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Fighting the Machine is Annoying

Many readers wrote e-mails yesterday trying to help.
"Thank you."

Yesterday, I wrote and sent a Blog post called
Work at Homes Mothers Scammed by Ads

I use a company called to send my Blog e-mails, there machine saw the words,
"Work at Home."
And instantly deactivated my account.

Why, because these words "Work at Home." are words often used in spam e-mails.

I was complaining about these types of ads, and trying to help, but the messenger was shot. I wrote them an e-mail, baffled as to what I did, and upon starting work on Monday, they reviewed the account and reactivated.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
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While the Machine Works I am Punished
Well, from about 8:00 am on Sunday morning until about 9:00 am on Sunday, anyone clicking on links within an e-mail could not read it, they got a 404.

Then many readers wrote me to tell me it was broken,
"Thank you."

Gaming the Machine
Sadly, a person who is good at gaming the machine is going to win, while people who are just nice people, transparent and honest have more trouble.

I am here in the DR for only one person, to game the machine, to have high speed Internet and game the "Big G" "G333gle."

Big brother is watching, I am becoming afraid to type their name, I know the machine is everywhere.

I just took a 40 percent drop in money because of the machine, it happened in less than two weeks. There was no sign, no three warning system, and there are sites that lost 80 percent of their money.

I have a good friend in New York City, with children, a family, and he lost 30-40 percent of his money. I have no debt, no children, and life is easy, but he lives in New York City.

This recession caught many of you in the machine, it has been difficult.

The solution for me is to always be able to take a 50 percent cut in pay. I was able to take this 40 percent cut in pay; however, if the "Big G" did this again next week, I would be in big trouble. Hmm, maybe not me, but my three employees would be out a job, or need to take a pay cut.

Isn’t this how it always works, the big boys survive, but the employees take it is the rear?

Fighting the Machine is Annoying

Work at Home Mothers Scammed by Ads

There is an advertisement that is a scam in my opinion; it preys on naïve mothers sitting at home, another get rich scheme.

A reader by the name of Ed sent me an e-mail asking,
"Is this real?"

This is a conspiracy to take advantage of naïve readers, and because she is buying a lot of advertisement from these large sites, they agree to write about her.

As an expert on the Internet, I know that of the people who actually start web sites, only about 1 in 50,000 actually makes more than 100 per day. I have made over 200 dollars per day on the Internet, and it is becoming increasing difficult to make money honestly. I started 11 years ago, and would not recommend this business to average people. (MOM)

Yes, this is possible, but this person is willing to make outlandish promises, and sell a product whereby incredibly small portions of people are happy and satisfied. If only one in 50,000 succeeds, he or she may not technically be a liar, but to me it is swindle.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
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There is a forum on the Internet called "Webmaster World," it is full of people trying to make money using the Internet. This is a better place to start your research if you think you are the 1 in 50,000 who has the ability to earn money in this business.

I challenge you to find one person who is making 5000 dollars per month on the Internet, and make friends with them. Are you friends with a person who is making money with just a web site, there are 1000 making web sites, but do you know anybody earning money with advertisers?

I know about 10 people making in excess of 4000 USD per month, and they are not going to sit around talking to foolish people with a snowballs chance in hell of succeeding.

I have three full time Internet workers, one coder, one graphics person, (NEW) and a data entry person. We have commenced to update the look of
, take a look, soon a new face will appear on

Work at Home Mothers Scammed by Ads

I Need Obvious Benefits in Friendships

"If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas."
For the last year I have been preoccupied with the word obvious, I want:

1. Obvious good decisions.
2. Obviously easy to afford rooms.
3. Obviously happy people in my life.
4. Obviously good business associates or advertisers.
5. Obvious work that is make money.
(Note, the Big G makes that an impossible dream.)

I have many obviously good friends, they do not make life difficult. However, once in awhile I find myself talking to a person here in Sosua and I ask the question,
"Why am I talking to this person?"

Just the fact I am asking the question should give me a hint the relationship is not obviously the best idea.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Saturday, May 7, 2011
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I saw this advertisement for Thomas Cook in the Brussels airport, it felt rather ironic. Thomas Cook was one of the founding fathers of the travel industry, he was one of the first people to arrange tours, this was in the 1800’s.

My Hobo Nickname is Gadget.

Funny, often people think I want to be a Hobo, in reality I relate more to inventing and gadgets, I would want to be like Thomas Edison, but a Hobo is my free spirit shadow.

Week Two in Sosua
A person can almost write off their first week in a country, it is confusion, no decision is obviously correct. It is better for me to relax in the first week, and not make any big plans, then on week two I start to venture out and understand my present planet.

I Need Obvious Benefits in Friendships

If you can't SHOW something good

I am going to start showing Sosua beach photos everyday for a while, I am going to experiment,

"If you can't SHOW something good, then don't say anything at all,"

I have a Canon camera with a 20X zoom, I am setting it up on a six inch high tri-pod and taking photos of the beach.

