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Boss Captain Sir

Boss Captain Sir

I am trying to understand why labor-working people in some countries call me Boss or Captain, the Sir makes sense, and then Mister is annoying. In the country of India as well as here in the Caribbean, the locals will say hello in a manner more or less like,
- Hey Boss - or
- Hey Captain -

I am going into the French area of St Martin to live, it will be interesting to here what they say, if one uses a word like that in French, maybe the word - Patron, - I know they use the word Patron in Spanish when I am in Central or South America; it is more or less the substitute for owner.

The relationships between people, although in the USA is trying to be, pretending to be the same is constantly being defined. First Class seat on planes, Five Star Hotels, CEO, Mr. Jones, Sir, Ms or Mrs., Mr., all the various titles. A Medical doctor can be quite angry if you do not say, Dr Jones, or Doctor Jones, or Professor Jones.

When I taught English in Peru, it was impossible to live with a person if I told them I was teaching, they would call me - Maestro. - this means teacher in Spanish.

I was looking or trying to look up the names for slave master or the straw bosses that would run a plantation. Words are part of the culture, it defines the culture. Food is also a defining part of culture. I can learn more about where a person originally came from by their foods and words than by what the person knows about their origins. Facial structure, eyes, length of chin, nose, color or hair is all clues to me of the ancestry of the persons. Height is good to, color of skin; the USA person for some reason has a browner color to the skin than the European.

The way a person walks is a sure method of knowing the country. I was watching the French on the Island of St Martin walk yesterday, the style is smooth, does not bounce up and down.

Here is a monument or Memorial next to the Cable and Wireless or close to the Cable and Wireless telephone office in Anguilla. A memorial to Princess Diana the girl that was killed in a car accident.

This is serious stuff to me; I think Princess Diana is a good person, not quite up there with Sister Theresa that died at the same time. However, here is a person that is by title or the title to me says, I am - Culturally Superior - to you. I am the princess, I wonder what person would say if a person wanted to be called - KING -. We are in the wrong country, Anguilla to be doing this type of memorial crap to a Princess; to me I would feel it is a slap in the face to the demographics of the Island of Anguilla.

Caribbean Hotels Guesthouse List

I have found a very good list of Guesthouses or Hotels in the Caribbean on this page.

Hard to say if they are good or bad, however this page is showing all price ranges and telephone numbers. I have some clue now of some cheaper ones in Anguilla, and Sint Maarten.

Ferry from Anguilla to Sint Maarten St Martin

Ferry from Anguilla to Sint Maarten St Martin

IF I go from Anguilla I guess I arrive at the French side or Sint Maarten from this pier or ferry jetty, dock, etc whatever you call it, is maybe a boat to St Barts another Frenchie Island and supposed to be one of the most expensive Islands in the Caribbean.

There is supposed to be a one dollar, probably U.S. dollar bus that is just away from the pier where I will arrive in Sint Maarten that will go to Philipsburg on the Dutch side. This dock is supposed to have a boat to Saba.

The LP or Lonely Planet has a conflict; it shows my ferry going to Marigot on the French side or the Sint Maarten side. Then it shows a little dotted line going to Saba or a ferry going to this Island. Plus from the same dock there is one to St Barts or whatever you call the place, St Baths, Saint Barts, etc.

This is a recon mission, my goal is to look for Guesthouses on the Island, whereby I can stage my travel or airplane trips to the USA or maybe Saba, Statia, St Barts or maybe Antigua. I want to stay on the Island; however, I hate to give up a good Guesthouse just to be on a tourist Island. I have to weigh my wants, I like the culture around me here, and I have learned more about the history and culture of the Caribbean here with Hutson at Casa Nadines than anywhere else in the Caribe. However, for sure the Island of Sint Maarten is better for boats and planes. It is maybe a gate in and out of the Caribbean. The ferry is supposed to take 18 minutes, a fast or short trip.

