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I receive many interesting and provocative emails from people from all over the world. This is great and sometimes taxing as the internet can be very anonymous.

However, this is a false belief that you are anonymous, I can track down almost to the computer where an email came from, I am sure the FBI or CIA, and these agencies have it down to a science better than me.

I would not say it is simple, however it is interesting and fun and I extracted these IP addresses from the HEADER of an email. Normally you have to expose the HEADER or the SOURCE in the email.

Here are some IP address.

TELL me where these are from, they are real?


This information if you can apply it will help you feel safer when using a credit card online or when dealing with companies. I open do a little test to see if the people writing me are telling the truth, I have no idea why, however they also say they are traveling when they are at home.


I have been searching for a few years now for a 220 - 110 room heater that is small, very quiet and small enough to carry in my backpack without breaking. I want a fan so it will heat my room quickly. I have used electric hotplates for years to heat my rooms, however it is a little dangerous and not efficient, it needs a fan to circulate the air.

I am in Cusco and there was this guy in Centro Comercial, that I was asking questions and he instantly understood my goal, he says he can make one. He said this with no hesitation, clearly, looking me in the eyes and even told me how he would make it work with either 220 or 110 by flipping a switch.

I am very respectful of the gadget guys in these after one in Arequipa, Peru fixed my transformer for my computer a few years ago, this is also 220-110 compliant and a little complicated and almost impossible to buy when traveling in some of the more funky countries, it is amazing what they can fix.

I am excited, the rooms at the high altitudes and in places like Nepal, Tibet ect are so uncomfortable you could sleep outside and feel the same.

I check back with him at two today, no manana crap.

MY DREAM LIST of funky gear I want.


Maybe how to become a Millionaire when you are from a underdeveloped country

This is how it works.

Step one - You need to work for the government.
Step two - You apply for the what would be first world amount of money for a country to do something in underdeveloped country.
Example: The pay in Peru is about 10 dollars or less per day for construction workers and ask fo money that world be normal contract in richer countries.

Step four - You declare yourselves incompetent and poor.

Stop five - Make an appeal to groups that are afraid to be strong, like the United Nations.

Step six - Make sure all the people that are voting are doing the same. Example that 80 percent of the world are in the same boat, requesting money for nothing.

Step seven - Suck the money off in construction contracts because you also are the owners of all the businesses that will receive the money.

So the people feel guilty in the rich countries, feel they must help the poor, this is crazy way to run the world.

Read this article closely, it says,

PERU request money.
They say they do not manage the place good.
They want money from the United Nations.

Peru is making a fortune off of Machu Picchu, this is one of the most extorted sites on the planet presently, they are charging extreme amounts of money in proportional to the cost of living in Peru to enter this site. They have the way of milking the system down to a science, then they want more money so they can manage again badly, if they are doing badly than turn it over to the Germans, they can do a good job.

Read, this article wrapped in "World Peace."

This is typical in the world as everyone wants something for nothing, endemic of a large problem in the people of the planet, never want to think they can save themselves, and then make huge profits from the addle minded.

I tried to ignore this, however their Peruvian Public Relations people which are not incompetent have make this appear in my I have set on Machu Picchu almost daily, it is obvious they are good at collecting cash.


Ok, this not the correct quote, however here in Cusco I noticed a funny something happening. I walked around and took a tour of the movie restaurants. There were an unusually high number of signs in Hebrew, and then I was really surprise to find the one movie place did not have their sign in English and only was in Hebrew. I do not read Hebrew and wanted to know what he movie was?

What is up, there are almost double the number of signs in Hebrew? I do not care but I then see two Israeli girls from the tour in Rurrenabaque, the world is small and we are on the same path, so very common to see the same travelers.

I asked,
“What is up with all the signs in Hebrew?”
I suppose politically correct I am suppose to not notice this, however I believe politically correct mean to lie, so I do not lie.

They say,
“X is Jewish Passover.”

I forget which day; however, I think she said, Sunday.

They go on to say that, maybe 500 Israel people will come to Cusco soon to celebrate Passover. She treated me as if I would not know what Passover was, and I told her.
“This is in the Christian bible also.”
She said,
“Not the same.”

I do not know, it is just Old Testaments and to me at this time Christ was not born so all were the same before the split, seems to me the same.

Oh well, not important, and I was teasing the Jewish boy with the two girls when I said,
“Great, there will be lots of Israeli girls in town, I love Israeli girls.”

90 percent of the travelers appear to me to be racist against Israel so for sure they would not try to meet Israeli girls; I am not from Europe so I am not racist against Israel. I like Israel people and will do my best to make friends because I consider them great friends. Israeli people are very strong, opinionated people and can be overwhelming if you are weak, I personally love very strong and direct personalities and life is easy when people are direct. The successful USA executive is this way while the fruit of the looms are not, so nice to meet some straightforward persons.

I like all people even the jerks most of the time unless they are making an attack, and then they are making a stupid move, as I may take the wind out of their liberal sails.

This is April and the Equinox is ended, I am very confused on Passover, however not important. The vernal equinox occurs around March 21.
First day of spring I think.