I will improve with time…

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Friday, May 6, 2011
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I am not too happy with the "Big G," there is a company that is monopolizing the Internet, and it is staring to spin out of control with greed. This site says I cannot talk about them, I cannot explain their tactics, because they are the "Big G" of the Internet.

The Big G is saying, only popular words, and photos are acceptable, I must force readers to look at three pages by hook or crook, just reading one page is now a no no.

If you want to help me, look at 10 pages every day on our site.

If you can't SHOW something good

Using OPM to Live First Class in Caribbean

I am in Sosua, Dominican Republic, and again and again I realize that smart Hobos can use "Others Peoples Money" to travel first class. It is incredibly how easy it is to enjoy all the benefits of paradise and not pay full price.

The business people buy full price air tickets, so I can buy a highly discounted ticket to fill up the last few seats in the planet.

The tourists buy retirement homes with the idea of renting them when they are gone, however because it is low season they must rent at greatly reduced prices.

OPM, the other person is paying money, and I live with all the benefits, but I never need to pay the piper.

The HDI or Human Development Index is fun, look I am in a country one step above China. Now, the HDI is heavy on protection of women and minorities such as homosexuals, there are some built in biases that are not truly quality of life issues, but moral issues. I tend to believe living conditions are better in DR because the population density is less.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Thursday, May 5, 2011
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Johnny the Pilot comes Today
My friend Johnny the private jet pilot arrives today, this is good, I am getting bored and Johnny always makes me laugh.

I return to many locations, but normally for the friends, it has little to do with the travel destination, more to do with the people I met on a prior visit.

Already Running out of Things to Photograph
I am already running out of things to photograph in Sosua, there are only so many pictures of the ocean to take before I get bored. On the other hand, I am thinking about using the 20X zoom canon camera in a few strategic locations to show good photos of the stereotypical Dominican Republic girls.

There is a rampant boom boom girl crowd here, and there are men searching every page on the Internet trying to figure out what the Sosua women look like here. It is rather funny to me the obsessive nature of men on the planet, and what they do in their cubicle when the boss is not watching.

Using OPM to Live First Class in Caribbean

Caribbean Living in DR for 500 USD per Month

I know this sounds like a get rich scheme where you can double your money in 30 days with no money down. Or the lose 50 pound without dieting, and you get to eat all your favorite foods, just too good to be real talk. I love the modern world, liars are trusted, honest people are considered fools for not being clever.

However, part of me wants to keep these locations secret, if I tell too many people, maybe they all will listen and come rent the cheap rooms and drive up the price. I am happy to say, it does not work that way, readers do not trust me, instead the believe the scammers and I am safe. I know there will always be these cheap rooms available.

However, the truth is this, they overbuilt rooms in Sosua, Dominican Republic, and Cabarete down the road became trendy, and there is an over sur of room inventory. A person can rent a room from 150-500 USD per month easy here, with a kitchen, and often WIFI Internet. I have a room with one the best views in Sosua for 250 per month, all utilities paid, but I am sharing the house with a women, but this is good, she is nice and the house is big, I have a private bath and 24/7 Internet in my room.

Watch the video I took from my 250 USD room balcony of the beach in Sosua, truly a paradise, although I am never quite sure what that word means.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Tuesday, May 3, 2011
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Scuba Lesson at Sosua Beach in Dominican Republic

I would like to buy distressed properties in Sosua
I used to buy a home on Tuesday, put 200 dollars down, and then sell it for 10,000 more to a "RE-FI" person on Thursday. I would assign the offer to purchase over to the new person and take out 10,000 K at closing. I have purchase over 60 home in my life, not a fun business, but profitable.

Well, I am seeing dollar signs here in Sosua, there are people who purchased home cash here in Sosua, took out a second mortgage in the USA, now they hate their home in Sosua because they are out of a job, up to their ears in debt. It is possible to walk up to a 250,000 dollar home here in Sosua and buy it for 50,000. Then rent it out into we sold if for 100,000 or maybe 150,000 Dollars, but to realize the profit could take two years. These homeowners are in real trouble; this is why it is distressed.

I truly wish I had an extra 200 grand sitting around in an account, to make offers. Then again, it is also easy to do in the USA, and safer, but I do not want to live in the USA just to make money.

Paid attention to me today --- Monday ---
I have been walking into the same small super market for a week in Charamicos. Sosua has many tourists, the locals are good at ignoring us, well on Monday, and the people finally see I am here more than normal. Yesterday, the woman in the small shop asked me who I was and said hello, it took a week for her to notice me.

I have been having withdrawal from attention, while in Ghana, I would meet a person walking by me on the street and they would want to know me. Taking a week to make friends makes me feel unwanted and out of sorts.

However, I can meet one foreigner per day, and this is nice, but I am not immersed in the society here, I am not meeting locals.