Hutson and the LP do not agree or do not seem to agree, this is interesting in itself, a local, responsible Hutson can or maybe will know more than the LP, however he probably has never been to Saba or Statia and I doubt St Barts. Therefore, he may or may not know, however he is a responsible man, therefore hard to say.

This is a great example of a before I leave blog post, I have before, during and after type post. There is incongruence between the posts, only after the trip is anything clear.

Travel Theft Worry

Travel Theft Worry

I will go by Ferry from Anguilla to St Martin or Sint Maaten the name of this Island or country is very difficult for me to spell.

I am worried about leaving my room for 10 hours and the owner knows I am leaving for 10 hours. I have told Hutson Gump the owner of the Casa Nadine�s that I am leaving.  He is a very good person, helped me to understand how to go to the ferry, the cost of taxi, the cost of ferry, when to leave, how to get back and better yet. He explained the two docks or places where I can catch another Ferry to the Islands of Saba or Statia, also Saint Barts.

Ok, this is now known by the building, the - White Boy - is going away for the whole day and will be on another Island. The door is a great door, deadbolt lock, you would have to have the key to get in the room, there is no way to enter this room without a key or kicking the door in, I suppose a person can kick in the door.

I feel 98 percent sure Hutson is very honest, he seems on the up and up, good guy, however I do not normally tell anyone I am leaving for a whole day. I make everyone in the hotels believe I would come back in just a short while, could be back anytime, I do not give them knowledge of my whereabouts.

I feel safe; however, this is against my standard operating procedures of travel. I am violating a prime directive rule for me. I am telling the owner I will be gone for 10 hours and cannot just pop back to the hotel.

Resort versus Guesthouse - Hutson does not clean the rooms, I think he is the only person that has a key, if I was in a resort here in Anguilla, I would be locking everything down very good as the resorts pass around the keys, maids, owners, staff, etc, nothing is safe from the inspection of workers. I feel much safer here than in a resort, they could blame on anyone if my stuff is stolen, Hutson is going to feel he is the only person, therefore I am safer. Hutson is a great guy.

Anguilla Country Club

Anguilla Country Club

I am still here at what I have formulated in my mind as the country club Island of the Caribbean. Across the street from me in a Restaurant called the Koal Keel they the play Bridge I believe on some morning. It is humorous to sit inside the workers quarters (Joke) of the Casa Nadine�s and see all the white folk roll into to sit around tables. This also happens every night as the try to be fine dining looks like it happens. I keep hoping there arrive the younger daughters so I could go over to the bar and snuggle up close to the bar and talk. However the age set seem strictly old school country club, not much on any nouveau rich young, jet setters to me.

I am making a joke, I have no idea how these people made their money, however Anguilla is not to me a party island. This is great for me, because I do not drink and it helps me avoid the annoying tourist group, Bob Marley, Smoke-a-joint, wanna be rich, however not rich tourist groups that are roaming the Caribbean looking to be or do something seen on TV.

There is maybe around 12,000 people on the Island, it is difficult to know for sure, I have no idea how these people pay their bills in Hurricane season. The whole Caribbean seems to be having a Katrina Hurricane induces fear, the world is full of Hurricanes, this year there will be another Hurricane mentality. This may really hurt the tourism if it does exist during this time of year.

Country Club, they have a golf course here also, I was reading in a newspaper I purchased for two EC - East Caribbean Dollars called - The Anguillian-  that the Anguillian Golf Association had a meeting, some 25 persons showed up, I would hate to think what the green fees are on this island. Whatever the case it is a big contrast to see the photos of the people in the Anguillian Golf Association juxtaposed  to the Blanchard Boys being presented a check by Stephanie Brooks who works for the Cell Phone company of Digicel.

The Blanchard Boys organized the reggae group by the name off - Morgan Heritage - to play soon in I guess on the island of Anguilla.

I have read this article four times trying to figure out what they are inferring, because they did not just come out and explain. I thought I would just type this in and would be simple.