Passover, important Jewish festival commemorating the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt and their safe flight across the Red Sea (see Judaism: Festivals). This flight, described in the Book of Exodus, was led by Moses.

The name of the festival (pesach, Hebrew for “passing over” or “protection”) is derived from the instructions given to Moses by God (see Exodus 12:3-17). In order to encourage the Egyptians to allow the Hebrews to leave Egypt, God intends to “smite all the first-born ... both man and beast” in the land. To protect themselves, the Hebrews are told to mark their dwellings with lamb's blood so that God can identify and thus pass over them.

The celebration of the holiday begins after sundown on the 14th day of Nisan, the first month of the Jewish ecclesiastical year, about the time of the vernal equinox. In accordance with rabbinic law (see Halakhah; Rabbi), Jews living outside the limits of ancient Palestine (see Diaspora) celebrate the holiday for eight days and partake of a ceremonial meal, known as the Seder, on the first two nights. The Seder consists of prescribed foods, each of which symbolizes some aspect of the ordeal undergone by the Hebrews during their enslavement in Egypt. For example, horseradish signifies the bitterness of the experience, and a mixture of chopped nuts and apples in wine symbolizes the building mortar used by the Hebrews in their forced labor. During the Seder the narrative of the exodus is recounted and prayers of thanksgiving are offered up to God for his loving protection. The readings, songs, and prayers of the Seder are contained in the Haggada, copies of which are available for all at the table. Jews living within the limits of ancient Palestine celebrate Passover for seven days, conducting a Seder only on the first night.

Throughout the holiday observant Jews abstain from eating leavened bread, substituting unleavened bread, usually in the form of matzo. These matzoth recall the unleavened bread eaten by the Hebrews during their flight because they had no time to prepare raised bread. Jewish tradition prescribes that, during Passover, meals be prepared and served using sets of utensils and dishes reserved strictly for that festival.

Contributed By:
Saul Lieberman

Quote from Encylopedia Encarta
am confused why they say this is a Jewish holiday here, I see it as both.


“A person searching for a Bridge out of the country, not any country, must be a number one country.”

Normally USA, England or Australia, maybe Germany.

I returned to Cusco yesterday from La Paz, upon entering the Hostal I received the extension of the hand and a kiss on the cheek from Sonia. This especially happens with formal introductions, and if you noticed, would happen more than you could imagine. I am a flirt maybe and sometime like to make the girls feel good. I find that I can make the older women feel good if I I say,
“Hola Senorita.”

This means more or less young non married woman and make them feel better than saying.’
“Buenas Dias Senora.”

This is like saying Good Morning Mrs. or Madame or something, however the Senora indicates respect and that she is married.

I had an executive in Arequipa instruct me on this as he said, do not make the older women feel old. Trust me there is no better instructors in being smooth than the Latino men, they have a way that convinces the women to forget they have four girl friends at the same time.

I asked Sonia,
“How many boyfriends did you meet while I was gone?”
She said,
She then said,
“How many did you meet in La Paz?”
I said,
People like it when you insinuate that they must fight off the boys or girls.

She said,
“I do not believe you.”

I said,
“Solo Bridgecheras!”

I am always surprised that this foreigner slang can evade the locals, and of course, it evades most of the travelers also, I am not sure, where I learned this word however, it is a very appropriate word.

I went on to explain to Sonia about he word Bridgechera and she more or less understand however hard for her to empathize with being a foreigner and funny I was having the same conversation with one French guy and two Argentines in the El Carretero as they started complaining about not meeting girls in La Paz.

They were in Brazil where the girls are very forward and thought the girls in La Paz were difficult to meet, the French guy was commenting on how the girls in Argentina are easy to meet. However, they complained about the La Paz girls. I am not sure though these three guys are klutzes; they more or less sit around smoke cigarettes, joints, and drink all day, juggling balls and such, remind me of the circus and looks the same.


BRIDGE + (Spanish Suffice) = Bridge eras

If you put era or eradora on the end of a word in Spanish, it means some one that does something more or less, so a work can be a Trabajadora and or you can have mujer or a mujeradora is a person that works on women.

It is easy to add this ending onto the end of word and make the word work.

So I can say, let me think?
Well, the bottom line is you can add the ending, oh yes; a person that talks a lot is a Hablar the verb adora, therefore

I am probably spelling these words wrong; however, I can say them more or less correct so I can talk. Spelling is more difficult than talking.

Therefore, there are these boys and girls that are Bridge Cheras or people searching for a bridge out of the country. These girls will come up to me once per day and for sure in the Plaza de Armas and flirt I am good at blowing them off fast and getting rid of them. They are very flattering and inviting me to do all sort of things. Normally it requires that I spend money on them and they normally want me to go drinking or dancing. This works well for most of them, however they are annoying to me and obviously more like a bar girl in Thailand, you need to ignore 90 percent because they are floozies.

I make no apologies and do not deny. I search actively with no remorse for friendship. I believe a traveler must concentrate on finding good friends fast or go crazy from being alone. It is considered in our warped world unmanly or needy to search for friendship. I consider this attitude the highest example of needy. A person that will sit around chastising another for wanting friendship is incapable of being a friend. How can you be a friend when you shame a person for wanting love, love is the most nature of needs. It is obvious people get married to secure their need for love and to guarantee they have it daily.

