II to start my interview, I can use this Smartphone to start and finish this process faster than before.

Exchanging e-mails is extremely accurate, I can type in the e-mail of a person, hand them the Smartphone, and ask them to check the e-mail. Often people are too lazy to even check the e-mail for accuracy, they just say good, and it bounces, amazing, but true, sloppiness is common. In many ways, this is better than a business card, there is only one action, not two needed.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, March 6, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Interview Steps

1. Exchange E-mail
- Check their understanding of Smartphone’s
- See if they are detail orientated, do they check accuracy.
- Do they know their e-mail?
- Type of email, I want to do business with people who use G-mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or maybe something
- I write a message, please reply to this email.

2. Reply to E-mail
- I wait for reply
- I expect to receive the reply within 24 hours

3. Call and ask the person to send me a file.
- If they person replies, later I will ask them to send me a file of something.
- I make a request over email; I want to know if they can provide friendly services without a telephone call prompt.
- Did the person enter my e-mail into their address book, or do they only reply to e-mails?

4. Receive
- I am happy if they send something, they are really doing good if they make it to step 4, maybe about 1 in 10 make it this far.

5. Who, When, Where, What, Why, How, and How Much
- Communication skills, I want to see a three-sentence introduction in the e-mail, I want to know if they fail to provide the interrogatives to stage the e-mail.

Business is Contact Sport
We start business relationship by making with other people, the person who can maintain is the winner.

Signs of Losers:
1. Change E-mails often
2. Never pick up the telephone
3. Do not reply to e-mails, they need to consider this the required business manners.
4. Change business address
5. Person says, they are busy.

The easier you can make , the fewer hoops you are required to jump through, the more effective your business will function.

Disclosure of Influence: 3

Smartphone E-mail Business Associate Interview

Giving Countries a Lick and a Promise

There is a thought in the subconscious mind of all tourist, and travelers; I will give this country a lick, and I to promise to come back later and give it a good washing.

There is always the ever-present inference applied to Americans, you do not understand the planet and really have no right to an opinion on global issues.

The Europeans will often justify and explain,
"You do not speak languages."
"You do not even have passports."

The question is; did you take a bite of a country, or did you take just a lick. I can only hope Travelers take the time to bite, however the majority will just take a lick, it is more about saying we visited a country, then understanding the country. The desire to understand other cultures is what gives me the desire to continue to travel, not the counting, this is just branding to sell advertising.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Friday, March 5, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I enjoy Expatriates; they are like oversize children, about the size of the Pillsbury Doughboy and telling me about the planet. I know what happened, they left their home country, came to a city like Sosua, Dominican Republic. Then every day of the week they meet tourist who just came to Sosua to give the place a lick, they see themselves as having taken a bite, therefore they are the experts and the tourist are newbie’s. These tourist should listen, why not, intelligent people listen. (Faulty logic.)

Sometimes, I will say,
"Do you realize, that about 7 out of 10 Lonely Planet Guide writers are from the USA?"

With the Brits, it can go one, whereby it is me taking the piss, of a person trying to take the piss.
(This is British Slang, go study the term - Taking the Piss.)

A person who wishes to use Stereotypes effectively, must qualify the person prior to using he stereotype, trying to access whether this singular person is qualified to receive the noise, this is the foolishness used by non-USA citizens that proves they are the same… hehehe
(Effective use of Stereotypes is a art)

Counting my Traveler Blessings
I watch President Obama on Television, and often I am sad, I know when he visits a country, all he can do is take a lick. There is no way the secret service is going to allow him to walk around with normal people. I fortunately am lucky enough to have taken bigger bites of countries than most people could ever dream of, however after about six weeks in Dominican Republic, I am fully aware, I know nothing about the Dominican Republic people, and know a lot about DR Expats. Not that I really care about DR people, I gave up 10 years ago thinking I would ever truly know a country I am just here living today.

However, this is this delusion held by many people, I visited a country, I took a lick, and I was special, I really understand, I know more than the rest of you. They will speak with an authoritative active voice, they will write their Blogs with undreamed of confidence, and tell people about the country, never going to passive voice, always being overly confident.
(Microsoft Grammar Check tells me when I write passive… hehehe.)

I know the countries I licked, Paraguay, Honduras, maybe Vietnam, and I know the countries where I have taken a Big Mac size bite of, like Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Thailand and the Philippines.