I think, I am not positive.
The Blanchard Boys - two younger men organized a show.
Digicel I am 99 percent sure of is a cell company that competes with Wireless and Cable or Bmobile, the one I have sponsored the event or reggae show.

-  world�s hottest reggae group Morgan Heritage -

This is one of them articles you have to know some background to understand, I guess the I am confused with the word heritage, as it seems to speak of history, so I keep focusing on the idea of history.

Morgan Heritage seems to be the reggae group on tour called the - 2006 Full Circle Tour -

The groups sings songs by the name of
- Tell Me How Come -
- Girls from Around the World -

The show will be on Easter Weekend on the specific date of April 16, 2006.

Understanding is a difficult proposition in my mind,

Thanks for 110 Electricity and not 220 or my the water I am heating for a shower, while I typed would be boiling as I focused very hard on the article and forgot the water was heating.

Reggae organizers and on the next page is the Golf Association. Tiger Woods is going to have some competition coming from this island with all the new millionaires arriving from selling off large tracts of land to rich people from the USA or United Kingdom.

- Researcher Wander -

 U.S. horse for hunting: a black, bay, brown, or chestnut horse with a full mane and tail, short deep body, and slender legs, belonging to a U.S. breed popular for hunting, jumping, and recreation

city in southeastern Louisiana, on the Intracoastal Waterway, west of Houma and south of Baton Rouge.
Population: 12,703 (2000)

The Miracle of Morgan�s Creek, motion picture about a young woman who marries a soldier but cannot remember him or the wedding because she was drunk at the time.

- Morgan, Sir Henry (1635?-1688), Welsh buccaneer, born in Llanrhymny. He is said to have been kidnapped at Bristol when a boy and sold as a servant on the West Indian island of Barbados. After a time he worked his way to Jamaica, where he joined the buccaneers, adventurers who preyed on Spanish settlements and shipping; by 1666 he was in command of his own vessel. Commissioned by the governor of Jamaica to carry on hostilities against the Spanish, Morgan captured and sacked settlements in Cuba, Panama, and Venezuela. He was brought to England in 1672 to be tried for plundering Panama City after a treaty had been signed between England and Spain. Convinced of his loyalty, King Charles II knighted Morgan and appointed him lieutenant governor of Jamaica. - (2)

Maybe, I hope, the groups is named after a Pirate by the name of Morgan who as I read about in the book by the name of - Caribbean - by James A. Michener. This book gave or presented a interesting historical background of the Caribbean. This is the History I am sad is missing or lacking in my travels.

Slavery, almost the only persons on these islands to start.
Pirates,  groups of men in ships or the first yact cruisers of the island groups.
Forts, Boats, Ships of early transportation.
Indentured servants brought from India.
Spices, foods, agro-tourism, cotton, tobacco, etc.

Too much on how to be rich, wanna be rich, wanna look rich, I can find the sagging mentality of the Golf Club Association, I can find the sloppy hair look of the Rasta world, however the essential, history is difficult to understand.

There is this Aguillian Trust, I think it is a trust to preserve historical buildings, I have been walking around, I found one of them. I am in the Historical part or some part of the Valley called or near Crocus bay. I am trying to take photos of some real interesting wood building with various water capturing apparatus on them, interesting windows that help fight the storms. A little higher built up maybe, they seem to have some form of crawl space, or they are sometimes elevated. I am trying to surmise which ones are old and which ones are newer from their design, location, etc, I suppose maybe if I go into this trust building I can figure it out, maybe the person in there will not give me the same reception as the not so friendly tourism board office. I really do not like this chip on shoulder mentality when all I am doing is trying to learn about the countries of the Caribbean. It makes me want to leave.

Pirates of the Caribbean Movie with Johnny Depp was made or parts were filmed in SVG, St Vincent and the Grenadines, or in the city of Kingstown, it should have been a wake up call for the Caribbean to see there is more than just wanna be rich life to sell.

