Airlines Must Show Full Fares and Stop being Tricky Cheats on January 26, 2012

Shell Game

"Consumers have a right to know the full price they will be paying when they buy an airline ticket."
- Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood

I got this truly crap e-mail today from the never-to-be-trusted Airline, implying the government was trying to hide taxes.

Too stupid for words, and, the ever deceptive marketing is hopefully coming to an end, along with all the other not-to-be-trusted airlines.

When it is too complicate to understand, it is a "Scam."

I hope I got this information right, for sure there is nobody on the Internet I trust, but the way the airline have been conning people I hope is coming to an end.

How do they Scam?

They make you add the amounts up, and keep you clicking, until only a genius with two assistants can make sense of the true cost.

I HOPE - I truly hope, on January 26, 2012. I see

Flight from Santiago to Chicago for 300 USD, and no other extra cost to worried about, but I am sure they are still going to do this Baggage fiasco.

One Price Advertisement? Is this true?

Is this what the airlines are going to give us now, thanks to the USA government, or is this only for the USA and the rest of the world can remain being crooks?

I need to get Jeroen. my incredibly intelligent travel agent from Bangkok, Thailand on the telephone. He is probably the only person on the planet I truly trust to know this stuff.

But, when the fares show up, I can see how it works, and know by trying to search.

Good job, I am happy for somebody kicking the butts of the airlines.

I call all this stuff, the "Shell Game," or Three shells and a pea, everyone needs to keep their eyes on the airlines problem.


Spirit Air Hidden Fees


Easyjet has always felt better to me than Ryan... I am always laughing at first class, the get on the plane, then the whole plane walk in bumping them. I wait until the plane is full before I enter the plane, I have a ticket with an assigned seat. My friend Walt always blames it on Kindergarden, everyone needs to get in line, and they never thought about it since.

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