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china-marbles.info is an American Website, founder by Andy Lee Graham from Orland, Indiana in the USA. The domain was created January 28, 2000 while Andy was in the Voyager Hostel in Panama, the site is now over 18 years old. This whole site is conceived by a seasoned traveler, designed while traveling, this site is for travelers by a traveler, it is the story of real travel, it is the dream of travel.

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Andy Graham Founder and CEO
Andy Lee Graham the founder of china-marbles.info started traveling in March of 1997, and has perpetually traveled now for over 14 years, and visited 90 countries.

Andy Graham is "Homeless," he has no home - Where is Andy?

HoboHideOut.com the domain was created February 20, 2002, however truly started to be developed in 2008 six year later. This site has 6.3 million pages and is called the "Free Encyclopedia of Hotel Rooms."

100 Expatriate "Live Abroad Portals."
We added 100 "NEW" Domains in 2011 pointed at the best expatriate colonies on the planet. Click here to see a current list of where foreigners live.

What is 100 percent unique about china-marbles.info is it was conceived while travel, and the whole site was made by Andy Graham and associates as he travels the planet. This is truly a site made by a perpetual traveler in the true travelers tradition, a traveler feels obligated to tell other travelers the path to take.

china-marbles.info is a sole proprietor company. Andy Graham is partners with Andrew Suares. This is a global business operated by use of mobile office techniques, often called "Location Independent Professional." There are over 100,000 static pages on china-marbles.info and always growing and evolving.

Travel Blog - 6000 Posts
The "Andy the china-marbles.info Travel Blog" started before a trip to Iraq in 2001, as Andy Graham wanted to explain how to enter dangerous locations, and it is still running.

People who work on the site full time:
Andy Lee Graham CEO Founder from Orland, Indiana USA
Andrew Suares Partner

1. Consultants for Java
2. CSS person
3. SEO Consultant
4. Data Entry

Thank you,
Andy Graham
9545 West 120 - 26
Orland, Indiana 46776-0026

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Where life is good, where life is affordable, how to live anywhere, from Andy Lee Graham, who has lived abroad for 19 years, and in 107 countries.

12 Years In Business Hobotraveler.com Begins Third Generation - About

On January 1, 2012 china-marbles.info completed 12 years as travel site, on March 1, Andy Graham will have traveled perpetually for 14 years.

About Hobo Sites by Andy Lee Graham

About china-marbles.info the site: Andy Graham is the Founder and Co-Owner who is a perpetual traveler of 19 years and 107 countries.

Andy Lee Graham is an Inventor - About

Want to know who you are? Do you want to know your hobbies? Simple, stop working 9-5 and give yourself enough time, what you do all day is who you are...

Gear Used By Andy Graham

Gear Used By Andy Graham the perpetual traveler and writer of the china-marbles.info travel site.

Video of Mission Statement Hobotraveler.com Andy Lee Graham 2012 - About china-marbles.info

Video of Mission Statement Hobotraveler.com Andy Lee Graham 2012

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