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Fly to Anguilla Sunday

I will Fly to Anguilla on Sunday, February 26, 2006

I will fly with to Anguilla on Sunday,
147.65 USA Dollars including tax and everything.

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
Travel Journal

The Gap Barbados

The Gap Barbados
I may have found the center of what is closest to the center of backpackers universe for South Barbados.
On or around The Gap
This so far appears to be a long, nice, smaller yet workable commercial area near the Maraval and Cleverdale guesthouse area. There are many guesthouses hiding, just not sure where.
I am in an Internet Cafe Coffee shop or a real restaurant internet cafe with three computers, nice, colorful, happy, and a cute waitress. Mostly a tourist place, however on the lower to play levels. A great place for fun conversations.

Too Aggressive Travel

Too Aggressive Travel

Thursday February 23, 2006, 2:56 AM
Ferry to St Vincent
Plane to Barbados
Bus to Worthing Barbados

I am being too aggressive in my travels today, I have woken up at 3:00 AM and I know I am afraid to fall asleep again for fear I will not wake up and miss the boat to the main Island of Saint Vincent.

Why am I being so aggressive, why am I working so hard to move? I think it because I want to be anywhere but here, I want to be in a place where I am not bored. The Julies Guesthouse in Bequia is great, it is the same price as the Adams, Leslie and Macedonia Hard Rock on the mainland, so I am living on the best Island for the same price as Kingstown, however there is very little to do, other than go to restaurants with elevator music.

I am being aggressive, because I am going to take both a ferry and an airplane today. I will take the 6:30 Admiralty Transport boat to the mainland, then a 1:20 pm Liat Airplane to Barbados. I then need to get to Worthing and hope to find a room on the Island of Barbados.


Aagh, I just spilled my coffee, it fell off the edge of the little crooked nightstand next to the bed.

I missed the nightstand, or put the coffee too near the edge of the table, I do not know how it suddenly fell of, and I suppose the world wiggles. I have a huge list of hotel services and needed to work on the list adding solutions or reasons why this happened. I am up to about 1158 services or benefits of hotel rooms.

Nonetheless, I am traveling aggressively for me, for another person this would be normal, however it is the type of travel that makes people crazy. It is,

- Work Travel -

They want to work, they do not want to travel in my mind, they feel like they need to accomplish something or they are not being a responsible person. The Art of Travel for me is not having to be responsible for anything, not having to plan, not having to think, just taking off and landing where you land. The only responsible thing I do is leave early in the morning and arrive before noon, and try to be no later than 2 o�clock in the afternoon. Of course, if I am leaving at 1:20 from Kingstown for Barbados I am going to be late arriving at the Hotel, I will not check in any earlier than about 3:00 PM. This type of travel is aggressive for me, I would like to have left on the early plane, stayed the night in Kingstown, got up early, be in Barbados at around 8:00 in the morning. However, it is six this way or six that way, the Adams Hotel in Kingstown could be full, then I would have to go to the Leslie or maybe the Macedonia Hard Rock and hope there are mini-vans running that early in the morning.

I do not trust the transportation here in the Caribbean before maybe 8:00 in the morning, I think they smoke too many joints, drink too much, and only work when they want to, not enough normal old type guys around with little beat up taxis.

I do not trust the Bequia Express Boat; I see it outside or on the pier last night.

I am taking the Admiralty Transport, the same company I came on, they have an office here, I asked the lady when the boat leaves, she says 6:30 and I trust her, she is from Guyana. I then see the Bequia Express; however, when I was coming here the other day they cancelled their service and these Brit girls were all upset because they had to come on the 11:30 boat.

There is supposed to be three boats, however I am not taking the boat that leave right before the plane. I do not trust they will run, I am taking the second one back. This way I have a backup or redundant system in the event they cancel one of the boats.

Anyway, I do it I am very safe, the plane only cost 39 U.S.A dollars so if I miss it I am not going to cry, I have never missed a plane and lost my money by accident. I have only missed planes because of missing a connection when one plane is late arriving.


I suppose this is what I would call this type of travel today.
I am stacking my transportation.

City Bus

The more I stack up, the longer the line of transportation I need to figure out, the more stress I will have in my day. The culture here sucks, the person working around the transportation areas could care less, they cannot be bothered. I really love the South American grab you, try to put you on a bus, holler to get you, scream, help, pull you to put you on their bus or transport system.