Rumors of Subic Bay
There is a rumor that ships now in Japan will soon be moved to Subic Bay in the Philippines, this means there will be a housing and business boom in that city.

Caribbean Living in DR for 500 USD per Month

USA Culture vs. Osama bin Laden

I wrote a newsletter on September 12, 2001, and in celebration of my country, the United States of America killing Osama Bin Laden I am going to publish it again today. People of the world often say to me,
"The USA has no culture."

Well today, by killing Osama Bin Laden we proved we have proved what this letter predicted 10 years ago in this newsletter.



Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost, to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!
The world observes an attack on the
United States of America.

Why do you travel, Andy?
I travel to meet people.

As I travel the world meeting new friends, and new
countries people ask questions with curiosity.

Often probing, accusatory, like I am going to tell,
or maybe admit something is wrong with my country.

I travel because I can.
I believe that I can do anything.
Because I am free.

I am awake at 4:00 in the morning in Europe.
Writing this letter, and wondering to myself
"Why am I here? What am I doing?
Why do I feel compelled to rise everyday at 6:00 or 7:00?
I am a hobo. But still I a little voice in my head says...
"Yes, the earlier the better"
While the world sleeps…

Hobo’s left to look for jobs in other cities.
Hopping on trains, walking, living by any means necessary,
and go where they wanted.
A small ragged symbol of individual freedom.

"I shall fear no evil"
Because I come from a race of
Immigrants who paid the price of freedom.

I feel very sad for those who died.

But then I feel and act to a dangerous thought!
They have granted the permission.
How stupid can they be?

To attack an immigrant people that has paid the price.
That will pay the price.
If 1 person would be adequate, they will send 10,000
If 1 US Dollar is enough, they will spend a 1,000,000,000
If the estimated time of completion is only 1 day.
They will work forever.

A people that have a culture.

That says...

Thank you to our American Solders, delivered Dead as I requested.

We are coming for the rest of you!

Thank you,
Andy Graham


Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Monday, May 2, 2011
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I wrote that newsletter 10 years ago, nothing has changed, I am still proud of the USA with all its problems it is still the shining star for the world to follow. It is the only place on the planet that allows the freedom of people to openly complain about their government.

We have a Black President, we are the leader of the free world, and this is our station in life, but with that, freedom is also a weakness, there is a hole for evil to enter.

I am worried; I know that freedom allows Osama and his ugly form of religion to enter the USA. They do not want equality, they do not want peace, and they want to take over the country. I just watch the Islamic religion take over Cote d’Ivoire. They entered under the guise of peace, and when there were enough people accepted into the culture, they removed the old culture.

Like a Trojan horse, they are entering in peace, accepted by our liberal and naïve people. I have traveled the world now for 13 years and visited 89 countries, please do not be naïve, reading is not enough, you need to see the real world to know what is happening today.

This is a cult that takes poor and uneducated people, and manipulates them to evil ways. I am proud that one of there evil heads has been cut off today.

Osama Bin Laden wanted Dead, not Alive.

Andy Graham

I am not positive, however this is I believe a map of the location inside Pakistan where Osama Bin Laden was killed.

USA Culture vs. Osama bin Laden

Anonymous Users Learn to Rape Women using Facebook

I do not like anonymous users for a good reason, rape and murder are committed by people by people who are anonymous.


Read the mission of these pages:

We rape girls who are stupid enough to friend us on, we sign up anonymously, we use false information and start messaging beautiful women. There is no need to rape just any ugly women walking by, now you can rape the beauty queens thanks to Learn how to pretend to be a good friend, get them to trust you, then get invited to meet them in isolated places whereby you can rape your new Facebook Friend.
Welcome To CouchRaping.Org!!!
"This is the web site of three American guys named Omar, Black Punishment, and Billy, who started hosting foreign couchsurfers as a way to get laid, but became discouraged that most girls were not down to fuck. In a drunken rage one night Black Punishment straight-up raped his Belgian couchsurfer, but surprisingly she never reported it to the authorities, for reasons you’ll learn about soon enough.

We’ve come a long way since Black Punishments’s innovative solution, and have perfected our rape technique to where we fuck 100% of our couchsurfers with no fear of legal consequences. While some of them have sex with us willingly, the ones who don’t are in for quite a surprise!

Obviously we’re going to withhold personal details so we don’t blow our cover, but that doesn’t mean we won’t share our best rape tips."

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Sunday, May 1, 2011
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I believe that many social networks are criminally negligent and should be put in prison for knowingly, and premeditatedly allowing users to enter into friend relationships without warning users of the real danger.

Identity Theft

Many people want to be anonymous, but do you want an anonymous person talking to your children?

Don’t talk to Strangers is working to tackle this problem on our travel community. We seek suggestions on both the pros and cons of being anonymous. We hope to create a social travel network that will allow you to meet people from other countries, become friends, and then hopefully meet one day with complete confidence it is a real person.

Thank you,
Andy Graham
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Anonymous Users Learn to Rape Women using Facebook

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