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Colombia Cooking

Colombia Cooking

I saw this interesting mixer or spinning device in the kitchen at the Platypus Bogota Hostel. You place it between your palms and rub back and forth making it mix. This Colombian girl was using it to mix hot chocolate.

German the owner being personal and talking with guest.

There are large hills, maybe mountains behind the city. There is a trolley that goes up steel cables of this hill.

Colombia to Miami Flight

Colombia to Miami Flight
I took an airplane from Bogota, Colombia to Miami, Florida, it cost 242 U.S. Dollars. The flight was on AeroPostal and I purchased price, and not quality. I almost always buy price, because there is not better system. AeroPostal stopped in Venezuela and is a really stupid system. In the end because of confusion and lack of organization we arrived in Florida two hours late.

Hard to say, the plane seem to be safe and good, I did save about 150 dollars on price and was many many problems, making us stand in lines forever for many reason I will never know. However for sure AeroPostal is not an airlines to depend on if you need to be on time.

It is a Venezuela, Airlines and anyone that knows Venezuela would understand that this is not a country that is warm and friendly, or at least that is my opinion. They have a dictator, not a good sign.
How irritating!

I have purchased multiple tickets from offices around the planet, and just purchased with the [email protected] office here in Bogota a ticket to Miami for 242 dollars, quite cheap.

However here I am on the website and checking the price between Chicago and Frankfurt, Germany.
2195 Dollars - This is a pay as much as possible fare.

The most I got on

Is 650 dollars.

This is supposed to be Student Fares and super discount, I sometime think you got to watch they do not take the kids out and spank them when you are handing over the credit card.

I do not get Student disounts with anyone can buy a ticket, however there is suspicious pricing sometimes.

Bogota Travel Newsletter at Platypus

Bogota Travel Newsletter

I sent out a newsletter today.

I asked some questions of German the owner of the Platypus about his travels of 15 years.

Uned Tribes

Uned Tribes
I picked up on an article on CNN about uned tribes.

I have been musing on this issue for a couple of years with no direction, mostly just me wondering where...

Where is the end of the world?
Where do the rules stop?

I remarked in the last newsletter that I need to leave the Gringo Trail completely; this is the nature of that comment. I need to leave the tourist and travelers, fantasy travelers, reach to find a place where I go, not anyone else.

There is some big myth about researchers in the world, or maybe the UNITED NATIONS that they are doing research and studying these types of concepts. Really nobody is doing anything more than being a NGO and collecting money from idiots. I have been to some very funky places, I was expecting the NGO's to line up in Silopi, Turkey waiting or trying to do something in Iraq. There was zero.

The Mitterands or Mountain people on the Cambodia - Vietnam border, zero.

Where are the groups, they do not in my opinion have the fortitude to pursue these ventures, this is for the big boys, and the big boys are almost extinct. Not a popular thing in the world to be tough, resilient and arrogant. They want limp wrist more than men, so the big boys are in hiding.

There needs to be some real adventure and bungee jumping is not adventure, like meeting a big dog, exciting, however not really a thrill.

There is a world over the rainbow, and I am smelling the spore, I will start to track, plan, premeditate and attack. This is a little different from my wander the planet mentality, because no matter what you do when you leave the trail you need to bring your own Snickers.

This link was somewhat interesting.

On a Stupid Note
I am in the Platypus common area and some music lyrics are saying to give up the TV, stop the watching, blah, blah, blah...
What is the point, they are also addicted to MTV or the Music, so they brain is in a melodic haze also, just an alternative state.
Music, Internet, TV, is there a big difference, all can be too much, balance is the needed word, the abilty to avoid temptations. Contrary to the world belief, I am only on the internet about one hour per day.

Like CNN, mostly stupid, however they do come up with some good, balance is needed.

French in Bogota in the Morning

It is about 7:24 am, there is a French couple walking around in the dining area.

I asked,
"This is very early to wake up?"

The girl answered,
"We never went to bed."

I said,
"That sounds more French to me."

Bogota Colombia Hotel

Bogota Colombia Hotel
I am in the Platypus Hotel or Hostel in Bogota, in a the Candelaria the historical and beautiful part of Bogota to me.

German has been a friend for probably six or seven year, he started emailing me when I was in Guatemala many years ago. German the owner has travel the planet for 15 years and is one of the true experts.

Calle 16 # 2-43, Bogota, Colombia
Tels.( 571 ) 3413104 - 3412874
Fax ( 571 ) 352 01 27
e-mail: platypushotel AT
Web page:

What does a travel expert look like?
What does a world traveler look like?

Meet German Escobar from Colombia, maybe the only true travel expert I know on the planet.

For the last 12 ye the ars the owner of the Platypus Hostel in Bogota and married to a German woman. Maybe this the future of Hobo.

Colombia Airplane to Bogota

Colombia Airplane
I had a first yesterday as my plane did not land in Bogotá because of bad weather, it went to Cali, Colombia and we sat for one-half hour, then took off and landed in Bogotá after the weather subsided. It took an extra hour and one half maybe, so not a huge problem, however if I would have been on a short jump it would have been faster to take the bus. I think any trip less than two hour and the bus is probably quicker, however not as comfortable. Checking into airports takes too long and they are very seldom convenient, and now they are placing them at least one hour away from a city so they have room to grow.

This little girl was standing on the arm of the plane seat, her clothes were very proper and stylish, the mix of traveler on the plane was compiled of mostly older Colombians, however who would be going to Guayaquil, Ecuador to visit, not high on the list of places to visit on the planet.

Notice the small TV screens on the back of the seats; this is the newest or best way to watch movies or shows on the planes. Only about one in ten has this feature, however it is nice, because you can choose from around ten movies and start when you wish, each person controls the movies, however the controls are very difficult to use, and extremely confusing. Part of a phone that can be used with a credit card to make telephone calls from the plane.

This is Cecelia from Chile, the LanChile Airline Stewardess that stood and talked with me for about 10 minutes while we were on the ground in Cali. Nice girl and friendly, however the Chile accent is one of the worst as they shoot bullets when they talk and there is no melody to their speech. Chile is one of the worst forms of Spanish you can learn, about like learning in Barcelona, Spain. Colombia has good Spanish to learn.

I suppose every man thinks it is his duty to talk with the airline Stewardess, therefore I asked her for her email address, however she would not give me her, however she took mine. Who knows why, or what this means, however she is in control.


This photo is of the plane coming down to land in Bogotá, Colombia. It you look closely you will see large areas of plastic or glass. These are green houses; they do the same in Quito, Ecuador. The sun is very good in Bogotá or Quito however these cities are very high above sea level and cold. The green houses protect the plants from possible frost I am sure and utilize the great sun of the tropics.

Bogotá is 2640 meters or about 8660 feet above sea level, anything above above about 1000 meters and you may need a coat anywhere in the world at night.

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