Here, it is like talking to some Gangster Rappers as the Iceland man said, he coined it or said it perfect. How wants to walk up to someone from the ghetto and ask them directions. I know most of the European cultures have never dealt with this type of culture and for sure the European cultures believe it something great, the girls are all having sex with these guys. Ergo the way person ends up living on the island. It is not the men I see staying, it is the women because they have a little baby.

What is really crazy is the little one-dollar EC vans are more helpful than the airport taxis that make a lot of money. I write tips, I have no way to know how to explain what type of person to ask directions from, ask for help from, or who is going to steer a person in the right direction. It is always a judgment call; a person has to make a decision to ask a person who is going to help.

I was laughing; I walked into the Admiralty Transport office two days ago after being on the beach. A big local lady, gave me a mean look, says you have to have shirt. I walked away, she is a bad person, and I do not want to learn anything from an evil spirited person. I thought yesterday, the office is next to the hotel. I will walk in, I have a shirt on, this lady from Guyana is nice as pie, talking, helpful, a really great lady.

I wanted to know, are there boats to Barbados, she even went as far as to say no, however there is some type of Cargo boats that leave on Fridays, or she think they leaves on Friday, something about Admiral Bay, General and Mauritania, I cannot read her writing. There is an office in Kingstown.

WAITING for a cheaper form of transport in the Caribbean seems a little foolish. IF I wait one day to save 30 U.S. Dollars then I have to pay 30 Dollars U.S. to sleep in a room. IF the place is a place I do not wish to leave, many fun things going on then this would be ok, I have not had any place yet, where I would not leave at the drop of a hat. I am really hoping Barbados is fun.



Friday February 24, 2006, 6:00 AM

Barbados, I country farther east than most of the Island, we could or may call the Caribbean. There appears to be an argument possible that Barbados is more in the Atlantic Ocean. I am learning that I need a geography expert and a map expert to further my education, too much gossip at the nonprofessional level.

Nonetheless, I am in a place with pretty girls on the beach, not an overwhelming amount; however, there is enough to be satisfactory that I am not proving to myself I am old. It makes me feel weak to be on a beach like the Bequia Island beaches, where everyone is over 60 and I am there. I have no desire to get, be, or think like an older person, I guess I want the wisdom, experiences; however, I do not want a person to think of me as old.

Nothing to be gained by being old, this is a comment said by a person that needs an excuse for all the reasons they are not longer vital or good at anything.

Barbados for sure is more civilized so far, or my impression of the Island is the people have are three, not two steps closer to being a top-level country. If I had not seen the roofs of all the buildings on the way down in the airplane, I would for sure say the place is upper level civilized. Where I am located is civilized, there seems to be some type of British use of the word proper going on, I can feel them here. There is more of the Good English influence here than the Islands south of here to Trinidad.

The tourist bubble is the problem for me here in the Caribbean, there is that cultural change happening on a large scale. The change that happens to a person when they have a na�ve traveler around that will pay 10 times the normal price for things. There is a gouge mentality that entails and annoying that the other tourist, not so much a traveler, however a tourist encourages you, shames you, in many ways forces you to pay a lot, for all the I wanna be rich and prove it person with low self esteem, think they can buy it by making the persons around them feel poor. Paying a lot of money and not caring about it is an insult. I did this to an obnoxious storeowner in Bequia, he had something for 1.5 EC and was being a jerk, so I gave him 2 EC and said,

- Keep the Change -

The only way to tell a person in any way shape of form they are a gouger is to pay them too much for something nobody would pay too much for, you do not tip the person in the grocery store or the bait shop.

Barbados is a breath of fresh air, a good clich�, needs to be used once in awhile or they will disappear.

Girls, Bikinis, Grocery Stores, plenty of cars, plenty of tourist facilities, like being on Miami beach before Cuba and Mexico invaded.

Gay Barbados

Gay Barbados

Friday February 24, 2006, 7:44 AM

I am in some not in the guidebook Guesthouse paying 37 U.S. Dollars for a place I would normally pay 3 dollars for, what a change in life. I am used to living pretty good, hard to believe the quality of a room has very little to do with price.

Gay Barbados

A guesthouse here seems to be what I would think of as a boarding house. It is a large house with many rooms rented out, and everyone shares the common areas.

Therefore, I wrapped a towel around my naked body, grabbed my room key, walked to the common toilet, it is around 7:00 in the morning. The good drunk tourist should stay in bed. However I walk towards the kitchen, right next to the toilet, (not good)

I enter the room.