Lick and a Promise
" - the hasty performance of a task, or something not done properly, also (originally) a hasty wash, or a taste of more to come - according to my own research in my own family this expression was popular in London by the first half of the 20th century, when it referred to a quick or superficial wash (usually of a child's face by the child). It was certainly well in use by the 1930s for this meaning. The full expression at that time was along the lines of 'a lick and a promise of a better wash to come'. The word lick is satisfyingly metaphorical and arises in other similar expressions since 15th century, for example 'lick your wounds', and 'lick into shape', the latter made popular from Shakespeare's Richard III, from the common idea then of new-born animals being literally licked into shape by their mothers. An alternative interpretation (ack J Martin), apparently used in Ireland, has a different meaning: to give a child a whack or beating, with a promise of more to follow unless the child behaves. This alternative use of the expression could be a variation of the original meaning, or close to the original metaphor, given that: I am informed (thanks R M Darragh III) that the phrase actually predates 1812 - it occurs in The Critical Review of Annals of Literature, Third Series, Volume 24, page 391, 1812: "...The Prince Regent comes in for a blessing, too, but as one of Serico-Comico-Clerico's nurses, who are so fond of over-feeding little babies, would say, it is but a lick and a promise..." The context here suggests that early usage included the sense of 'a taste and then a promise of more later', which interestingly echoes the Irish interpretation."

Give something a lick and a promise
"1. (British & Australian old-fashioned) to clean something quickly and not carefully I put on my new suit, gave my shoes a lick and a promise, and left the house.
2. (American & Australian old-fashioned) to do a job or piece of work quickly and not carefully We didn't have time to do much clearing up in the yard - just gave the grass a lick and a promise. "

People Trying to Visit All Countries
Here is a good site, however, I cannot truly say they are travelers, but I can say, they have give more licks than normal.

Are they professional Travelers?

Giving Countries a Lick and a Promise

Friends of Hobo Please Comment on my Moral Monkey

I have the constant burden of making business decisions that suck, I mean there is no answer that is good, any decision I make punishes me a little, and it is a constant monkey on my back. Daily I must make decisions, yes or no, Advertisers make offers to me that is easy money, or to give benefits greatly by just going along with the group, and not disagreeing would save or make me money.

Easy Money is Temptation
As I walk the planet, the comment I hear all the time is,
"We work so hard." or "We have no money."
I can sit in a restaurant with the richest people on the planet and they complain about not having money.

If this man told me this, I would agree, the other 99 are question marks. I respect this type of worker, I know he is on the moral high ground; he is doing a job that is needed, and earn money that he should never be ashamed to accept.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Thursday, March 4, 2010
By Andy Graham of
|  |  | Top Travel Site

Example of Easy Money
I am told daily,
"The Sosua girls need the money."

Women in Sosua, Dominican Republic:
If you have figure it out all ready, in the city of Sosua where I am at, the majority of the girls walking around propositioning men on a minute by minute basis.

1. 1500 for Massage
2. 1500 for Happy Hour. (Two for One.)
3. (Words I cannot write.)

A Thailand Girl Story
I was in Chang Saen, Thailand up by the Golden Triangle a few years ago, lying in my room, reading a book. The hotel was a family ran place, suddenly the door swings open, and a drunk girl, a family member walks into the room, saying
"Sleep with me, 200 Baht."
She was drunk; I stood up, closed the door and continued to read my book.

The next day, I sat down with her and asked,
"Why do you want me to sleep with you for money?"
She said,
"I can pick rice all day for 100 Baht, or I can sleep with a handsome man for 200."
"Why not?"

Advertisers Throw Money at
Life was easier when I was broke; I never had to listen to pitches told to me from Advertisers. I now receive 1-2 inquiries or offers per day from people wanting to hook into my readers. They always say,
"Why do you care, it is just easy money."

Do I care about you?
I do not care if you like me, however, I do care if I by accident, or by paid design I would say something that would harm you. If you see an advertisement on the side of my page that is clearly an advertisement and click on it, I figure you are 100 percent responsible.

My Temptations
I need to morally deal with these questions, and develop a policy for the staff of It is not just me, I am sure eventually they will get to workers, try to influence them to accept deals that help the employee more than the readers.