JFK Airport April 10

JFK Airport April 10
Today is Thursday March 2, 2006

I am in Anguilla, I will somehow fly to the USA around April 1, however I am trying to have an exit strategy before I enter.

New York to Budapest 425 U.S.A. Dollars one-way.

The world is becoming simpler for me, I am so happy. I just booked my ticket from JFK Airport in New York, New York, USA to Budapest, Hungary. The world is a little complicated sometime; buying plane tickets in and out of the USA is one of my most difficult projects of travel. However slowly I am learning, this person Marshal at cut-rate travel is excellent, an air consolidators he has now helped me a few times to buy tickets.

Marshall the name of man at Cut Rate Travel
847-405-0575 USA telephone number

He is a machine, he is efficient, precise, and I do not have to deal with many silly I-do-not-understand questions. He only asks the essential questions. Can I get a better price, maybe I can save 00 U.S.A. dollars if I was in the USA, and could monitor the internet, had a mailing address, lived in New York city, had a way to get dropped off at the airport and many other problems to solve, however for sure Marshall is worth his weight in gold.

I am not always clear if he wants me to talk or blog about him, it is hard to say, he told me one time no problem, however many person do not always believe or realize that some persons want to spread the wealth. I only recommend people; I do not receive free anything from anyone.

Anguilla Hotel

Anguilla Hotel
Thursday March 2, 2006

I just stopped in to the Auguilla Tourism office.
Not a friendly place.

The world would be a better place if they were friendly, if this office is not friendly, then were do I go from here.

I almost never stop into the tourism office any country I would visit. The reasons are varied, I stopped at a Tourist Information booth in Barbados and it was really a Time-Share sales office. To visit a tourism office or the Anguilla Tourist Board or the Anguilla Tourism offices I have about two major ways of finding them, the Lonely Planet will normally list the tourism Offices or the Anguilla Tourism offices or the Anguilla Tourist Board in their guidebook. Of course the next way it to search on the internet.

This normally can be a possible problem, people similar to me, that have web pages know how to more or less hook persons into an idea that we are a tourism office. I do not do this, however I am collecting all the Tourism Board Office on the planet presently and hope to write them all if possible.

We have a project, collect all the Hotels on the planet and anywhere else a person would sleep, a very large project. Thence in this project, it behooves me to stop into an office I really have no desire to enter.

Anguilla Tourism
I have had research done that tells me what people search for in reference to a country. I can see that Anguila Tourism receives about 119 search requests per month, and Auguilla Tourist Board receives about 74.

I am collecting the Hotel information, therefore a person could see why there are so many hotel-booking sites on the net, and this gets about 1231 searches per month for Anguilla Hotel. The Anguilla Hotel search is interesting, it gets only about 1231, however some 54,305 person type in just the word Anguilla.

The Hotel industry normally has a very large stake in promotion or convincing the government to promote the country, therefore they do not have to pay for the advertisement. Then they try to arrange for their Anguilla Hotel to be in all the brochures. It is good for the country and good for the hotel, however in the end, if there is justice the tax money comes from the hotels to pay to promote Anguilla Hotels by way of an Anguilla Tourism Office or Anguilla Tourist board.

I am having fun learning about my website; it is like this, the word Anguilla Hotel up there, I am sure many companies are interested in the phrase.

However, the question is this, will a Hotel Owner search for the site, click on this link, and attempt to learn about information gathering.

Nonetheless, the bottom line is the Anguilla Tourism office is Caribbean rude normal, I keep trying to understand, I keep hoping the more I would pay in life the friendlier the world would become. Not in the Tourist office, I picked up the brochure, took some photos the other day.

Even though I do not stop into these offices, it is the one of the first impressions offered by a country, Anguilla gets a D-, it would get and F if it was closed and hard to find as many are.

It make my project so difficult to do, when what should be a great source of information is so difficult to use, she just pointed at the brochure, I asked about digital information, she says no. I asked for the manager and she said she was the manager. Chip on her shoulder as one of my friends explained.

