Assisted Care and Nursing Home when Living Abroad

Assisted Care and Nursing Homes is American culture.

If you plan to retire abroad, then we need to make plans on how to arrange to grow old gracefilly. The cost of labor is often cheap, and self-created assisted livign in possible, we can afford to have 3-4 people providing assisted care for 50 times cheaper than the USA. 

Yet the time to arrange assisted care is 10-20 years before you need it, when the brain is still working great.

20 Questions To Decide If You Need Assisted Care Or Nursing Home? - Assisted Care

We are all on the path to the nursing home, some are leading the pack.

Assisted Care and Nursing Home when Living Abroad

What are the problems and solutions to growing old abroad, assisted care, nursing homes, hospice services need to be self-created.

Is Retiring Abroad an Idealistic Fantasy?

Whether inside the USA or abroad, older Americans become incapable of defending themselves against impending death.

The Secret to Dying at Home or Abroad

The famous last words before we are involuntary committed to a nursing home are, “I've fallen and I can't get up!” Here's how to install grab b


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