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100 Proof Alcohol

100 Proof Alcohol

This is two bottles of Alcohol I purchased in different stores in Guatemala.

Cost is 2.5 Quetzals or 50 cents U.S. and one bottle will cook 4 cans of corn.

I use alcohol to cook with, however I have discovered the 100 Proof or 50 percent alcohol solution does not burn good.

The one is 70 percent or 140 proof it burns better. I did not know until Guatemala that they sell different strengths of alcohol.

100 Proof Alcohol

Anguilla Villa or Apartment

Anguilla Villa

I was walking back from the Blowing Point Ferry when I passed this Villa; I would call it a some apartments along the road. They are building, developing and creating villas, sounds better or more sophisticated than Apartments almost anywhere on this Island. I think they are looking for the view. This is an ok view, not a good view.

Another great photo, seems nice, I am sure if you went to the opposite side you can see a little better view. Not what you think though.

The entrance to the Villa.. hehehe

This is the lot to the left of the Villas; you can see the yellow building in the rear of the photo.

I think this is close to the view they are trying to sell, it is not very close to this view.

This is the house across the street.

To say the least, you could be sold anything in the Caribbean, especially with an internet, made to lease, made as in instructed. MAI Appraisal - Made As Instructed website.

Anguilla Villa

Anguilla Jail or Prison

Anguilla Jail or Prison

I was walking down near the offshore banks, saw nothing that said - Private Banking - and happened to view a very high and obnoxious looking fence. I asked some man if this was a prison, he said yes. Anguilla is like a country, however not a country, but it has a need as any country to store the criminals. Maybe they take them offshore bandits and put them here.

Anguilla Tropical Agriculture

Anguilla Tropical Agriculture

The guy on the right is Andre Samuel and the one on the right is his friend Sheldon Richardson. Hope I got that correct. Well, Andre walked me around this Agricultural project here on Anguilla. A very bright man, studied in Florida something to do with the same, is working I believe in the Agriculture office across from these fields here in the Valley of Anguilla.

This device is somehow sucking in the fertilizers and putting into the plastic pipes that are being pump in a circular path over the crops being grown. They are both irrigated with water and fertilized at the same time. It is a drip system.

Here the plants are growing out of the hold put in the top of the plastic; Andre said it is best to have the pipes of flat drip hose under the plastic.

Example of the flat drip hose purchased and dropping drops of water into the holes spaced for crops. I am told they can grow more than one rotation of crops in this fashion with the same plastic. Note the white is supposed to be better in the tropical areas as it reflects the sun.

The water is pumped from a 100 foot well, although the water table is only maybe less than 20 feet. It is circulated and recycled in a way; the water that does not drip out of the hose is run through again until all the water is places into the soil.

The fertilizer server

This is a black mesh put over and area where they are growing lettuce, I believe for shade and to stop moths. Not so much the moth, however to stop the caterpillars that would eat the lettuce.

The sign and telephone number of the Agriculture department here in Anguilla, the office where Andre works.

He has the proper education I believe to take to Niger to help me assess the problems with Malnutrition.

Gumbs in Anguilla

Gumbs in Anguilla

This is Hutson Gumbs, the taxi driver called him a Historian. He is the owners of my Guesthouse the Casa Nadine�s here on the Island of Anguilla. My 20 dollars live with the locals or live more with workers that came from other islands guesthouse.

Hutson Gumbs

I have met Hutson, I met a man in St Martin called Fatso Gumps or Gumbs, I am getting confused,  that rents cars, I seen a road near Blowing point here on Anguilla called something Gumbs.

(Mistake in spelling)
 I just realized Forrest Gump is the name of the Tom Hanks movie where I have heard this name.

Nonetheless, Hutson is a class act, can tell you the skinny on the island of Anguilla, I do not think he cares about money. He is just a good man enjoying life and hanging around.

I walked over to the graveyard close to the guesthouse, and look at some graves.

The first one I look at is a Gumbs, what a big name on this Island. I really enjoyed learning about the Gumbs, as this is a culture of it owns, a family, been here a long time. Make sure he tells you the story about William Gumbs, the Sharks, and the decision of William Gumbs in 1850 to marry Catherine Flemings while swimming to save his life.


Shoal Bay Anguilla in Caribbean

Shoal Bay Anguilla

Shoal Bay East

This is Shoal Bay East on the island of Anguilla.

I am trying my best to take photos of the beautiful people on the planet in Bikinis. This has been a major project in the Caribbean so far, this place is not a paradise for single men. The fat one in the back is ridiculously easy to find or old people.

This is East Shoal Bay, not West Shoal Bay, I believe this is the most popular beach on Anguilla and if you need to say you were here, this is the name of the beach you NEED to be on or very close. There is lined up a lot of something?s on the beach.

