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I am leaving this morning with Peter, three Israeli guys, and three what we think are New Zealand girls, a good mix of people...

The tour group seems normal, unorganized, confused and the I have not met a tour guide that speaks English so all is normal for South America. Who knows if we have the right gear, but this is life, I have an umbrella and a rain poncho, and my new Sony Camera is waterproof, we will be in a boat most of the time I am told, I have a mosquito net but accidentally left my repellant in La Paz.


Peter the guy that was in Iraq with me now in

I hate that word...

Ok, I am teaching him how to flirt in Spanish, a few word, a wink, a look, he is from England so all of you understand...

I will be in the jungle, PAMPAS he says, I hope he brings soap...

All is great, typical Latino crap.

He called me a cheeky ba#$t"#d

Hobo in Rurrenbaque Bolivia

I am in RURRENABAQUE, on one of the slowest most expensive connections in Boliva. The price went from 2 in La Paz to 18 Bolivianos.

I leave for the jungle tomorrow and no pictures or comments on blog for 3 days or more.


These two young girls wanted me go dancing with them, I was lost for words, and finally did the manana thing, which never comes, I must look older than 25.

The sell dye in the streets of La Paz for clothes.

These young boys in La Paz drive me crazy playing video war games in the internet cafe.

French Canadian couple dressed up in typical dreads and colors, make you wonder what your kid is doing?


Here is the newsletter from La Paz, Bolivia.


I am yet to discover the web link for TAM

This page give a lot of information on how go from La Paz to Rurrenabaque by plane.

If someone discovers the link or if there exist a link please put a comment in the bottom of this post.

LA PAZ BOLIVIA Photos and Central Square

This is a photo of the Plaza Murillo, there are small plazas or squares all over Central and South America, so just another, however this one does have an abundance of pigeons, an extreme amount, so sort of interesting. They also have some type of Military drill or taking down of the flag on the square, I am not sure what happens, it is interesting to watch the serious nature of the soldiers, they are trying hard to be something.

This is one of the better sitting around and looking at people places I know.

This is interesting, a warning to beware of American travelers written on the wall in my Hotel room, they are all scammers. You can hear a lot about Americans traveling, however almost all people trust the Americans.

I have special status in all countries; of course, they want our money. They know Americans pay too much, are naïve, pay no matter what, and do not complain about paying. Scammers though is not normal, I have heard Mexicans say though,

“Si, Americanos come here, they complain about corruption, and then they learn how to do it better than us.”

Most of the world is afraid of Americans, therefore they are angry. Fear usually comes out as fear.

The are afraid they will become like Americans, the adopt our music, our food, our manners, I way of doing business, they know they are losing their culture, they are copying America, it is not Americans pushing this on their culture, they buy the music, there are no Americans here, I am the only one around. I am the minority, but the culture of America is what is copied, so that can be a Majority. I hear American music, I see American flags, and everyone wants to learn to speak English… Yep, they know in the back of their minds they think about America too much, and they do not like that they think about America more than their own country.

NOW, be responsible for your own thoughts, nobody tells you what to think about or what music to listen too, you are tempted because in the back of you mind you like some of the things, and you know… hehehe that some of the crap you have to put up with in your own country is not right.

I would like a little American Imperialism to come more to South America and push some law so they would learn about equal rights for all people, the blacks in the USA have no idea how good life is, they need to discover how the racism works on the rest of the planet.

New way to take photos.

I have discovered that taking pictures from inside a taxi is a good way to capture good photos, people naturally ignore taxis and do not see the camera to change.

Tourism at it worst, or best. Yes a double Decker bus allows you to see a city in comfort and style, but also keeps you from feeling the dirt.


The Iglesia San Francisco in the center of La Paz probably is the center of the Backpacker Universe for La Paz, Bolivia.

The big head, next to the Church the Iglesia, San Francisco, it probably is something about politics, I really cannot be bothered to learn, and if I did, I would forget. Nevertheless, it is a big head and interesting pillar or rock, many boys take their girls here to chat them up.