Disclosure of Influence by Advertisers
I am doing my best to deal with this issue, however it is emotionally trying, travel is easy compared to the moral decisions Moms and Pops make all over the planet daily. I do not need money, mainly because I do not spend money, but I am rare bird on this planet, I am frugal, I have no emotional need to buy things.

Friends of Hobo Please Read
Here is a page that explains a ranking system on how advertisers, reviews, gear and other benefits I receive influence the site or me:

Somehow, I am going to put a 1-10 number at the bottom of all missives.
1 - No influence from outside forces.
10. 100 percent influenced by money.

Friends of Hobo Please Comment on my Moral Monkey

Conversations the Number One Travel Enjoyment

I find myself searching for good conversations, inevitable the true reason I stay longer in one location than another comes down to one thing: I was having good conversations.

Photo of a conversation in East Timor with a group of Australian Soldiers.
Australian Soldiers

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Wednesday, March 3, 2010
By Andy Graham of
|  |  | Top Travel Site

Finding Good Conversations
Yes, going to war zones is a good way to have great conversations, but this is risky, is adventuresome, and not for the prime time travelers, but exactly what I like to do.

I spent two months in Haiti, it was a conversation vacuum, there were many conversations, but truly on the third grade level. Mainly because I did not speak Creole, and my French was not good enough to use with a person who mixes Creole and French together. When I arrived in Sosua, first thing that happened, I sat at the common table at Rockies Hotel and Restaurant and had a good conversation. I was hooked, I needed this, it was not a want, I knew I emotionally needed some good English conversations.

Sosua English Conversations are Best
I have visited some of the better Expat hangouts on planet earth, I find Sosua to be maybe the best, if you want to have diversified knowledge interjected into the conversation. Thailand is full of Alcoholics and the Philippines is full of Soldiers, not always the most educated. Hong Kong and Singapore is more about being somebody, a status statement, not just good fun. Iquitos Peru has some good conversations, and one of the better locations. Generally, sitting around in a Hostel somewhere can be fun, but the new generation of youth feels as if I am having a conversation with gays, they arrived to planet earth confused.

I am going to start going over to Cabarete here, the average age and body weight is half of Sosua, a more positive feeling, the youth are on the up hill part of life, while Sosua is on the downhill part of life.

Too Busy
Generally, any person that says to me, I am too busy, instantly is removed from my list of possible new friends, if you are too busy to have conversations, I know friendship, which is dependant on a conversation is not possible.

Sosua Expats are Best Girls are Worst
The conversation with Expats in Sosua is maybe the best on the planet. The conversations with the Girls here is the worst. 95 percent of the women who pass by my apartment are hard-core prostitutes, there are even a few white girls from Russia or somewhere, I am not sure. The Haiti girls working here on their backs are good fun, they speak English and have great stories.

Difficult People Conversations
Difficult people are fun, they are full of rage, there are always ready to over-heat, the conversations turn into arguments whenever I wish, whether they are prodding, provoking or looking for an argument, difficult people are enjoyable. I do not walk around on egg shells for anyone, this is too stressful.

I remember a conversation in Iquitos Peru, the man started screaming at me, I will never forget it, I just sat there and listened, truly rage at work.

Youth are full of Rage
The young people between the ages of 18 and 30 are rage infested animals, they do not know who they are, and they want to tell me I have not right to be me…. Oops, I think it is one of them inalienable rights, the right to be me. You can see this in comments on this Journal, a person will say,
"You do not have the right."

Truly, people who believe another person does not have the right to say something is about as stupid as a brick, and full of rage, truly a person who needs put in away in jail, a dangerous person. I do not have to agree with you, but you have the right to your beliefs and I have the right to say you are not the type of person I avoid.

Wading Through Conversations
I am getting tired of talking to myself…

But eventually a professional traveler or a perpetual traveler is going to have to admit to himself or herself, we go searching for conversations. I know when I go to Africa, readers can get irritated, they are saying to me, or themselves.
"I do not want to talk with Black African people."
I never can understand this, but I guess it is ok, I do not want to talk with Tourist, they call themselves tourist and I think the Black African people are better conversationalist.

How to Find Conversations?
I wish I could just say, go here and you will be happy. I know if I talked to a person over the telephone, I could qualify their needs, and help point them to the correct locations. Take for example my Mother and Father, they go to Church on Sunday, drive slow, and live in town of 400 people in the middle of farmland Indiana. Sosua is over the edge, off the wall, full of Rogue people who are shady; they would be like fresh meat to the lions, not a good place for naïve good people from Indiana to come.