- Three men turn around and stare, pause, then ask me if the food in the counter was my food. I have only been here 15 hours, these three guys know that.
I am getting the look from these guys as if they do not want me to know what they are thinking.

Gay Barbados

Some man, a large man, a big man, a man, really like a big boy, maybe a big black fat man, a big fat black young man introduced himself.

I was walking from the guesthouse area where I am located towards the grocery store; I did not realize yet, that I was in the not-beach-tourist-area. It is a beach 50 steps away; however, everyone is wearing clothes, shirts, and maybe some socks with sandals. The ratio to socks with sandals is about 1-10, however there is some good 1�s here.

However, I am strolling along, trying to find a 7-11 type store, normal in tourist areas. A place to buy food on every corner. There is almost zero, I have not found any, I have found two grocery stores, which is better, however not a - Convenience Store - I was looking for convenience. Nonetheless, this man stops me in the street, very polite, big, and ask where I am from, what I am doing, etc, he is strolling the street, looks to be a good guy, of course Gay guys can always be more than just friendly, they can be overly personal. This is a good thing, not a bad thing, so I do not care. However he passes, I unhook my hand, then say good-bye, nice to meet you, etc. He is hard to understand, I keep saying, what, excuse me, not understanding. This is not good for the Gay guy, I have to lean closer, he is getting too emotionally involved in this conversation. I need to lean away. I need to be more Homophobic, it would keep me out of these conversations if I were really scared, nervous or annoyed.

The lady boys of Thailand remove any nervousness from me, about Gay people or Homosexuals or other forms of negotiable gender persons.

Whatever the case, this many turns around, comes back my way, collides with my path, sort of stays on the path. I am going back to my guesthouse, I am tired of searching for food with no shirt, it does not work. The man stalls at the gate, I am very thankful for the gate, he knows this is a line in the sand; he cannot cross without an invitation. Barbados is more civilized and this person has restraint, manners, and knows a little about something.

He stands there with me at the gate, he keeps talking, I cannot understand him, his language is off a little from my dialect, he speaks too softly, he is too nervous.

I am cracking up, laughing to myself, this guy thinks he should talk to me; I got this feeling I am in some type of semi-gay area, where the local are not sure.

I stand at the gate and say,

- Good-bye -

A no comment, you do not have a permission to comment goodbye, no open, no way he can feel he gets to comment goodbye. I am unhooking from this Fat man, too friendly type.

It makes me empathize with women, they must get really annoyed when I just will not leave, however there are times when a guy not leaving works. I think this is the hope of this man.

The clincher was this, he said

- I like you blue swim shorts, they look good on you -

I am on the world famous diet designed by me, I am feeling very fat, not in prime shape, I need to make the package of cereal better boxed so the girls of the planet want to eat. Therefore being on my world famous diet, designed by me, I am positive I am not looking great in my blue pants, except maybe to a man of nebulous gender, hoping to get anything, knowing he is very fat and has little hope in any gender range.

My diet is this.

- I do not eat -

The less food in the body, the more pounds or kilos I lose.

I try to starve myself, I do not care, I want to be smaller, healthy choice, a quick fix, and it works. I am addicted to everything, I know the best way to give up or stop an addition is to not practice your addiction.

OK, so there are many signs of some Gay Barbados, the third on the list guesthouse in the Lonely Planet for the budget places says it is Gay Friendly or some weird comment. I think this is some writer�s game of a way to say, there is gays in the area. This area is not Gay, it just has some Gays, the whole world has some Gays, and some countries have more than others do.

Actually, I believe or think if I could figure out where the Gay beaches of the planet are located, then I could find some of the best full of girls in small bikinis areas. I really like Key West, however for sure there is an inordinate amount of Gays in Key West.

However, there are also many pretty girls.

What happens I think is this; the Gays are a much more in touch with their feminine side, go figure. They are more sensitive to their needs, their wants, and they spend a lot of time looking for S E X. They are good at focusing on their goals. I on the other hand wander around; hate to do research on a place before I go to the place. In the end, I do not dream about places to go, I go them places.

The Gays do lots of research.

They know where the most beautiful places on the planet are located.

They congregate or group at some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Therefore, they seem to research better, find the better beaches, and then they come, of course if the beach is a good beach, there will also be many pretty young girls. That is the association I need, a way to find where there are the better bikini fashions on the planet.