I am not sure this is traditional clothing, but this is the traditional way the dress up to be a traditional dance. There was this parade of sorts yesterday up the streets, two girls caught me, all of 18 years old and made me walk and talk with them, they said it was a celebration of the anniversary of an Instituto or school, she showed me where the school was and I try my best to evade the invitation to go dance with her. I did not put the photo of the girl because, well, I am not sure, but more proper to leave out because she was a nice girl, I will show the bad girls… hehehe

Life is good.

I have these great ideas… wow, inspiration, ideas, concepts, of how to help travelers like myself, I have been channeling my obsessive-compulsive nature into making a backpack.

The funny part is I have been walking up and down, up and down the mountainous city of La Paz, Bolivia trying to find parts to make a backpack. I am doing what I do not want to do, I am exercising and seeing the city too much at one time, but I am obsessive with some things, I am not obsessive about being a tourist, I rather think all Churches look the same in the end.

I have discovered that backpack number five has a problem with the side entry. I really hate zippers, all they do is break, and then it is dangerous until I get it fixed. I can lose things out of bag or they can rob me easily.

I guess the goal is to make a backpack with zippers as I cannot find and alternative that is better (zippers are quick), then next figure out how to protect myself from the zipper. How to use the zipper, but not need the zipper.

I am positive, if you try enough times you can make a light bulb, is the truth I learned from Thomas Edison, you do not fail until you stop.

I am pretty sure I know what to say to get lots of readers to my blog, I actually do not have that many or let me say, I know if I said things in a certain way and certain liberal bent, I would find more readers and they would enjoy listening to fantasy land. I need to create a delusional world where all poor people are great people and just need a chance, and of course, all leaders are bad, and crazies like Che Guevara are heroes. If I outline ideas that I think are naïve I would have more readers.

I always remember a quote I had on the wall about not following the majority of people.

“If the majority were right, the majority would be rich.”

There are what six billion people on the planet, which means if I just show enough photos I will have fun.

The pleasure of writing a blog is to forget I anyone is reading these ranting, strangely there is someone who likes to listen to anyone.

A girl walked into a the Hostal the other day, she had dreads, was from California, started talking about making homes out of mud, volunteering, she was dog ugly… aagh!

This Australian guy and me sat and listened, and then she left, he said,
“Wow, trippy.”

Like a hallucination!

My thoughts exactly, I said,
“Same song, different person.”

There are people that want to be unique, but really the same simple trippy noise; I am ready to hear some people making their own path.



This is a photo of cars that pass the El Carretero Hotel / Hostal etc. in La Paz, Bolivia. About every 10th vehicle is carrying Coca leaves; they make Cocaine from the leaves. This is obviously a big business and not a mystical wanna be spiritual type situation. Coca was used in the past in moderation but the making Cocaine is a modern invention. The sad part is the Bolivian and most of South America is starting to use their own drug, so here comes cheap drugs to South America.
A Peruvian woman in Cusco was telling me her belief that the Spanish encourage Coca cultivation, then with the bringing alcohol this cause a major social problem.

The Inca Indians stopped growing food and grew coca, or worked for Spanish.
They started growing more Coca and chewing the leaves.
The Spanish hooked them on drinking alcohol.

They now had less vitamins in their diets, and he use of Coca and alcohol dulled the brains of the now Quechua Indians. It does seem that there is not much light in the eyes, and the quickness of the eyes is diminished. It would be very easy for me to believe this is true.

It behooves the Mestizos population to keep the Quechua hooked on Coca and Alcohol so they can keep them placid and passive. There are more Quechua people than Mestizos however, the Mestizos run the country and take all the money. Therefore, there is moneymaking reason to keep the Indians hooked on Coca leave, and more than just Cocaine.


This has gone too far, the Non Government Organizations or NGO’s as they call themselves are now just like the Eco-tourism companies. Everyone is getting into the act of selling good will for a profit.

I instantly lose respect for a tour company or organization when the letters NGO are connected. It means nothing, I am a NGO, and I am not Government. Crap!


This photo is of a sign or poem like thing drawn to sell San Pedro and Ayuahuasca. These two natural type drugs cause hallucinations like LSD. They wrap it in mysticism and Shamans and call it spiritualism…

Just a great excuse for people to get high.

Exportation of herbs or Ayuhuasco to the USA is rampant, the classify it as a religion to get around the legal problems.

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