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Population Density of Burkina Faso

Population Density of Burkina Faso
Po, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Sunday, September 9, 2007

This is a graph made with the use of the highly recommend computer program Encyclopedia Encarta. The internet is hard to carry in my backpack.

Where did all the people go, this is nice, Burkina Faso is less, there are less people in Burkina Faso than in Ghana, however here below Ouaga seems to be a bread basket. All that glitters is not gold and do not believe anything your read or hear.

The statistics above are a guide, there are less people in these countries, pending a census, pending the Germans coming to count, and pending who is queue for my tax dollars donations. The reasons are out of control on why a country will distort statistics, but the distortion of truth is big business when some silly country will give you millions if you have AIDS.

Burkina Faso appears in the belt way below the capital of Ouagadougou, Burkina south to the Ghana border to be small cluster populated. A few people here, a few people there, however they do not seem to be bunching in the cities or along the roadways like Ghana.

Trendy, being a Farmer in Ghana maybe is not trendy, however being a Farmer in Burkina Faso still may be acceptable form of job. Education of people for jobs that do not exist, is encouraging people to leave the farm, and go to the city to be unemployed.

Self-sustaining farming or what is negatively called subsistence farming can supply close to 95 percent employment, while Africa city life has beer, music and strife all packaged in a dream.

Where are the normal black spots? These Apples and Banana vendors outside the Rakieta Bus Station in Ouaga were selling beautiful fruits with friendly smiles.

Normal and Sweet Potatoes sold in Market of Po, Burkina Faso

I want to thank all the great Farmers of Burkina Faso or wherever for this sudden increase in Beautiful Fruit. My daily intake of Apples and Bananas had tripled. The vegetables available here in the Po, Burkina Faso market is maybe the reason for the bright eyed children in the village. I found a few new vegetables. One lady quit the yams and had some potatoes. She was cooking French Fries using sweet potatoes, and tomorrow she promised me normal potatoes if you call these long thin version of potatoes normal.

Population Density of Burkina Faso

The Allude to Writing Style

The Allude to Writing Style
Po, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Sunday, September 9, 2007

It has been revealed, as I plug away, write away, type away on the computer, I learn to write.

In University I had many Professors and a couple of friends tell me to write in a Journal, I started about four times and stopped four times. I postulate today, I stopped because there was no reason to write in a Journal, and I agree with myself, there was not any reason for me to write in a Journal.

The simple reason to write in a Journal is the more a person writes, the better they become. However, reading is trying to be the yang to the ying of learning to write.

I have read two John Carre books, with an accent on his name, that is lost in translation with a computer. It was not my choice, I read the defaults, I read what is possible to read in my travel world, or any port in a storm.

John likes to use words, put words in people mouths I have never heard a person say out loud. Realistic speech is overlooked by John, as he mumbles his way through writing a book, more or less a personal narrative with characters thinking and talking as he thinks and talks.

I consider the form of writing a type of private dancing, done only for an audience that understand the words.

It has been revealed to me that people do want the opportunity to be the only one who understands. If I write to clearly, a John Grisham style, than the story had to very good, the story leads the way. However, a description of a country can be a heavy load of allusions, references and inferences to obscure knowledge.

Fair or just is questionable, however, I do realize, some readers do revel in knowing they understood some wild comments I make and do not explain. Maybe this is the definition of cheeky, to get away with saying something that in politically correct speech would be frowned on, but no yellow flags.

It is easier to write by alluding to something, than explaining it clear for the majority of readers to understand. However, I will now crack the gate and allow myself the convenience being oblique, an easy and lazy way for me to write. Just for kicks, so readers can revel in cognitive dissonance.

Is alluding to the differences of the Mekong to the Amazon to the Niger fair game or bourgeois?

The Allude to Writing Style

Po Mosquito Net Hotel

Po Mosquito Net Hotel
Po, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Sunday, September 9, 2007

I am under a mosquito net provided by the Hotel of the Auberge ADPO in the room he says is,
- Bien Propre -

I am one hour away from needing to make a decision, do I stay or do I go? My Auberge room for 4000 CFA is 90 percent cheaper than 7000 CFA in Ouaga, and difficult to say if better or worst. Obviously the Auberge de l'Oiseu Bleu appeared cleaner and running water in my room is nice. However, a mosquito net is safer than a clean room with no screens. Ok, this is easy, the neighborhood of the Auberge ADPO in Po is leading by 15 photos, I have taken in one day 15 more photos of Po than of Ouaga in two days.

Po is a clean little village with an inordinate amount of Bars, I am close to saying Burkina Bars, or maybe the Burkina Buvette, I just am caught off guard by the ratio of Bars to people in Burkina, Faso, seems like Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam with renovations and wider streets, with red pepper poured over it.

In both cities I heard the boys coming to bed around 2:00 PM or later and this makes me nervous, Alcohol and Macho does not mix well.