The bottom line is this, a deserted beach is solitary confinement for me, I hate a completely deserted beach. Contrary to any crap you have ever heard, it is very easy to find a beautiful beach. What is hard to find is a beautiful beach with just the perfect mix of people, facilities, restaurants that has yet to turn into a tourist trap.

A small friendly, personal beach, nice conversation without high rise hotels is great, however as soon as they become great, they then start to become not-so-great, they go over the hill and start to go down. Then they can be great girl watching beaches, however they will never again have that mom and pop, meet many hangers around, cheap, easy to make friends beach. It will turn into a Karaoke, Brit bar, theme restaurant place where you need to wear a shirt to walk on the street.

I will say it again, every man, woman and dog on the planet should spend one month of their lives in a place where they never wear shoes. Going barefoot, native, no attachment to social needs of some planet will someday explode and disappear.

I like a completely barefoot beach life.

Barbados is great so far, some good colors on the beach.

(You ever wander if the spell checker will inadvertently change the meaning of the sentence. I do not like to go back and read, this is one of them post where I get the feeling I need to be careful. I have learned many times that persons like to read into things more than there is there. )

Barbados Hope

Barbados Hope

In search of Biking Beach in the Caribbean a major battle.

I am hoping Barbados is fun, I am feeling pretty good, last night I was searching for guesthouses on the internet. Trying to suss out what beach is best, which little city is best, where I should try to land. I was happy to read some small comments about people hanging out around the pool at one of the 55 Dollar per night hotels. It is on the lower end of the price range. Then I found a list of about 10 hotels or better said guesthouses at around 25 to 30 dollars per night.

My guidebook when I looked at it carefully lists a couple of the hotels in the city of Worthing. It looks a long ways from the Hotel, however these Island are very small, it less than 10 Kilometers, very close really.

OOPS, I had better be careful; I was about to type in to help the other travelers the guesthouses on my hot list in Barbados. Then I remembered reading this blurb from some person in Barbados. I have this really cool system of Google Alerts, I can take the word - - and put in the system, many times when another website list me on their site, I can then discover the link from them. When a site is active, like my blog, not the normal part of, however the blog will get indexed I think daily by Somehow, they know how to index, I am bewildered at the extreme intelligence of However with their alerts I can monitor my own site and notice information.

 Andy The Hobo Traveler Hits the Caribbean - Maybe Barbados ... For those not
 familiar with Andy the Hobo Traveler and his blog, now might be a good time to ...

I just realized, I will probably be sending people to an empty link or they will not be able to find the comment. I have not looked at it, it could be saying I am a complete jerk; however, I do know that someone out there in the Blogosphere or Internet La La land is watching or reading my blog to see I am coming their way before I land there.

I do not have a picture on my blog or on the site�

It takes a really inquisitive and active reader of my blog to track me close enough to know what I am doing. I am saved normally because people are a dollar short and a day late. They are writing me one week after I leave and say, why did you not this, or why did you not that. I am already in the next country and they are sending suggestions. Way too late to be helping. My blog is real time if not one day late at most, sometimes I suppose two days, with them being closed on Sunday here it can be later. However very close to real time. I will hopefully soon have the BGAN Imarasat Satellite system, maybe in April of 2006, then I can blog daily. I HOPE. There are so many bugs; the cell phone is not working for blog. Too complicated, I would have to stay in one location for the cell phone to work. Not the point of travel.

Nonetheless, this person in Barbados has spotted the blog, I have spotted the person. I am playing Cat and Mouse now, what fun. I like to do these little fun clever little games of who is what, why, where, I like to know what is going on before the other person.


I think I was reading in a Tom Clancy book and he said,

- Information is the world most valuable commodity -

However before you have information, you have to find the sources, then mine the sources, categorized the information. Prioritize the information, then access how to use the information. There is some kind of complicated maze, algorithmic process, a systematic processing of the information that has to happen before you can use information. Then you have so much information your are overwhelmed.

Like right now, I know my mother, my biggest fan is overwhelmed, she hates when I sit here and type MY journal. She like me to write about interesting things to her, not interesting things to myself. In the end she is interested, just not really interested. It is ok, she is still my mother and cares, my father like the pictures better I am sure.

Well, I am going to Barbados, in the what do you call it, a Village, Town, small community of Worthing, on Page 635 of my Lonely Planet Caribbean, I got for free form the Big girl in Trinidad from the USA fourth edition, published in 2005. The guidebook with the really skinny lady dancing on a yellow background there is three Guesthouses or maybe Guest Houses. My ongoing debate in my head, which spelling is correct.

