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AeroPostal Airlines

AeroPostal Airlines

I am going to fly tomorrow from Bogota, Colombia to Port of Prince, Trinidad.

I learned my friend Craig has been sleeping in the airport because the Areopostal Airlines somehow messed up.

I flew from Bogota last year to Caracas, eventually tranferred to another Areopostal flight three hour late. I missed my next flight from Miamia to Chicago.

Craig says he is sleeping in the Airport or was, and it is like the movie with Tom Hanks. I only have a one hour tranfer between planes in Caracas. I do know about the site...

There is website called:

Colombia Culture Photos

Colombia Culture Photos

Good old Che, the hero of the world, was killed in Bolivia and now he is semi-Hero of these cultures. Like a person that told the rich to go take a hike. Most of the time the locals and the travelers know none the History of Che and like the rebel look. He represented violence and overthrow of the governments. Meet the new boss same as the old boss as Castro has proven. More people are escaping, why they wish to escape if the system is good.

In the same square or small park, area with all the statues was this bum sleeping, could say Hobo I suppose, and I do not think he was looking for work. However, the police came in this area and rousted him. This is school district and mostly in the upscale neighborhoods, they will wake them and get them moving and in the poorer, they continue to sleep.

This is a New Zealand guy traveling with his girlfriend, lugging around two boards to surf in places like Brazil, Mancora in Peru, north Chile, etc.

Walking back from the internet, I am about 40 meters away, testing the zoom again. I never can understand why a person does not pick location that is a little more discreet. There are many better locations to stop and urinate in this area. It is early morning; I do not think he is drunk, I think he just does not care. The same problem is about trash. Many corners will smell, and I guess the telephone pole here will have a smell if this is common. Just outside bars, there is usually a smell. It is amazing the lack of toilets in the world, or they make them pay, the government will set up a pay to use toilet and of course nobody will use. Toilets in developed countries are free and the country is cleaner.

I was bored waiting in the [email protected] Travel office in Bogotá, so I test the 12X lens on this Sony Camera from the second story window. The man is in a major square, the time is about 11:00 in the morning. He is sleeping there and has no shoes; the no shoe part is not good.

Travel Job Photo Haircut

Travel Job Photo Haircut

This is posted in the Platypus Bogotá Hostel a person from a western country is giving haircuts. An excellent way to make money. I am presently being annoyed and growing a ponytail, because it is impossible to get a good hair cut without a lot of work in other countries. I suppose I could shave my head and look aggressive, instead I will look like the older hippy and not aggressive. 5000 Person is about 2.50 U.S. Dollars and would pay for food for the day.

Bogota Colombia Art Photos

Bogotá Colombia Art Photos

There is this artist, very unique in Bogotá that went around making Statues in the Candalaria area of Bogotá, he is wonderful. The statures have poses often as if they are working on the house, climbing in a window like a burglar, or just up there sitting.

There is a square in the student area of the Candalaria where the artist put up multiple statues. I personally think this little square should be on any tour of Bogotá. This is one of the many statures.

There is this wall with fake window and many statues in various poses.

Bobo Del Tranvia
I do not know what that means, however they are trying to show a campesino or farmer, not easy to find in the middle of modern Bogotá a person that looks like this. Many times this is just a cultural hangover and not so real or easy to see. It is real though and possible outside of Bogotá in the country, also where the NarcoTrafficers live… hehehe

Colombia Architecture Photos

Colombia Architecture Photos
Picture taken in Bogotá, Colombia

This is a roof top living area on top of the home or apartments in Bogotá, Colombia. The flat roof, concrete construction is great; you can have very usable living space in a tropical or not so warm tropical area of Bogotá. It is 2500 Meters high so colder, however when the sun shines in the day it is obviously tropical. Living space in a house become of less value in the tropic. Technically the only room you need is a bedroom for security from danger and all other can be outside in the open air.

A complete home with multi-levels of living areas, balconies, on top and many area using or opening themselves to the air.

I Really Need a Heater

Bogota is 2500 Meter high.
I need a room heater.

I am a wimp when it come to cold.

My friend Scott at home in Indiana is helping to make a small heater, the adapting of many tries on my part. to build one. I need the tools, and they cannot be carried in a backpack. The language is a problem in other countries with workers and they just cannot seem to think it through or understand all the variable.

Really is under-developed cultures, ways of thinking, need a good German to push this to the farthest limits of consideration.

Travel Blogs with Craig and Robert

I am happy to know Craig and Robert.

Craig in Trinidad

Robert in Brazil, I think.

I also have a friend Bob.

These three are traveling, actually on the road, blogging and making noise, however very difficult for me to follow because of the Atom or RSS feeds.

I really need some notifications in my email box and the content, not a link to the site, I will never click on it, I only have 1 hour per day in the internet cafe. Reading websites online is a big problem.

I am working on an idea of how to use my sites so person that wish could have free hosting of their travel blogs, not must a normal blog, a person that is out on at least a six month journey. There is also the possibility I contribute to their site by helping them with a fee of 50 cents for a normal post and 1.00 dollar for one with a photo.

It would be easy for me to host them on my site and share the travel stories. One problem is most people start and never proceed, then never follow through and complete what they started. I am sure many person on the planet, that have traveled could see that if they earned 5 dollars per day they could travel the planet, or at least it would help. I lived for many years on less than 10 dollars per day and visited many countries, mostly traveling by land.

It is an idea, trying to figure out how to help, I would like to give back what was given to me, many person have donated, helped, clicked, read, and done many things to help me continue to travel. I am working through this idea, hoping to figure out a strategy that would help the travelers of the planet to fund a trip.

It is impossible to just donate to them, there is a world of travelers out there who want some free money. I do think I could donate some web space, some technology, some techie help to those who are not so technical minded.

Craig and Robert are good techies, Robert is more or less understanding the idea.

There is a need though for person to be rewarded for the creation of content, I am not happy that many sites want you to post content on their site, categorize it, make money off the person posting and not even say,

Hey, this is not a service for you as much as a great way for me to make money.

Persons posting on would help to spread the Hobo word, then in a roundabout way help the site and me to grow and prosper, I would benefit. To make them pay seems ludicrous, to offer for free sounds like a good idea. I am thinking that maybe I could charge a 25 dollar set up fee that they would receive back after maybe 50 post and then I would not lose time setting them up with a blog.

Time is a short, life is short, however the world has a dream of doing many things, many start and never go further than a start. Just some thoughts on how to reproduce hobos. heheheh

I suppose the girl in the Hostel last night from England with he Parents that immigrated from Sr Lanka would work also, I was doing my best to chat... Nice girl, 19 months of travel and I think she has gone to more than me, easy to do, I am lazy.

Bogota to Port of Prince Trinidad Flight

Bogota to Port of Prince Trinidad Flight

Cost 223 U.S. one-way
Colombia Airport Exit Tax of 32 U.S. Dollars.

I will fly from Bogota, Colombia to Port of Prince, Trinidad Airport on Thursday the 19th of January. I will fly with Areopostal, an Airlines from Venezuela and not the best of the bunch, I however really do not care or choose airlines, I buy price.

I purchased the ticket from STA Travel office called something like Trato @ Mundo.

Many people believe you need to be a student to buy a ticket, this is not true, these office are normally a lot cheaper than a normal ticket office because students are cheap, they must give them a good deal or they are a pain in the neck.

Many of the Student sites though are just crooks and over-charge the students, it is sad, promise them this big discount and nail them with a price that is double.

Hobo Members save 1000's of dollars by joining HoboTraveler and asking pro travelers questions on the Hobo Talk Wall.

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