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I am Proud of Boy Genius from India

In the last few weeks, it seems like Boy Genius from India has made the transition from novice to master of his trade. He is a coder, normally something to do with PHP, really, nothing my mother needs to understand, and for the most part, I try to avoid. Nonetheless, he has reached his stride, he is the master.

I know anything I could dream to create on the Internet, he would be compelled make it become a reality.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


The whole reason I am in Dominican Republic is to work on my web site, we are giving two large websites a complete face transplant. However, at the speed of light, we are massaging this husky 11-year-old bear of a website into the world of 2.0 Internet.

The Big G did me the biggest favor of my life.
When I met the "Big G," the God of the Internet, a modern day monopoly, it was just a starter, it was my friend. It will forever say thank you G-----ggle for helping me make enough travel for the last 5-7 years. This was their first big favor, and I am thankful to the company.

Well, the site has me angry now, I am not too happy. Moreover, because I am angry, I started analyzing our relationship, and what did I learn, well they are making about 300,000 dollars a year from my site, and I am getting breadcrumbs.

I have been chatting daily with Andrew, planning and plotting to claim this revenue for ourselves, so Boy Genius and I can share it as partners. It is amazing how two angry techies can start to change their stars.

We started to sell advertising in earnest, and today we got our first two inquiries. This is the first time I have wanted to replace the Big G, but enough is enough.

Advertise on Hobo

Thanks Boy Genius, my Partner and Friend.

Andy Graham

I know some of you think an American should not do business with India. I have traveled the would now for 13 years, and when you find the sparkle of genius in anyone’s eye, I recommend you make those eyes your friend. When you open your eyes, you will one day realize you have only met true genius a few times, savor it as long as you can.

By the way, Big G, when you stopped sending the Christmas gift, I knew there was a problem.

I am Proud of Boy Genius from India

My Taxi Driver in Sosua Dominican Republic

I truly love taxis; it is the most convenient system of transportation on the planet. All I need is to walk out to the street, hold out my hand and normally for less than one U.S. dollar, I can travel 2-6 miles.

This is Pepe, yesterday after being here now for two weeks I finally got my personal transportation arranged. I know his name, telephone number, and have for fun his photo, Pepe is my person drivers here in Sosua.

This probably all seems scattered and silly, almost like I am poor. However, there are no car taxis here in Sosua, or let us put it this way, there are so few of them, they are the most inconvenient way of travel in Sosua. While the motorcycle taxis are the most convenient. A family almost has to rent a car or there is no way to get around this extremely small city.

Driving a car is a SNAFU because the locals will steal anything that is not chained down, the theft in Dominican Republic means we all in steel cages for safety. This is why they have "Gated Communities?" There are no gated communities close to my home in Indiana; the place is way too safe to need all this caged crap.

By the way, you do need a private Moto driver, because the Sosua motorcycle drivers generally are idiots. Tourist should not use them; this is some form of reverse synergy.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Reverse Synergy, I just thought that one up.

Synergy Defined: combined effort being greater than parts: the working together of two or more people, organizations, or things, especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities

I truly love human nature, it is truly just to pieces of DNA from a monkey, and we have made so little progress.

I want the Internet and Electricity of Panajachel Guatemala
The electrify and Internet in Pana almost never stops, while the electricity in Sosua goes off daily for a couple of hours. The Internet is wobbly here in Sosua; sometime it is good, sometimes bad, totally undependable speed levels.

I miss Pana, all the locals who live on the Caribbean Islands are a pain in the butt, and they are just rude, crude and a waste of my mental energy to think about. While the people around the lake at Lago Atitlan are sweet.

Maybe Cabarete is better than Sosua
I am planning to visit Cabarete daily to search for a room with Internet. I have a great room here; I am just surrounded by a truly difficult local culture. Cabarete has many wind surfers, and this would be more pleasant than the men here in Sosua buying women. The density of boom boom girls here in Sosua makes Angeles City look like church group.

All yes, but I should not forget, Pana is full of Missionary, all out to save world, never realizing they need saved.

I think Paradise is always passing away, it is the energy we receive in the first few weeks of living in a new location, after that it slowly turns into hell.