Well, there are three.

1. House Cleverdale 25 U.S. Dollars.
2. Maraval Guest House 30 U.S. Dollars.
3. Shell�s Guest House 28 / 40 U.S. Dollars.

I am excited, the guidebook says, if

- you�re on a tight budget, but want to be near all the excitement -

I am sorry Lonely Planet, I cannot use the Quotations marks or the stupid foreign computers will change them to funky symbols. I have adopted the - Dash - around the comment system. I know it is not proper, who cares.

OK, the point is this, there are THREE� NOT one, there are three cheapies in one spot. I am gagging, 25 Dollars is not a cheapie hotel, it is 20 dollars more than normal for me.

What is even better when I was able last night to surf and play?

I hooked on to the - Maraval - then the - Cleverdale - then did a search in more or less all this in the search line:

Maraval Cleverdale Barbados

Gold, I hit gold, a whole list on one of the pages. I sent two links to myself; however, I was not able to copy the hotels to my thumb drive. I will not be able to use this list until I am in Barbados. However, I know of THREE hotels, this is adequate. One of them will work, I can then if I want upgrade to a better location, after I suss out where is my proper Hobo home for me, not you, for me, we are not the same.


I really hate, despise, feel they are arrogant, and JERKS, booking pages, that make you work very hard to find the price of the hotels. You can only find it maybe when you go to book the hotel. Like price does not matter. That is a real wanker way to make a decision. Only on services, maybe on my honeymoon, and only one time in my life, however the rest of my life, I am going to know the price before I make a decision.

The INTERNET is becoming a fiasco. The searches for Caribbean are so full of NO help booking pages; they are doing them so well. A person had to be an expert on the internet to find a helpful page. One that list the hotel properly, lists the prices, the location, and the telephone numbers and is actually transparent in their presentation. In the end, only about 1 in 50 is the good page, and the others are some type of bait and switch, frustrate you until you book. I get them, I refuse to book, I would rather just walk around. If there is one thing in the world normally, there is a room to sleep in; only in the worst-case places to travel - EUROPE - do I have to book a room. I still do not do it regularly.

I am thinking about writing a tip.

- Reservations to solitary confinement -

There are many hotel, expensive hotels here on Bequia where there may be only one or two couples. IF as a single person, I would reserve a room in these isolated, nothing to do beautiful locations, over priced, pain in the butt spots. I would be - Reserving a room in solitary confinement. - I know the world thinks being on a deserted island is fun, however in that Tom Hank Movie I think he was on an island alone and started talking to a soccer ball, it became his best friend. It is like the computer, when I have nothing to do, I type a lot, when I am busy, I type less.

On the other hand, when I am relaxed I type more.

Nonetheless, it about balance. The proper amount of people in the hotel, the proper amount of excitement, the proper amount of benefits in the hotel. OF course, standard operating procedure is to make sure the management is nice. I do not know how to find this out other than to walk into the hotel. I will take the first hotel, then walk around to upgrade to fun or kind management in Worthing Barbados.

Many people really do hate everyone, they really do need put in solitary confinement, I have no idea why they would go on vacation, they hate the world, they avoid the world. A resort tell me this, a person wants to avoid the locals. They will pay any amount of money to not have to talk or associate with the local culture. It is more than that, but that is one of the main reasons. They are afraid, then know the do not like the locals.

OH well, I am excited. I had better take my dip shower.

IT is winter. The air is cool; I have only a cold shower in the Julies guesthouse here on Bequia. I will heat up water in my bottom of my plastic gas can I carry, then take a nice, warm, hot, dip bath. I think the boater would really benefit from this as it uses about one-third the amount of water and I have a hot shower of sorts. Those black bags are nice, but require sun, and a shower used too much water.

Fly to Barbados

I will fly to Barbados soon, I am wasting time here in an Internet cafe in Kingstown, a nice Internet cafe, however will not accept my USB Thumb drive. I have this password thing on the Kingston Secure Traveler Thumb drive does not work in Kingstown.. hehehe
The password part is good, however it stops me about 20 percent of the time.
I was going to post some photos about the Ferries from Bequia to Kingston. The Bequia Express left at the same time as the Admiralty and they both arrived in the same order they left. Nothing real express about express.
I will fly with Liat Airlines, I have had good luck so far.

There is plenty of gossip about Liat, one joke I heard today is this,
Do you know what Liat stands for?
Lost Island Any Time

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