Sosua, a Sunny Spot for Shady People
Shady people are fun, providing you do not become shady with them, nothing is more interesting than to talk with shady people. I remember being in Panajachel, Guatemala and talking to a couple of big boys. I asked pointedly what they did, they avoided a couple of times, and then one of the men said,
"We are mercenaries in Kazakhstan."
I thought to myself,
"Hmm, some good fun now."

The essential ingredient of a great conversation is that the other person is almost completely opposites than yourself. The danger of these conversations is that you change into another person, often losing yourself in the conversation literally.

Concentration of Conversations
Unfortunately, the best way to find many people who are ready to talk, who are not too busy, who are rogues, different and full of interesting topics is to find the women. If you want to find the Rhett Butler types, the Gone with the Wind, tearing down or building up of society people, you need to find the Brothels. Remember how Brett in the movie Gone with the Wind hung around with those shady women, he had his shadow, the other side. Well, there is the shadow, if you find the shadows, the sunny spots for shady people, and you can be tempted all you want, or in the end, have some interesting conversations.

Generally, those who cannot talk with shady people do not have faith; there is a storm of rage, frustrations, temptations and fantasies in the back of their mind. However, if you have faith, remember to do the next good thing, stop being a jerk, you can walk into the shadow and not be afraid. However, remember when you get to the edge of the planet,
"There be Dragons."

If your intuition tells you not to go, and you go, your shadow is ruling your life.

Conversations the Number One Travel Enjoyment

Buy Travel Gear in Medical Supply Shops

People need to stop sleeping in Travel Gear shops; there is tons of great travel gear to be found in strange places.

Doctor Jeff W., one of my favorite Travel companions, we were together in India, Mongolia and China, after we met in Mexico and Ecuador. What does he do, leave me to travel and he goes off to become a Doctor.
Jeff in Mongolia

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, March 2, 2010
By Andy Graham of
|  |  | Top Travel Site

Stainless Steel Scissors, almost like the ones I have carried now for three years, and can be purchased in Medical Supply stores. Why, because these scissors do not rust, a better type of scissors for your backpack. I do not carry a Swiss Knife, just inconvenient to use, and when you use for Peanut Butter difficult to clean, people steal them.

Jeff Pointed at Three Medical Supply Sites

"The one I use the most is:"

Maybe try these two:

Possible Products to Use
Here are some ideas of products a person can purchase in a medical supply shop:

1. Scissors
2. First Aid Kits
3. Stretch Band for exercise, used for Physical Therapy.
4. Toilet Seat covers for those people that hover. (Refuse to sit)
5. Alcohol Wipe for cleaning.
6. Hand Cleaner
7. Rubber Gloves
8. Plastic Bottles that do not leak.
9. Shoe Inserts
10. Nasal Irrigation for Travelers with Sinus Problems

The best Travel Gear helps you to live well, not to be a gear head carrying around expensive items because they are trendy.

Jeff is a travel addict, presently in remission; I suspect he will one day understand Doctors without Borders up close and personal.

Buy Travel Gear in Medical Supply Shops

My Sensation Transference Problem

The reality of life is this: a red Lamborghini Countach will attract the Playboy Centerfold types.
--- Sensation Transference ---
Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, March 2, 2010
By Andy Graham of
|  |  | Top Travel Site

A Volvo Station Wagon will find you a wife that wants to read books, and loves to balance your checkbook.
--- Sensation Transference ---

Sensation Transference
"Most people make unconscious assessments of a product, service, or event not only based on the item itself, but on secondary sensory input associated with the item, which all contribute to one general impression - whether intended or not, accurate or not."
Cheskin called this "sensation transference".

Designing Your Travel Blog
There is a person out there, confused, trying to design the perfect Travel Blog, the perfect web site, the perfect internet project that will be the fountain of never-ending money. Please read this post carefully, maybe you will not make the same mistakes.

A Story
A man owned a large chain of transmission repair shops across the USA. One day he sold the chain for millions of dollars and opened a Pizza Restaurant. They asked him,
"Why did you change from Transmissions to Pizza?"
He replied,
"A person who walks into a Transmission Repair shop is angry, while a people who walk in for a Pizzas are happy.