My Taxi Driver in Sosua Dominican Republic

50 Percent of Hotel Rooms used to Make Love

I have perpetually lived in Hotel rooms now for over 13 years, and visited 89 country. After awhile you get to know who your neighbors are in other rooms. Only 1 percent of Hotel rooms on planet earth are occupied by foreign tourists. I am sure of this, if I am in a Hotel with NO other foreign tourists in it, I should be paying what the locals pay, not what a tourists pays.

I estimate there are 25,000,000 Hotels on Planet Earth.

If you flew to the Dominican Republic, left the airport and went to a small hotels in the middle of nowhere, with no tourist attractions. Which is about 99 percent of the hotels on the planet, even though all cities believe they have some tourist attractions, normally they are kidding themselves.

You would find:
50 percent of visitors in the next room over came to Hotel to make love.
25 percent used by traveling sales people.
10 percent used by people traveling to go visit their relatives or family.
10 percent going to visit for no special reason, just to look at the city.
2 percent used for marriages.
2 percent used by tourists from inside the country.
1 percent are used by foreign tourist.

.005 percent by Backpackers, they do not really count.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


The bottom line is this:
If you are not surrounded by foreign tourists, then maybe you are paying too much.

How much can a local that earns 10-30 US Dollars per day afford to pay per night?

50 Percent of Hotel Rooms used to Make Love

I Could House Sit in Cabarete

I was talking to a friend presently in Europe, and he offhandedly mentioned that he house sat a couple of times. Then I started to think about my friend in the Philippines, he got a greatly decreased price on an apartment in Angeles City. Then Wade from managed a Hostel in Rio Dulce for a couple of months and lived free. Craig at couch surfed for about a year with his wife and son. A man wrote me saying that I could stay in Kumasi, Ghana at his house.

There is an extreme amount of theft here in Sosua and Cabarete so house sitting is needed. I would say the homeowners have a difficult time finding anybody that is trustworthy to babysit their homes.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Easy World Travel Budget is 1200 per Month

1. 300 to fly to next location.
2. 300 for room
3. 300 for food
4. 300 for fun

Neutralize one of the above categories and life is cheaper, and eventually you can continually move and see the planet for about 500 dollars per month.


1. - Go by land.
2. - House Sit, couch surf until you find a house.
3. - Cook your own food
4. - Stop drinking like an alcoholic.

To make 500 dollars per month, a person needs about 2000 unique visitors per day on a site. Note, I can always do SEO consulting for about 200 dollars per hour, or just try harder to sell advertising, which is what we are doing. I sort of like to work two hours per day. I have about 8000 uniques per day, after good dropped me from 12,000, oops.

Note we are going to enable people to couch surf with "My Hobo" soon. We are going to arrange many ways for people to me for real. What is different about My Hobo is we will be able to connect 6,5 million cities, and not just popular ones.

I Could House Sit in Cabarete

Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico Flight Plans

I can fly round trip from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to San Juan, Puerto Rico for 228 USD.

I am probably going to fly on May 28 to Puerto Rico, then return on May 30.

(I am not using the year number anymore, just another way for the Big G to identify the page as old; the Big G is no indexing the internet, only about 10-20 percent.)

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


I do not have enough money.
I paid 3000 extra dollars last month in plane tickets, visa, and cost to assist my girlfriend Bah to leave Ivory Coast. Then upon leaving, I needed to give her enough money to live for six month, wow, that was an expensive month.

I am grateful I had the chance to help bring her out the war in Ivory Coast; it did feel good to know I am willing to sacrifice my own, for another.

However, I am now suffering the consequences; I need to build up my saving. It will take about three months to build up my saving again. I think it is almost impossible or foolish for a person who spends all their monthly income to travel the world. I must have the capacity to save money; it is an essential trait of a traveler of the planet.

Couple the big unexpected expense, and the Big G effectively cutting my monthly income by 30-40 percent, I need to budget my money.

I have worked for two weeks here in Sosua with high speed Internet and increased my traffic and income by roughly 5 percent, and in another month, I should be earning the same as before.

It would really help if I was greedy, I would just run this income up to 10,000 per month and not need to ever think, but I am not, so I tend to stop the push when I have enough to live comfortably. Eventually, what will happen, our site will grow on their own faster than the Big G because of interactive participation by users. Bottom line, you uploading photos to will help me to travel the planet.

I wanted to buy an Orange cell phone SIM card for 100 pesos. They wanted a copy of my passport, so I took a photo, and then change all the data so it was more or less a fake. I took my thumb drive to an Internet Café and the woman put it in the computer. In the 10 minutes it was in the machine, I got malware on the chip; it was amazing how stupid things can get.