Po Mosquito Net Hotel

Charles de Gaulle Kennedy King and George

Charles de Gaulle Kennedy King and George
Ouagadougou or Ouaga, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Saturday, September 8, 2007

There is a street in Ouagadougou named Charles de Gaulle.

Charles de Gaulle
John F. Kennedy
and King George
Martin Luther King

I am not sure who is the winner, however, Charles de Gaulle is a good contender on Street Name Immortality.

King George has a good lock on City Name Immortality and Island Name Immortality.

Kennedy and de Gaulle are whooping it up as Airport Name Immortality.

Martin Luther King and Kennedy are neck and neck on Name the Bridge Immortality.

Charles de Gaulle, maybe a wanna be King, and King George did the put my name on everything to be immortal, and Kennedy and King got shot to be immortal, however, Kennedy was good at the Airports and Bridges before he got shot.

Who will live in the memory of man the longest, who can keep their name on the lips of man forever?

I suppose George Washington also done a fine job, don’t make me King, but please name your child and a street after me.

I suppose there has to be a Make a Movie Immortality also, I am sure Kennedy does well in this in this age, but who can say 500 years from now who will be the immortal giant of the name being remembered far into the future.

I guess, my vote is on…. Jefferson, Einstein and Edison.

Kennedy and De Gaulle will lose, Martin Luther King will flop out of sight and George Washington will hold his own.

I think Thomas Jefferson may continue to rise and bloom with time.

Charles de Gaulle Kennedy King and George

Travel Ouaga to Po Burkina Faso

Travel Ouaga to Po Burkina Faso
Ouagadougou or Ouaga, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Saturday, September 8, 2007

Two Nights and out, I am ecstatic for being able to leave Ouaga this fast and travel back to Po or close to the border of Ghana. The transportation of Burkina Faso so far is great, it reminds me of Niger, big buses everywhere. Ghana seemed to put the big bus stations so far out of the city you needed to take a Tro Tro to get to the bus, so I just took the Tro Tro. To take a long bus trip in Ghana or any of these countries means you go to the other end of the country, they just are not big enough to warrant many long trips.

I am in this new Ouagua Hotel just across the street from the Rakieta Bus Station having a name I cannot spell or pronounce.
- Oiseau Bleu -

The price is 14 US or 7000 CFA and double the true global value, however the convenience of getting in and out of Ouaga make it a great choice. The Fondation Charles de Gaulle owner is also the owner of this new one also, the girl working at the Fondation Charles de Gaulle regular Flophouse walked me over here. The normal place is ok, shared everything, and like not showering for a couple of days feel. This new one will be up to snuff if they learn about screens for mosquitoes. It is cool now, but during the hot season I would be eaten by mosquitoes. I have not seen any orphans… hehehe? So Africa!

I like Ouaga, easy to get around if you know how to speak French, and understand the Taxi system, can read a map, if you canNOT speak French than probably UN-manageable. Small cities are easier to manage in Francophone countries.

I have no idea why stay in Ouaga for a long time, the skinny is Ouaga is a Sex Tourism destination for French WOMEN. The city is organized, and it looks like I could buy about anything easy, however still a city and this red dirt curse makes it feel dirty. The city has the Frenchie drink-everywhere in the streets mentality, it is easier for me to buy beer than to buy the Vache qui Ri Cheese.

A good reason for big cities in Africa is to have Western Style rooms with Water and Showers where a tourist can fly in, drink a couple of days, boom, boom, bang, bang, than say they was in Africa, and avoid Africa and say I had Africa, then fly out.

I have only took two pictures in the city, and already I have no desire to carry my camera. The only thing of interest is the systematic way they carry water in these big 55 gallon barrel carts. I suppose I could make the Islamic Religion a tourist attraction, but not what I like to do.

Religious tourism is annoying as the majority of religions are the rich getting richer and the poor staying poor, like watching a person get beat and not stepping up to stop it.

4 US dollars to go to Po by bus, and the road is wide open, not much traffic, life is good. If the place is not ok, I will travel on to Bobo, Burkina Faso. I truly suspect Po is something closer to what I like about Africa.

Travel Ouaga to Po Burkina Faso

Crisscross West Africa Travel

Crisscross West Africa Travel
Ouagadougou or Ouaga, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Saturday, September 8, 2007

I received a five year multiple entry visa to Mali yesterday for 25,000 CFA or about 50 US Dollars. I applied at about 9:00 AM and at 11:00 AM, I received the Visa. I am from the USA and I am not sure what is going on, but this is now the second five year Visa I have received in Africa. I received a one year in Togo and then Burkina Faso Embassy in Ghana gave me a five-year visa for Burkina Faso. I can also enter at the border of Benin at the bottom and the top and get a 48-hour visa then immediately extend.

Crisscross Countries

I now can travel painlessly from Senegal to Togo, back and forth, up and down, meander, and wander West Africa.

This is now possible for ME, I do not know about YOU.

Governments of the world just lose the plot, many countries are clueless. There are various polices, and sadly countries tend to make Visa policy in childish ways.