Bottom line, your web design is an invitation to enter, do you want the Playboy Centerfold girl to enter your site, or do you want a girl who reads books to like your site? Neither answer is correct, but one of the two is better for you.

Blogs are for Writers
Many people want to have a Travel Blog; they want to be thought of as the intellectual writer, the knowledgeable person of the world. Yet, they cannot type, and they do not read books, they want to be the Volvo when in reality they are more the Lamborghini Countach, or even the Hummer.

Another Story
My friend Keith, one of my run around friends at Indiana University said,
"Never trust a girl who can look in the mirror for over an hour at herself."
He also said,
"Look in her closet, and count the number of shoes."

Ask yourself, if you are reader, you made it this far…
Ask yourself, did you look at the photo of the Lamborghini Countach, and then make the choice to read this article? Alternatively, did you read the title "Sensation Transference" and become intrigued to read. Generally, in my experience of as a writer, the photos will lead the person down the primrose path faster than a good title, people are visual first, and they can abstractly interpret a photo faster than they can understand words.

Web Site Design Conclusion
Search for photos, take photos that define who you want to be, and then wrap your internet site up in these photos.

Personally, I would rather sit around at a conference, than at a convention of Travel Writers. I sit around for hours reading, I need photos that attract this type of reader, people who like to learn and study phrases like; "Sensation Transference"

Am I a nerd? I played all the sports in High School, but sat in the back of class playing chess with the nerds, I arrived confused or not:

My Sensation Transference Problem

Expatriates Could be Profiled as Hermits

Maybe you ask yourself, could I live outside their home country as an Expatriated Citizen? A hermit is a person who lives to some greater or lesser degree in seclusion from society.

Expatriate Hermits are often trying to tell people,
"Stay away from me, but look at me."

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, March 1, 2010
By Andy Graham of
|  |  | Top Travel Site

I was told by an expatriate,
"We leave the country so we do not have to answer the telephone."

I think we have two types of people, those who like to talk on the telephone, and those who refuse to talk. I am the person who can talk for hours; I am the extravert, with the ability to be a Hermit for months in countries where I cannot speak the language, like Haiti or Ethiopia.

Extraverts or Intraverts
The trait of extraversion-introversion is a central dimension of human personality. Extraverts tend to be gregarious, assertive, and interested in seeking out excitement. Introverts, in contrast, tend to be more reserved, less outgoing, and less sociable. They are not necessarily loners but they tend to have smaller circles of friends and are less likely to thrive on making new social s. Introverts are less likely to seek stimulation from others because their own thoughts and imagination are stimulating enough. A common misconception is that all introverts suffer from social anxiety or shyness. Introversion does not describe social discomfort but rather social preference. An introvert may not be shy at all but may merely prefer non-social or less social activities.

Expatriates Could be Profiled as Hermits

Global Warming is Small Talk

Oscar Wilde said that
"Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative."

I believe in Global Cooling, or maybe I believe in Global Warming, neither seems important enough to worry about…

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, February 28, 2010
By Andy Graham of
|  |  | Top Travel Site

I was lying on the beach, thinking about my Parent suffering from extreme cold in Indiana, I truly wish last couple of years they truly had global warming…

I thought to myself,
"I do not care about the weather; it truly annoys me to think about the weather."
"There is no reason to think about the weather, I am not God, I must accept it, I cannot change it, truly an ineffective thought."

Hmm Global Warming Nuts

First of all, cleaning up the pollution on the planet is a good idea; therefore, I am not going to obstruct the Global Warming nuts. Let them push on; I just wished they sounded like Scientist and not emboldened Zealot Journalist.

Second, statistics is about the sample, the size of the sample. 10 years, 100 years, even 500 years is not going to tell me the truth, I think it is logically impossible to tell whether the world is warming or growing colder.

Third, we must accept it, or all you folks driving SUV’s are jerks, which is probably true whether there is global warming or global cooling.

Status-cism, worst than Racism, the scourge of our small planet, the third rock.

Some people recommend looking at the shoes to size up a person, I tend to listen to the first words out their mouths. I am first expecting a Hello, I want to hear their manners first, and then learn how little brains they have.

By definition, this missive is small talk, because it is about Global Warming, LOL.

Global Warming is Small Talk

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