I am now after eight years completely aware the only thing that will stop me traveling is my inability to find adequate friendships. I am in need of better friends as the modern tourist I meet become crazier similar to the new Argentina travelers or the klutz from France I met, they are only capable of smoking, drinking, and talking. They are the great internet chatters of the world that cannot have an intimate conversation with another person.

They have trouble-finding girls in a place where girls throw themselves at them. I am double the age of these boys, they are klutzes, and they make themselves ugly so they can be safe.

Yes, I have a HUGE advantage, I am from the USA, and has nothing to do with me working just a lucky sperm in a lucky place. However, France is a desired country in places like Africa and such where they have convinced them they are not the devil. Of course, in South Americans, the French are Latinos and the girls smell this.

Sonia and the owners of the hotel went on to tease me about Bridgecheras and ask me about them and tried to get me to explain in detail. It was interesting as they think also a person should not notice these girls. There is the boy version also that meets tons of white girls, they like get the job of tour guides, which makes most tour guides in the world worthless.

There is this hiding of friends in the world that has become upward to being crazy. How can you meet a wife if you do not talk to people, you cannot get married without having a few courtships. There is the inane belief that you sleep with every girl you talk with.

Most people are so animal they cannot believe you can talk with a person without having sex, this is so crazy, and it is hard to believe the number or men and women in the world that cannot get close to other without mating. They go to the bars nightly and spend their times avoiding everyone because I think maybe they cannot stop themselves.

I personally spend all my time in the day walking around talking to friends or meeting interesting folks around the city.

The owner got a kick when I said,
There are night girls and daygirls.

Daygirls are nice girls and night girls are floozies.

I suppose that comment will get some hate mail… hehehe some floozies right now is angry, because if you want to get person really angry say the truth. Now a person that goes out every night and is not a floozy will not be angry in the least.

I am a tourist, I go and look at things, there is nothing to look at in the night so I want people to walk with me in the day. I have seen very few restaurants that I would call worthy of visiting in another country at night, there are lots of local type food stands that I would say are for sure a cultural experience.

Damn, I wanted to write nothing on bridgecheras however, this is a very complicated situation. Explaining the relationships you encounter around the world is much more difficult than taking about Machu Picchu; it requires no thought to explain a beautiful place.

Friendships and how people like or do not like each other is of great interest however everyone ignore it, as they are not suppose to talk.

By the way, many of the Argentina girls and boys want to leave Argentina and I do not blame them, this is the richer ones normally so they can be smooth talking Bricheros or Bricheras, deceptive. This is a expensive country with not that many jobs, like France.

HOTELS Choosing Hotels

I am having problems, not normal problems for me, however new ones that I have never encountered in my travels. I am having more trouble with hotels and all sorts of choices.

I have always lived on the bottom, not the complete bottom like some travelers because I believe I am good at making choices. Therefore, I find the best value Hotel room for the money I spend. The new problem is that I am doing well with finding travel money and can upgrade from a minus one star hotel to a zero star hotel. This is not much of a change, however what is strange is I am still in the same rooms and the same price range and cannot upgrade.

I am in the El Carretero Hostal in La Paz, room number 40; the room number 43 was occupied when I returned from Rurrenabaque so I opted for the upgrade from sin bano privado to bano privado.

I went from common shower to a private shower, I really had no choice as all the rooms were filled or they had these rooms I think they reserve for bums, or Latinos they keep somewhat separated from the foreigners for security reasons. I always smell security problems first.

Therefore, I pay 5 dollars U.S., not 2.5 dollars U.S. for my room, the cost has doubled, and my room is worst. Yes, I can go into my toilet and use the toilet, however the shower is so cold I have resorted to using the common shower again, the one I used before.

In Thailand you can opt in the Sawasdee Inn or whatnot to have a television, I had to constantly check to make sure the television worked. Then I went to the D & D on Khao San Road for Air, TV and Swimming Pool. I had to make sure the Air, and TV worked, the Hot Water worked better in Thailand, and really in Bangkok it is not a big need, as here at 3500 meters Hot Water is a huge need, it is very cold.

I now have to check very close every room or I find that the upgrade is only an upgrade pay more and not better value. I must be even more careful or I would become more frustrated with the management. Paying a lot of money for a room and having a bad room is more irritating than paying nothing and having a bad room. I am living the same however paying more, this does not make sense.


Beggar kids covering their face, hard to get the money when they hide…

Plaza Murillo in La Paz Bolivia

The wrong type of lock to put on your door. In the dark you cannot see the numbers, and when you line up the numbers and open the door a smart person could look at the alignment if you do not scramble it and see what the number are.

Beggar lady on the main tourist stretch in La Paz, notice her mouth if full of Coca leaves.

Cute little girl looking at me when I was purchasing some snaps in the Granero area of La Paz for backpacks. Her mother was in front of me sitting on the pavement selling items.


These people wrote me, so I am thanking them.

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