This is an Umbrella Beach it has many umbrellas full of older types, richer types, lying under them. It does have a dry stretch of maybe never get wet sand. A beach needs to have sand that does not get wet with when the tide comes in or out, this helps to keep the sand type fleas down. The problem with this beach if there is any is the claiming of areas by the resort behind the beach area. This can be a very annoying attribute to a beach when they are private or to be used in front of the resort only.

The Water is blue, however not calm on the day I visited, and some reef or rock structures just off the beach. This is not a baby beach; it is not the best for children. It is not a bay beach, or a circular beach. This is an ok beach, nothing extremely spectacular about the beach. You cannot just go set your lawn chair or beach chair in the water and relax. The drop from the top to the water is too quick; however, this is not a beach about beaches. It is a luxury beach, a beach where you can say to the ones in the know, the very special aware people. I was staying on East Shoal Bay beach.

I would call it a pay-to-play beach. You have to prove in a country club mentality you are rich enough to be here. This is good though if you are Brad Pitt maybe, because you can be safer that the rich people try to be classier and do not swoon down on you and try to capture your photo.

I tend to think that the Brad Pitts and such would be in Crocus bay next to me, there is a large bay, and every day a large one or two Powered Yacht comes into the bay. IF he or she famous person wanted, they could fly an airport, get on a power yacht, cruise into one of the bays and park, Get out and go to the beach because it is empty.

East Shoal bay is maybe full of tourist that can come every half hour from St Martin by ferry to say they were here.

French girls, I had to ask them for directions to be sure, the only lookers on the beach seem to be imported from the Island of St Martin only 18 minutes away by Ferry.

Madeariman Restaurant or Bar

This is my image of a beach side bar, or restaurant, a very good one, allows you to sit in front it says if you drink or use the facilities. It is directly down from the main drive entrance and to me is in the center or what action there is on East Shoal Bay, this is not a big and busy beach. This is Anguilla, pay to play luxury, only the old can afford to be here and they just do not come to the beach as much as you could believe if you lived on a beach.

I would give this beach and 9 for privacy, a 5 for girls, a 9 for quality of sand, a 5 for shape of the beach, and a 6 for the distance between the resort and the water.

East Shoal Bay has some swimming pools, this is needed on this beach as it is a little windy and the sand blows. The palm or coconuts are missing, Anguilla is totally lacking in the Palm Trees hanging over the water. The palm trees are good for shade, cool off the sand and create nature and views. I am not sure where the sun sets.

I was looking on the map of the Lonely Planet as best I can tell at 18 degrees above the equator the Shoal Bay East it would be better to be on Sandy Ground or in the Sandy Ground area of Anguilla for sunsets. There are all sorts of factors in building a home, I am not sure a person really thinks when they buy. I was a real estate broker; they will drop millions and not have good counsel.

The sun, the rotation of the sun around the planet. The orientation of the beach, the winds coming of the ocean, sometimes it is cold, sometimes helps to keep mosquitoes down, there are numerous factors need to be considered for me to spend a million dollars.

Shoal Bay East
East Shoal Bay
Shoal Bay East

Hehehe just did that Shoal Bay East here in Anguilla, typing for money; I have a web page to pay so I can travel the planet. Nothing noble about it, I like to go to beaches of the planet and look at bikinis.

Anguilla House Naming

Anguilla House Naming

In the area where I am, located are the more traditional or you could say historical type homes of Anguilla. Many have names on the homes. I am curious as to the reason why, I have not seen house numbers, this could be a way for the older homes to receive mail. I need to check, I do not remember seeing any way to have the mail delivered.

The Hope Cottage House, one of the homes with the name.

Hibiscus House another one with a name on the House in Anguilla, part of the history, and Anguilla Architecture.

Caribbean Food

Caribbean Food

This is a photo of the Peanut Butter on the shelf in the Super Market down the street from me in Anguilla. Peanut butter is one of them foods that annoy Europeans; they will say comments about Peanut butter, however then eat the Chocolate Nutella a shelf above. I found some Combos Cracker and Cheese, the big bag the other day here in Anguilla. This is a food I cannot buy around the world, and if for some reason possible, the prices is crazy. I saw a Totinos Pizza also; the foods being sold here in the Caribbean are almost the same in nature to the USA. The market is so much larger in Central and South America, I think the executives of the USA companies maybe come down here, see the shelves, then push to be allowed to come and sell American products. I think people like to do business where they like to be.

Busta Banana Soda, I was asking for the Orange, then realized it was Banana, so this girl says to try. It is good, made in Trinidad. A person from Trinidad described Trinidad as the New York City of the Caribbean.

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