She pulled the USB thumb drive out of the machine twice without click on the safely remove.

The more data I have, the more dangerous allowing anyone to help me becomes, I have a back of the data on the chip, but it was about a month old. I carry an extra chip just for these occasions but was too lazy to get it out and use it.

Business Trip to Puerto Rico
I am not going to explain, but I am going to go to Puerto Rico for business. I do not have any secrets, but I do not like people to send me endless questions on some topics.

Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico Flight Plans

I am Not Sure I Trust These Expats in Sosua

Truly the expat community in any country is a bunch of questionable characters, the wanted, the unwanted and the hermits.

I went out last night with my landlord, her name is Ana, she is a good woman and has lived in Sosua for about eight years. She is direct, straight forward, and truly just wants to enjoy life, no problems with her. However, often I met some other characters, I shake hands, say I am Andy Graham, how are you, and all the normal things, they reply,
"I am Steve."

Hmm, what happened to the last name?

I look sort of German or Swedish, so often I help out the other person and say,
"United States."
I want them to know I speak English, or American English.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


I Give You Give Interview of Expats
There is a need for reciprocity in conversations, when I say hello, I demand the person say hello back, generally if not, they are not my friend. However, the same is true when I meet new people, I am 100 percent sure I feel safer, more secure and up to speed when an expat gives me the same information I gave them back in return.

I am from the USA, --- I am from Germany.
I am age 55, --- I am age 62
I am in Sosua for 30-60 days, - I am on a two week vacation.

I met this nice girls Johanna last night, I asked her how many kids, she has two. I asked her where she lives, she live in Sosoa, Abajo. She has a boy about three, and another child that is older, I am not sure of the exact age.

Nonetheless, I tried to meet her half way, when we left, she only knew I was from the USA, nothing more. Why, she had no compulsion to ask,
"Where do you work?"
"What country?"

I measure and weigh all new conversations, I am not in the business of bragging, but I am also not in the business of being wanted by the USA. I am a rather transparent person, I tend to think the more secrets a person has, the more mentally disturbed.

Maybe it is a Sosua-cide. - Sosua and Suicide connected.

Ok, I was thinking about doing business with these characters to buy real estate. I think they all need to do a YouTube Video and admit who they are.

I am Not Sure I Trust These Expats in Sosua

Please Ask Me Questions about the Dominican Republic

I enjoy places like West Africa, or the jungles of the Amazon, I am not a very good tourist.

Well, I called up my friend Debbie yesterday who works at the bank using
Debbie asked,
"Where are you Andy?"
"I am in the Dominican Republic?"
She says,
"I have always dreamed of going there."

I sat listening, I had no idea how to reply next, I have no idea why she dreams about the Dominican Republic. I suppose all my dreamy or fantasy views of travel have been replaced by reality. I do not dream about countries, I go to them, all my dreams are turned into reality.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


What are your dreams about the Caribbean?
There must be some first thoughts that come to your mind, some latent idea that drifts into your brain when you hear the word,

What do you dream about?

Should a person zoom the camera when making a video?
Why not?
Why do so…?

Please Ask Me Questions about the Dominican Republic

Seven Reasons you will Never Travel the World

I am trying to cause trouble today; I want to provoke you to think. I am conspiring to start a conspiracy theory.

OK, here goes.

Utility Bills Conspiracy by USA Government
The United States Government uses utility bill to control people. The government knows if they can keep people paying their:

1. Cable
2. Electric
3. Gas
4. Telephone
5. Cell Phone
6. Internet
7. Water

BILLS --- the economy of the USA will thrive.

I stopped at seven, I am sure most of you have more payment, and doesn’t this all seem a little crazy?

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Seven Reasons you will never Travel
I paid my 250 dollars per month rent, all utilities paid to live here in a great room, next to the beach in Sosua, Dominican Republic. The above list is the for sure a way to chain you to your home, family and keep you living the American Dream, I tend to think of it as a nightmare.

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid
People think I am a bum, a.k.a. Hobo, but in reality, I just unhooked myself from the umbilical cord called the American way.

I one day said No, enough is enough.

Plan you escape, you will never figure it all out, you can only escape…

Seven Reasons you will Never Travel the World

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