This page was made to get the attention of a Hotel Owner.


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Anguilla Hotel


Remarkable Navigators

Remarkable Navigators

I am in awe of little, inspired by the strange, curious about everything, annoying obnoxious person, loved by few, hated by many, and sometimes respected for the wrong reasons.

Whom I respect and why I respect them has many paths for me to explore. I will respect a person a long time before I am sure why, only with continued introspection of myself, I can start to learn why I respect of fail to respect the person.

Genius is easy for me respect, genius coupled with intense sense of honesty and honor, bridging on a stupid nobility will make people climb this ladder. I find myself weak, humble, lacking, constantly failing to measure up to the expectations of myself. Only the comparisons I observe between myself and others enables me to continue. Without this comparison, I would deem myself a complete failure in life.

Comparing myself to Christopher Columbus I find myself an ant under his feet in the intellect, drive, ambition, ability to encompass all the variable, derive the essential information need, then the outrageous courage to make a decision. Extrapolations or maybe the word is prognostications of possible eventualities of decisions are mind staggering.

My collection point or capture location whereby I place all explorers.

Making decisions, assessments, anticipations, and prognostications, is easy in hindsight, maybe in these is the cultural annoying comment.
I despise this word, without a comment of explanation after the word; I start to instantly consider the person an idiot. Every opinion, every idea, ever comment on the planet to me is in someway, shape for form in some causal deterministic way dependant on something else. To ask an opinion and the person to say, depends is not an answer, it is nothing, translated it means to me. I know nothing, cannot tell you nothing, I should be saying.

- I do not know -

Sadly, they often do know, if and only if I push hard. What is the problem with the person that says depends is they are not Christopher Columbus; they will not make a 1 percent commitment to believe in their own opinions. They have zero respect for themselves, they feel to me as if they are so afraid of speculation they cannot move forward in the least. Fear of feeling more stupid.

I am in the birthplace of my culture, the starting point where after all these navigators came I my gene pool eventually followed. Someone had to be the first to jump across the pond, hope to land, and then die, almost or maybe believing they never found anything.

Ferdinand Magellan
Christopher Columbus


Marco Polo

The more I study, the more or do the - Researcher Wander - The more I know, I know nothing. Humility or the need for humility is in endless need, however the bravery needed to take a stance, to make a decision today, not tomorrow, not with a around robin, literary license to lie, hide behind some politically correct phrase. To travel, to explore, means I make an evolving opinion, log in this opinion, decision, then prognosticate to endless degrees on what is known today and plan the future.

I have on my lap a computer, the size of a house a few years ago, databases, internet, access to the world�s information, however I am in a jungle of overwhelming questions and answers, and people who do not clarify. Chris, Ferd, Marco, Darwin, these boys maybe had paper, and were probably inventing many of their tools, fixing, wondering if they even worked as the went. Brave men.

In my - Researcher Wanderings -, I found this.

Encarta Encyclopedia Quote about Christopher Columbus

-Many of these events were driven by the centuries-long conflict between Christians and Muslims, followers of the religion known as Islam. -

I was looking at a stupid mental midget sign about a Christian Crusade here on the Island of Anguilla where there are about six photos of violence on the planet. The caption says something like - Signs of our times - Inferring or trying to say that the world is in bad shape, I am 100 percent sure the world is getting safer every year, countries I could not visit 9 years ago are opening their doors. China for instance is encouraging tourism, Libya is opening, Iraq is busted open, the Silk Trails are opening again, it is becoming possible travel many places.

The war in Iraq has about 2500 Americans dead, very serious, however in the history of war, just a bad day for many wars, however two or more years for this, maybe more of a police action.

The so-called Islamic Problem the world is facing today is not to me a problem of today, it has always been a problem, but in reality we are talking and living together, this is a good sign.

On the other hand, Columbus also was able to wander around in this area without the native killing him, not that simple, however more or less a lot of hatred is learned, not natural.

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