The USA gives to the poorer countries a
“Prove you will leave Visa.”
Or an,
“Up the Ante Visa”

You must prove you are going to visit and leave the country, and the USA continually increase the Ante to guarantee the person leaves. If you ask a person in South America where they want to go, they do not say Yellowstone Park, they say Miami as they are not going to leave if they enter… hehehe

The Tourism departments of Governments of the planet are full of control freaks and anal people who do not want to work together with other countries. More or less they world from jealousy and a need to prove they have power.

90 percent of the problems are a Government or the Chief what seems logical, fair, open to other countries, then they turn over the right to give a Visa to person with a second grade education who is the brother in law to the President.

Ghana…. Ghana could triple the tourism in it country just buy giving Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and the Jealous boys Canada 30 days on arrival Visa. Then put a way in Southeast Asia to get a Visa, specifically put an Embassy or Consulate in Bangkok, Thailand.

The goal of Ghana is not tourism or to encourage business.

The normal phrase you hear is about reciprocity, the
“Reciprocity Visa” - I give you what you give me.

I have been listing the types as I think of them:

Quid pro quo Visa
Eye for an Eye Visa
Gouge Visa
Prove you will leave Visa
Up the Ante Visa
My Home is Your Home Visa
Encourage Bribes Visa
Your Country if full of Crooks Visa
What Country are you from Visa
Wave your Passport Visa
I am First World Also Visa
Special Status Visa
Get You Back what you have me Visa
Treat Me Equal Visa
Impossible to Perform Rule Visas
Keep the People Poor Visa
The Rich get Richer Visa
Visa on Arrival
Swim over, we will let you in

Overall, I must commend Burkina Faso and Mali for giving five year Visas and if across the board the policy is passed down and all the Embassies or Consulates do the same than life will get better in these countries. A businessperson visits for fun, then come back to do business…

I am now tempted to go by land to England, pick up my Solar Powered play toys, bypass the gouge you, the rich get richer import exports rules and be my own courier.

People tell me, get a Visa in your own country, the distance from Indiana to Washington DC or to New York, or the time it would take and the money it would take, I could fly around the planet. It is just not a good option, in fact, horrible to get Visa inside the USA, therefore making Africa about the last place on a persons list of places to go, tourism is encouraged by making it easy. All of Europe, I more or less just wave my passport at them and enter, I am not sure if I ever have to leave.

Crisscross West Africa Travel

Baobab Tree

Baobab Tree
Bolgatanga, Ghana West Africa
Friday, September 7, 2007

I am in Burkina Faso now, however I think anyone going to Bolga or Bolgatanga, Ghana should keep their eyes opens, walk up, and knock on these wide load trees called the Baobab Tree.

Baobab Tree

I took a picture with people to try to show how large this tree is, there are some even larger trees in Bolgatanga, Ghana.

Baobab Tree

I sure hope I have the right name for the right tree. A Ghana boy told me a similar name, I am hoping correct. Nonetheless, there are some amazingly wide trees in Bolgatanga, Ghana and a special tree.

Baobab Tree

Ouagadougou Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou Burkina Faso
Ouagadougou or Ouaga, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Friday, September 7, 2007

I am in one of the most confusing to spelt Capitals of a country city on the planet.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and about 99 percent of the people seem to just say Ouaga or WaaGha going for the abbreviated form and forgetting the long version.

Ouaga is two thumbs up so far, other than getting the normal chopped by the first day taxi in the country fare, all is great. The Hotel is good, the people are friendly and I am happy to be out of Ghana.

The last day I as in Bolgatanga, Ghana a women berated me because I refused to pay her money when I photographed a Baobab tree, one of the widest trees or biggest in diameter trees I have ever seen.

- You must pay money; you will return home and make a lot of money from the pictures. -

Endemic of the culture, give me money for no reason, welfare mentality, get on the dough, it was time to leave Ghana and enter a culture less on the take.

Burkina Faso, a Francophone country and maybe what you would call more wide-open and escaping the bosses feel. Ghana has checkpoints, and they just randomly set up checkpoints. The drivers are constantly having to pay bribes, and seems about double the pay of Togo and now Burkina Faso.

Ghana is the land of Taxes, and with Taxes comes better roads, however Ghana police utilize every tax, paperwork, and chance to grab some extra cash, under the table.

Burkina is open, no police, nothing to monitor you, and free, but then bad road, and no protection, and no protection payments. Hard for me to explain the feel of Burkina, however nice to leave the too Proper British overlay of I am noble and you are a commoner crapola. Ghana is not my favorite country, I do not trust Ghana.

I was given a Five Year Visa to Burkina Faso, a One Year Visa to Togo and I can enter Cote d’Ivoire for 60 days with no Visa.

Ghana gave 30 days, hard to feel wanted or welcomed. It is and illusions to say you need to go to a country, nobody needs to go to any country.

Ouaga seem very organized with a big bag of red sand continually causing the country to sweep the house. It has the curse of looking more dirty than reality.

Ouagadougou Burkina Faso

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